The Feast of Lights


Jer. 51

Babylon has been set as a means of stopping the people of God from seeing God. But in this text, God has determined to fan her, Babylon, against herself. He wants to separate from her, His seeds and the wind will wring out Babylon’s people that have forgotten their one true God. There shall surely be a separation. By light, there shall be a calling forth and men will be raised for this release. Not every soul will be sealed with her inequity, they shall be delivered and God says ‘I render her a recompense’

Life Campaign is not only about the Ondo city, but about the whole earth. Every soul from every country will locate its own nation as Daniel did. The time for gathering is now and from all the nations of the world, there shall be a calling forth and putting together of a strong nation for the lord.

The end of Babylon is declared and the power therein is thwarted. This feast, The Feast of Lights, is declared for judgment. Let people lose their taste for the delicacies and wines of Babylon. God is destroying the kingdom of Babylon with us. We are not weak in any way, God is our strength.

This mount of vanity and pride, Babylon, that souls of man cannot look away from shall be leveled and Zion will be exalted. Only Zion!

The mount of the Lord will be established high above all the mountains of the world and nations will flow into it. To the much more lofty mount , of Zion!!!


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