Substances of God

 Rev Helen Oyegoke

The substance is of the quickening Spirit. The substances are the provisions of God for us. When you are aware of what God has kept for you, you will not be the same place you used to be. The God that Abraham followed made him bring forth in his old age. What kind of substance are we talking about? It is not head gear or gold. We are a generation that will be praise unto God. The substance is of change. The reason for the revelation of the gospel is to bring substances that can change from carnality unto spirituality. What are you handling? God made man to have dominion over some kind of substances that people die for now. Man was a god.  In the image of God created he him, male and female created he them to have dominion.

 Originally man was created to be above these things. But the substance to do this is no longer there, so man lives below what he was originally set above. What is needed to set these things in order is the Kingdom and righteousness, Jesus brought it and we are to seek it, so that we can live above again. These things submit to the Kingdom and righteousness. If we know what we are handling we will not be conscious and bothered about anything but with all our strength seek the things that be of God that call things forth. If they are of God, they will be potent in you the way they are potent in God.

This lady of substance is a lady who has been called into the things of God. She is a lady of power. When those substances come, they will turn you to be of power; the very power of God. God is raising spiritual oracles. The gospel wants to make out of the woman the very essence of God, the Lord is saying we should seek it first. We are no wiser than Jesus who gives the counsel. His righteousness is the substance of the Kingdom. When you seek the Kingdom, you seek power, honour and glory.

1Cor. 6:3

Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life!

The honour and glory that sets you above creation, above angels. We are blind when we cannot see beyond our immediate needs and environment. You will judge angels because you are being filled with the substances that are higher than the angels.

Ephesians 1:1-6.

 God is blessed because of what He is made up of. We are likewise blessed because of God in us. The substances we are made up of He has blessed us with. They are spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. The lady of substance is the lady who is rich in all these things.

Though God has blessed us with these substances, they are not appropriated yet, they are still in the heavenly places in Christ. We have a more enduring substances in heaven. No one can bring praise to God if all one has are substances of the earth. Our life should be debated upon whether we are humans or not. We will be able to do the things humans do but they will doubt if we really are. The power to make this be is available and coming down. The revelation which brings this down will come and never depart. We will be changed from flesh to Spirit.

When substances come to you, those other ones do not matter. Our problem as women is vanity. We are passionate about things that pass away. When we have these carnal things, they control us because we lack substance and stature. This makes us lighter than vanity. God created all of these and has a whole planet full of diamonds but not puffed up because of them. May you not be a vain. We can escape from this if we focus on the substance of God. Some of us God cannot bring us material things because they will sweep us away. God wants us to hold substances. When we hold that, the other will fall off us. For the Lord to help us, He will deal with us by sweeping things away from us. If we cannot be faithful with mammon, then true riches cannot be given us. If we hold these physical substances too much the real one will slip away from us and Jesus will spew us out of His mouth. We are wretched when wear proud with the things we have. Some women relate with others according to what they wear. God can bless us with those things but if we do not have stature, we will be swept away.

A lady that cannot be easily entreated is not a lady of substance. She is proud and a fool. A human being without God is nothing. Spirits do not know us when we are clothed with the carnal things but when we are clothed with righteousness, we will not be naked but relevant for where it matters.  Spirits will recognize you by the reason of the substances that you carry. When you wear this one and wear a cheap material, you will glow. You cannot even be poor because you handle the substances of Life. Natural attainments or educational statuses are not above being clothed with righteousness. There is nothing as wonderful as being made humble. It takes substance to bring you down. It is exactly what made God. When we do not know malice, jealousy, envy, unforgiveness, etc, we are full of righteousness. Carnal and empty women have these. It takes a woman of sight to acquire substance. You do not dig the ground to get it; it is by our eyes being opened. The things that are of God are those substances. When we have them, they are things of praise to God, not necessarily singing. If we are not acquiring these substances we will soon be outdated and ashamed.


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