Attaining Academic Research Proficiency: Prospects and Challenges for the Lady

Dr Omotola Babajide, PhD

When you are a lady of substance, you do not have to shout it, it will show. Many people are teachers not because they want to be. It is either because you do not have a job or you are frustrated, but even in that your substance will still be known. Substance is substantial, solid and quality character. You must be somebody that has quality. God is who makes the difference. He gives you something that the world cannot give. He wants us to prosper. It does not mean in the physical.

Culture tells us when we come to a certain stage we must marry, give birth and submit to your husband. It is believed that the women should not voice your ambition. In the academics, women are expected to be on top of their game. The most important thing is to want whatever you want to be. That is an important aspect. If you want to stay in the academic, aim to get to the highest peak of your profession: MSc or MA, PhD, etc.

As an academic, when you get a job in a university, you have to write publication. These publications are used for your promotion at work. It takes three years to get to the next level. And in these years, you must have attended three conferences; written three papers and supervise students’ projects. Someone in the academia should have a mentor (referee). He is who gives recommendations for jobs. These mentors also need the evaluation of their students or people who are mentored to get promotion too.

There are sometimes in academics you need a role model. That person will help eliminate every inconsistency. Situations around us could make us hopeless, but as a different people we are not to be. With God we break through all things.

Confidence is one thing the female need. We can hold on the light of God and still do our work well. God will help through and we will have our confidence to say He is the source of our successes. Women can be intelligent than men sometimes. There is a stereotype that male are better than women. It is not true. Intelligence or brilliance is not a gender thing. Females also pose as their own enemy. They are filled with complexes.  The female should not be a mediocre. You do not have an excuse for being sloppy or slothful. Academics mean you have a little about everything. It is got by reading wild. You must enlighten yourself. Self-improvement is very important.

The female must be focused and be precise. When you are not focused on what you want to do, it inhibits your progress.  Know where you want to function and hit it straight. In the academics, don’t make you Masters degree different or too far from your Bachelors degree and your Doctorate too should be in line.

Diligence is needed. You have to have good grammatical skills, reading and thinking skills. You must be concise and accurate. You must know how to make reference. Know what you are doing. Learn every day.

Being a professional and being married are two things that need to be balanced because it is a struggle. You must marry someone who can encourage you in what you are doing. Substance means also something that has a separate existence. God should help us marry right. AMEN. 


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