Mrs Shola Olagundoye

Attaining is a process that demands time span. It is a continuous tense. As a person, accept what you are in God. You may not know what you carry but there is a beauty inside of you. It is not in our physical appearance. When the lord said this is who you are, you have to accept it like that. For that which the Lord has put inside you, you will give account.

There is always a starting point. Not when you are almost retired or getting old that you start thinking of doing something. Starting point for some could be courage to launch out to do what God wants you to do. He knows where to start with you, knows the route and knows how to take you through. The Lord already maps out plans for you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  Let the devil hear what the Lord has said about you. For you to get far, be firmly rooted in God. If the Lord be for us, who can be against us.

Business is not about doing it the way everybody does it. You have to be compassionate. If you do well with that one, it will be added. Please, allow rubbing. When someone is trying to inculcate it into you, receive it. No one has got to the peak of learning, we learn always. The Lord will help us in all things we do in Jesus name.

There are many things we do not know about ourselves. One of the ways people acquire skills is being open to parents’ vocation.  Some do not have parents’ help, so they have to learn from others. Some have to be forced. Some develop interest in things. Sometimes, it is not because of what we can do, people get to know what you can do and opens the chance or gives you a try. The best is to accept it and take it up. If it is not good enough, you will be corrected.

The issue of learning keeps coming up. If you hate learning, you can never attain. You learn through different means: reproof, instruction, counsel, etc. You cannot be helped if you do not like to learn. Your heart should pant after learning. What makes you at the cutting edge is that you are always learning. Life is about learning. A lady must love to learn. Your work must be presented as good not one that you have to be corrected. Every job you are going to excel in must be done the way it should be. You must meet up with excellence. You will not be praised until you do things the way they should be done. 


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