The Lady, An Excellent Teacher And Motivator

Pastor Lydia Agbomuserin

The lady as an excellent teacher is not just a talker. Teaching involves instruction, guidance, and counseling. We do not only have teachers in the classroom but in the hospital, football field, workshops etc. Teaching is not supposed to be the tell-tell method but the show and tell method. As spiritual teachers, we are to show and show through our lives. Jesus is a teacher, the Holy Spirit is a teacher and the Father also a teacher. If these three personalities in the trinity are teachers then what is expected of us?

The only way we can give purely without transferring death to the persons listening to us is learning from the Spirit. Something must drop off from us to our students or listeners. There are diversities of knowledge in the world today but we impart others through another kind of knowledge. We should not just stand to teach our subjects as classroom teachers, we must pass on life. If we do not, we are passing death. When Heaven sees our output, He looks into our teaching environment and grants more grace.

The first expectation of being a teacher is that you should love teaching. If you really want to impart knowledge, love it. If you do not, you cannot make another like it. You must love and love to impart knowledge. Teachers are those who love teaching, love knowledge and love to impart knowledge. A learning environment is that place where knowledge is imparted.

A good teacher is a senior learner, someone who is open to change and is flexible. It is easy to teach, teach and teach and walk away without as so much learn also about or even from the students. The teacher must relate with her students and bond with them. The teacher must desire to see the students better than her. The focus of teaching in the 21st century is on the students, not the teacher.

A teacher is one who summons so much courage to stand before students and make them better. It is carnal to see teaching as a place where you exhibit what you have, exert authority and for showmanship. The disciples of Jesus became so much authority on earth. Jesus expects us to teach by living. We must enjoy imparting knowledge. This means we must seek, run after and love knowledge. If you as a teacher teach with life, and they can contact that life in its minutest way, they will go a long way.

As females, we are teachers because everything we do is seen. In marriage and over the children God we give us, our teaching ability will be tested. Mothers are teachers. Lamuel learnt from his mother. Scientists say if a woman is brilliant, the children will be. We are all teachers and we teach by our Life. The mother of Jesus also contributed to his life. Other examples include Priscilla and Aquilla and the mother and grandmother of Timothy. Heaven is expecting so much from us- to impart the Life He is blessing us with.

A good classroom teacher should be prepared for her class, go with instructional material (does not have to be physical), be punctual and bold. The teacher should not teach the way she was taught. Every student must learn in your class. Good teachers pay more attention on the low attainers. Bad ones pay attention on the high attainers.  How do you improve a dull student? You reward every little effort, look for what he likes and give him what he can attempt. The teacher must learn her students and know each of them. If you teach and your students fail then you have not taught. You do not give up on anyone, even in the spiritual house.

We are a different generation of teachers. We pray that we will impart grace and life unto our students. Every lady must accept the vocation of being a teacher. When you are not a teacher, you are not a pattern lady. It is not something you do by likeness, but by election. A lady is noticeable in everything. You teach by being an example. When you say you have your life to live, you are denying that vocation. The lady must be willing to learn. Everywhere you are you are a lady of influence. You are a vital tool of influence. You do not have to be in the classroom. You should love to see people do what they are to do.

Things must be emphasized for learning to take place. A teacher must learn how to communicate. You should be able to communicate the substance of what you want to. A lady is an elegant person built up because you have something to deliver. You should not cringe in a world where you are needed so that you will not be replaced. You should have enough to communicate that can impart what you have. Your students do not need your CV, but what you have. You must not hide things to yourself and intimidate others with what you know. You should learn how to do what it takes to be a teacher.


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