Who is a Lady of Substance?


Rev Bimpe Olabode

The lady covers all status be it married or single. Adam called the female ‘woman’ but that call is for one in a marriage relationship. Substance means worth. It is like having a worth or value.  Being a lady of substance goes beyond feminism. That is still natural. The lady of substance is not a lady who has complex, one who fights for right or one who is full of vanity. The lady of substance is a carrier of God. She is not defined by what one has attained. Heaven does not have reckoning with you because you are vain.

 Gen 26:29

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

‘Let us make…’ Man is male and female. Let them have dominion is for male and female. They are expected to be fruitful. The issue of marriage has not come up here. You have dominion as a male and a female, not until one gets married. As a creature of God, you are to be fruitful. This is not given birth to children. It is bringing forth Life. Wherever you are, you carry God’s presence. It is an aroma. It just oozes out. Anybody that comes across you should meet God and be imparted with Life. If you cannot handle yourself as a single person, you cannot handle marriage. Do not make a man or husband your background, God should be. Whether you are married or not, Elohim should ooze out of you. The Lady of substance is she that the Lord has created from the beginning. You can stand and see God in all circumstances.

So many women are out there married and are a bunch of irresponsibility. People are looking for solutions everywhere. The lady of substance is the answer to many crying questions of the female folk. Who are you really? Who is God? If God has created you then your definition is in Him. God has defined you in a different way entirely. Some grew up among us and some are tom boys, but as time went on, that had to drop, and the real you comes out. Do not try to be manly or be a macho. Your relationship with God must be constant. You should be at peace. No tension! You are relaxed in Him. Situations will surely come, but be still at every point because the Lord is Lord

The lady of substance is God’s representative. You apply your heart to truth. You are getting better by the day. These days that we are in are going to be serious feasting. Let your heart be opened to God to learn all the things He will be teaching. The lady of substance must be in connection with God always. She must be able to download from God and have answers to give. Let us open up our hearts to the Lord and let Him fill us.


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