The Definition of the Lady of Substance-A Being made for Glory

Rev Busuyi Olabode

It is time to define the feminine of this century by the revelation of God. We are not to come from ideas of our minds. The Lord will show the lady of substance to us. Nigeria has a problem of model. So, there is nobody we are trying to look like. Everyone does his own thing. There is no picture of the Nigerian person. If you have the picture when we see it we will be change

2Cor 3:18

 As we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

The feminine life is to be adorned. It is a beautiful life all through. The male has to learn this because the two are together. God made them male and female. Dominion was given to both of them. We are to look beyond the women created into the man. We must have insight into God’s words. When we have this we are bold as a lion. We should not be too married to what we used to know. The path of the just is like a shining light. It shines brighter. Change is a continual factor. As light comes in, change comes. Gen 2:26-27. ‘Him’ is Adam meaning man or humanity. It was not male-man. Seeing this lady outside any other thing but what exactly defines her.

We must see how God saw her and brought her. Over a long time, the female when seen is opened to the question of where the husband is. But that is not supposed to be. A world exist we have the male and female called the children of resurrection. In resurrection, marriage does not exist, it is not made for procreation, because there was a world before that consists of both the male and the female. The present or we can see clouds our judgment several times. Life is complete without marriage. It is this understanding that rules that world. Systems have intercourse our system and purity is lost. The church also is under the dominion of that structure. It is the power of that Life that enters into the system and makes the difference. Most women feel satisfied and settled when they give birth. It is demonic. This is an indictment to God’s intention. We are to see this as a limitation to becoming who we are to be. Jesus said he has called us to bear much fruit. Much fruit is not in number but in quality. Church thinks fruit is evangelism. It is QUALITY.  God is asking from us quality not number. The number should be under the quality if at all there will be number. Jesus raised only twelve men that turned the world upside down. God is talking about male and female with stature. Not many that has no say on the earth here or strugglers, praying to go to heaven but those few who carry dominion power to effect change in the earth. Adam and Eve had their first child after they fell. Sin made him loose touch of the original meaning of being fruitful. We pray that the power of God’s life will permeate us. This is what He wants. If two cannot exercise that power, then the relationship is useless.

It has been believed that coupling exists only in marriage. In the scriptures, Adam and Eve gave birth to males and these children had wives. Where did the wives come from? Who birthed them? There were females also in that sphere. There are female-female doing stuffs; male-male doing stuffs, not homosexuals or lesbianism but people of the same gender partnering and bringing God’s intentions to play. But right now, females cannot work together because of complex. This world was a time and space where things were done without problems; they were blessed and happy because they do not lack anything. Being blessed is to be envied. It is being endowed with grace. God summarized ages in scriptures. Enoch walked with God and was not for God took him. He pleased God and had a book of testimony. There are things that happened in a million years and had to be compressed. God switched to the age of procreation when God made the woman for Adam. The female has been before then, the consciousness came to Adam first when that age came- the age of procreation. The female was not made from the male, but woman from the man.

The Lady is beyond ‘woman’. If the female in that age was a professor and the male an Engineer, they will not compare because there is no reason for that. Most males have issues with their wives at home but cannot do anything at work to the females; she can even be his boss. God is bringing many sons (female and male) unto glory. He blessed them. Procreation is not the in thing, though it has to come later. Barrenness is not having a child. Sarah and Elizabeth were women of substance either with a child or not. It is the world that called them barren not God. Both the man and the woman are to subdue the earth independently and corporately. As a professor, it is a duty to be your best. God has not put it under marriage. It is wrong to say it is my husband or wife that did not allow me. We should all come into illumination so that the best of our lives will be dealt with. You are complete as a lady, if you are not married. If you are, God wants you to know that you are complete with or without your husband (1+1=1). One plus one is on; and not half plus half.  It was a curse when God said that the husband will have rule over the wife. It was the fall that made the woman see everything in her husband (Gen. 3:16).

This is the thinking that will rule the age we are into. If you do not buy into it, you will miss out. We are not Africans. To see yourself as an African person is to live under the Fall. It is time to look on the Son of Man and be free. In that world they were not designed for rulership but to complement because nobody was made the head. That is why you should not think woman should be under you. You can only be the head of one. To every other one, you are equal. The posture of the present woman is even a minus. Being bold and being assertive in what you know is not bad. The culture breaks your person and limits your thinking. An average woman does not think. Men eventually hate such women when they are married. It is what we have sown that we are reaping.

Jesus loved women. They have suffered too such from the hands of men. For a woman to be passed from one to another is terrible. They would even be thinking of whose wife she would be at resurrection. A girl is already wounded from the womb because the woman is a shadow of herself. When Jesus looks at them, He looks at the beginning to see how it was ordained. The woman is free and that was why she could reply the serpent without consulting Adam.

We will live to see that generation that the woman will be what she should be either married or not. Jesus said to one of them, “Go and sin no more.” It is to be what they should be. Redemption is taking much account of them for whom much is given… they will love Him more because they will enjoy more grace. Recent prophecies have been thronging along that line. Many will stand with them and help them to be what they should be. The potter will put them back together again.

We pray for mercy to be like God. Help us not to limit You Father. We are the ones that were used to push things where they are now and we are the one that will bring things back to shape. We are endowed, graciously graced.

Both male and female carry glory. In creation, they both did. Glory is a factor of nature. God does not give glory until one can carry it. When you see the male man and female man, they are embodiments of glory. Adam named creatures. It was the names he gave them that they bore. In terms of mentality, intellectuality, the female has the capacity. Their glory is their capacity. We function below our glory most times. The last man, Jesus could not function below excellence that the first man could not. The glory manifests their nature. They were graciously created so they were endowed with glory. Psalm 84:1. He was thirsty for covering because he has lost covering due to the fall. Verse 10: God made in them grace and glory. He did it singly, not combined. The best may or may not come out after you get married. If the yoking is not equal, the whole thing will die.

Thank God for Redemption. Jesus was a permanent sacrifice to take care of all infirmities. That is why He will give Life and give it more abundantly.

Isaiah 60:1.

  Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.

 God made them in light and grace. In grace, glory came. Jesus is the brightness of His glory and he is making in us light. The Lord is my light and salvation.  God has promised to raise male and female back again in Redemption.

 He will be their Light. God is not destroying marriage but fulfilling it in the original order. When God restores definition, they will restore marriage to his original form on earth. It will be seen that two are better indeed. A woman’s work is not domestic. The wife can even earn more than the husband, that shouldn’t be a problem and should not call for competition. Perfect love casts fear. There is no fear in love. What makes one a leader is not muscle-pulling, it is grace and glory. We should relate with grace and complement the grace of another. Can we have this kind of world? A world where we do not see who does it but that it is done is a blessing to everyone. A world where things are not done based on gender but grace. Your value is on the inside. It is not physical beauty. It is favour which is grace. There is something about the female, perfect for a male that brings him favour.



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