Commitment to the Pursuit of Life

By Rev. Busuyi Olabode

Editor’s Note:

The following was excerpted from the message given on the first Sunday of this year, 5th January, 2014. It communicates a fragment of God’s intention for and expectation from His people, which ought to form a synergy needed to move us on in the will of God that is aimed at bringing individual Believers, hence, the Church, to the place of victory—the ultimate glory of God. The central theme is commitment to eternal life; though not a new message, but the emphasis of this time if we must take a giant leap. The Lord is set to do so much in and with us, but we need to concentrate on the dispositions that are needed to receive from Him. Let’s find grace to commit our hearts.

Psalm 82:1-8

“God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: ‘How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute…’ Arise, O God, judge the earth; for you shall inherit all the nations!” (ESV)

Church work is more than what we do in three (3) hours. After leaving church, we should apply, outside there, the truth we’ve learnt. We’ve been assigned, in our houses, work places, schools, or anywhere we find ourselves, to administer what we have received. Now the whole world is out of course because we did not appropriate this order.

But God is redefining the space of the Church.  A new form will emerge that will make us function the way God originally designed. The meal will be changed so that we can truly be formed. God’s hands are stretched out to form us.  The church will be changed from being a theatre; it is no longer going to be a one-man show, because we all must function in Kingdom matters.

God has so much to do this year. As we get involved in communion and fellowshipping with one another in righteousness, we will be changed. “He that walks with the wise will be wise: but the companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Pro 13:20). Those who walked with Jesus, who went in and out with Him, were imparted with Life. We cannot speak the words of Christ if we do not have His life. The words He speaks are spirit and life.

The first thing we should contact is His life, and He will give light through His word so as to have His life. In Him was life and the life was the light of men (Jn. 1:4). When you receive His light, His life will come to you. There is no receiving of life without first coming to Him. We can read the Bible for years but not have eternal life (See John 5:38-39). The Pharisees wanted to do it right but were not willing to submit to God’s way of doing it right. So, each time they searched the Scriptures, they erred, because they did not go to the One who gives life to the Scriptures.

What we need is not just Scriptures but Eternal Life. The answer to death is life through righteousness. The dispensing of life is the essence of the Church. This is the technology God has sent to the whole world, and if it is not understood, building churches, running programmes and doing stuffs will be wrong.

The very problem of man is death. Hence, the very answer is Life. The “I AM” has shown up in these last days to give LIFE, not food to eat or clothes to wear or cars to drive or houses to live in. These are just by-the-way things. God is saying, “What you need is Me. I am LIFE”.  It means that the way to show you have God is by life.

Grace will be evident in our lives and the measure of righteousness, peace and Joy will be immeasurable. The Divine life has its own expressions, and they are: glory, honour, strength, blessing, riches, wisdom and power. They can be visibly manifested in us. They are constituents of the anointing of the Lord within, which are not poured on us but worked in us.

To give understanding of this holy, consecrated way is the reason the Son of God will come these days. It is called the New and the Living Way, unknown to many. It was the way of the Father, and as He has Life in Himself, so He also gave life to the Son. Therefore, no one can walk in this way or have this life without the Son (See John 17:1-2). Anything that does not have Life does not belong to Him. What makes us sons is the authority of Eternal Life (John 1:12). Anyone who does not have this hope will fade away.

The essence of the Church is to create a space where God can make the Life available. There is more demonstration of power in the place of hearing the Word than there is in casting out demons. If we can hear Life from the Word, the hearing will deal with every other power that is pressing or wants to press us down. Once we receive His Word, we receive authority—His Life—which is at variance with every other authority.

Jesus died to give that life to all men. Many will come to Him for various reasons; only few will come for Life. That is why Jesus said, “Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life; and only a few find it” (Matt. 7:14). It is hard to find! But God wants to have more in this way and He is making the provision of Eternal Life for us in these last days. God wants a nation of bearers of His Divine Nature. This nation will be of the citizenship of the Divine nature.

We should give proper attention to what we hear and give ourselves to learning. The Lord determines what He will give us. Irrespective of what we ask, He will surely hear us. That is what He owes us— to hear us, not to answer in our own way. If we do not feel He hears us, we can ask questions. What He is after is the real matters of His heart not our many requests.

When the Lord wants to move us further, He negates our basic, natural order or principle, just like what happened between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. The disciples were amazed at the freshness and agility with which He was speaking, though a short moment before then, He was hungry and tired. That is His meat, the most important to Him. And He wants all of us to know about this MEAT.

The meat is to do and finish the will of God. It is abundant. It’s so inexhaustible that even at the cross, there was still enough with which to forgive. This is the meat He has called us into, the meat of life, for we are in Him who is true (1John 5:20). Yet we need accuracy and precision. Jesus Christ did not just die and take away sin forever; He died according to the will of God (1Cor. 15:3), with accuracy and precision, and entered into His real assignment, which is priesthood.

God wants us to crave for life in an increasing rate this time. Let’s come freely to the Lord, not by being compelled. To inherit the Kingdom is to inherit Eternal Life, and it is by selling all we have got, giving them to the poor, carrying our cross and following Christ. It is by believing until we are lost in Him. If we have been chosen, then we need to follow. That is what is ordained for our peace.

The pursuit of Eternal Life is the highest pursuit we should earnestly involve in. We have a legal right by the New Birth to have His life. We are heirs of His life, and the light of life is the portion of those who follow. The only way to live and not be disappointed is to live in this life. In it is the mystery that takes away our disappointments and sorrows. Peace.


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