Seeing Into The Revelations For Substance

 Rev Helen Oyegoke

There is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus. It is saddening seeing women sit with lax to the spiritual things, thinking they are for the male. The female has the potential to be all that the male can be in Christ. We are all in Christ and baptized in Him. The reason we do not press into the substances is because we cannot see, yet they are meant for us because we are one with Christ Jesus. Christ has been made heir of all things; these things are substances and we have been called into them. Looking for God is not foolish; it is the one that is looking for the natural things that He created that is foolish. He is the one that is important. What God wants to give to us is more than the things we disturb ourselves over to God. As a born again, if we do not have these substances here on earth, for they the ones we are going to cross with, we will regret. This is what is called Christianity. It is about acquiring God, His substances. It makes us please God better if we can acquire these things, this is the heart beat of God for us. Nothing else matters in this world.

Talking about the supernatural shouldn’t be strange to us. This was what Israel enjoyed. When they at work, angels will fight for them and the whole heavens will be engaged. When a king rose against them, he was boastful that Israel cannot fight but an angel of the Lord rose up and slew all the army of that king, starting with his death through his son. The battle was fought for God’s people in the flesh. How much more us? The lady of substance contains God. God senses his things in her and come to dwell like in mount Zion. You are not going to be an ordinary person but carriers of God. You are meant to carry God. When you carry His substances you carry him. You are made for Him.

1 Corinthians 2:1-2

 Those substances were given to Paul so that they can reach men and women who have been called. A lady of substance is of honour. Not the honour that men give but the one that God gives. God is honouring us by giving us these. When these properties come, they will come in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. We are part of the God-head. Their things are meant for us. When we know these things, there is a way we conduct our lives and we will not give ourselves to vanity. These things are to define my life. No other thing should. These substances are also referred to as wisdom. A lady of substance is one with the hidden wisdom of God, heading for glory. When you come into these things, you will be ordained with glory.

God has called us to obtain the glory Jesus had. You do not obtain glory by frying tomatoes. After doing that or in doing things like taking care of your children and home, look for the hidden wisdom. You cannot gate crash into glory. It is not acquired by dying physically. It is what you attain here on earth that you will take to heaven.

Reward matters. What you do with your life here on earth determines your eternal status. You should determine to be glorious by acquiring these substances. These things are preparations for us. If we are lovers and not just believers, these deep things of God will come to us. Anybody who houses these things of God will be glorious. This is our life. They matter to God more than any other thing. These things cannot come except by revelation.

The lady of substance is one of sight. You must have eyes to be able to receive them. The carnal man cannot see these things because they are spiritually designed. The lady if substance is she who can see these things. You must see God as He is so that you can become Him. Understanding has been mad for you to see these things. You were baptized into Christ, into his deep things. The female shouldn’t leave the deep things for the male. God is not shallow. You shouldn’t see yourself as a female when it comes to revelation. The Holy Ghost has been given to both the male and the female. The lady of substance is not a carnal lady at all. She is a spirit. The flesh profits nothing. These are the things that make for our peace. The future will be settled if we can obey God. Obeying God is obeying revelation, things prepared for our peace.

The purpose of the revelation of the gospel is to obey God.

1 Corinthians 2:14, Ephesians 1:17-18.

 God will rather give us His knowledge than plenty money. He prefers for us to have plenty of Him. Atimes it is good for God to keep you in a lowly place to fill you because getting these natural substances atimes blocks you from getting all of Him. God wants to bring you to where the fullness of the God-head will be in you. That is why our eyes need to be opened. You need these things to fill you up more than your necessary food. Your prayer everyday should be that the Lord will open your eyes. We should pray that the Lord should make us see the way He sees and commit judgment unto us. Our substances come by spiritual discernment. When we know God, we will fear Him. May our level of comprehension be on the increase. We should be passionate about the things of God because our passions most times are on legitimate things. We do not want to acquire these substances the way we want to get our legitimate things. May God raise us and make us mature to appreciate wisdom. Let nothing distract you for it is important to get God. It takes a man of wisdom to understand these things. The ultimate is having God; having His ultimate hidden in us. Set your affection and passion on things above. Things of the earth want to get our attention. We are not supposed to settle because we are sojourners, this is why God will bring something our way to make us seek Him. Oh that our eyes will be anointed with eye salve that we may see. We do not come unto rest until the fullness of the God-head takes us over.

 Before the glory rest, the building must be put in place. We cannot acquire glory if grace is not abundant. Our pursuit should be that grace will abound towards us. We pray that the Lord will help us appreciate the grace of God and desire to acquire weight.


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