Rev Mrs Ronke Esrom


Psalm 29:1-11, ‘A psalm of David…bless his people with peace.’’

 A feeble person cannot attain excellence. There is strength in different areas. A sick person cannot think of attaining professional excellence. Peace must be ministered to have excellence.

Judges 4:1-6, ‘Now Deborah, a prophetess…Barak to Kedesh.’

Deborah was a career woman, a judge, a wife and a prophetess, and she was not barren. A child or husband should not be a problem to us. Children are God’s blessing but they should not draw us back. It is not of God to be feeble. Whatever the challenge is, we should rise above it. Deborah was always in tune with God and gives accurate prophecy. The husband was not intimidated and does not complain about her.

God gives strength. We should not join the league of those who give excuses for all things. It is because we do not know what is inside of us. Deborah followed Barak to battle; she didn’t sit down at home. Deborah was a woman of valour. It is great to be a woman. Deborah was also a minstrel.

 Judges 5:1-31, ‘then sang Deborah…for forty years.’

 If we rise up in the ability God has put in us, God will give to us what He wills of us. It is by the power of God that you will rise. That you are a believer gives you an edge over your other colleagues in the office.

As a child of God, you must make up your mind who you want to get professional excellence from- the devil or God? For the devil has too. Do not lean on your strength for God will help you but you have to work hard because it is part of our nature. It is not until you get everything that you can breakthrough, God’s help is all you need. Trust in the Lord, do not lean on your own understanding. You have the advantage because you have God on your side. Every other thing goes round your relationship with God.

What you have to do, do in time. Stop wasting time. Do not be lazy.

Love righteousness. Hebrews 1:9, “You have loved righteousness…’’

Do not be proud. If you are, you will be resisted. That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination before God. God has given us platforms of career and professionalism for the furtherance of the Kingdom. He is giving us strength and peace. Be the best you can in the profession you have chosen and God will be there for you. Deborah was relevant in her home, church, community, career and profession.


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