The Feast of Lights Prayers


God is so very concerned about man. He has made only man of the quality of life to grow unto Him. Cherubims and seraphs, in their so great make up, cannot grow into being Him. And that is the essence of this Life; to make and help man grow into Him. We see God has denominated people in denominations and we see God harvesting them into Himself. God is interested in making them grow into Him; to be brought up by the unusual hunger for God. We see the doors into people, their pastors and keepers being opened, for the access into the life and peace God gives. We pray and see a lifting of every door for the entrance of the God.

We see the hearts of men being dissolved and melted to accept the release and outpour of God. Men who have been poisoned by anything be released into the flow of the spirit and the Word of the desires of God. Ministers and resource persons will be opened up for the message and Word of the Lord. Accuracy and precision be ministered and given to men of God for this meeting. The only thing that can save man is the gospel of Christ. Light has been asked to arise. This means light can be docile and weak. And we are the salt and light of the world. We have been in this word, we have been in this life and we must not be slothful or docile with the Light we have. We must illuminate and shine in this world.

We receive ministrations of angels to work with us. They are ministering spirits. We need to know their worth, recognize their work and their help. Darkness cannot remain when light comes. It is not possible to see darkness in light, but in darkness, light shines. When we stand, darkness loses its hold and judgment is declared against evil so we receive LIGHT. We seek light, and we follow light. Se sight light and we go with it. We ask that anyone who steps and hears about this meeting will come onto the knowledge of light. Heaven is helping our sights. Our sights of understanding will be enlightened. Not about Rev Kayode Oyegoke or Rev Busuyi Olabode, but LIGHT. Our sights will be helped to see!!!

It is a time of war! A war that breaks up the prison of fear and frees us God’s people to the life of freedom and strength in the spirit. Wherever people may be, may they all find light. In offices, market places and wherever, we ask God to beam help and help them find their way to locate light. When the world of God’s love is arisen, this dark world will be judged. It is war against unrighteousness and evil. Indeed truth has taken its turn over evil, light now reigns in the stead of death. Man will come to know light and be productive in this Light. Man must learn to live in this light to be healthy. We proclaim health into the body of Christ and man will be whole again. It is now time for the peak of darkness be reduced and the height of light be lifted. We pray that this world pass away and God’s world, be stayed in us. We declare war. And a path unto this light be charted and followed. We say in these days, men be equipped with light. We pray that man will seek  Your face and glory be restored again.

1Timothy 6:14

 to keep the commandment unstained and free from reproach until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ,


The highest faith operation is Eternal life. And this generation is finding it difficult to come into this. Every nation has a mandate and we stand for this charge of declaring Light in the sight of God. It is not an inner room matter. It is a proclamation of the defeat of death. Death has reigned over many generations; over Moses, Abraham. We take charge as it was declared for Timothy and we receive the commandments of God and keep them unrebukeable. We take this program, Life Campaign 2014-The Feast of Lights as a charge and commandment of God. We keep the banner of eternal life flying and that life will be lived. Life over death and corruption be lived. We receive into our midst, this commandment and no one will move away from this hope.

This word will thrive. It is obvious that death is in despair and we know he is doing all to stop us. But we are not afraid. Neither death, nor life will be able to separate us from the love of God. We keep on standing against the wiles of the Almighty. We do all to stand against all the enemy has done against the whole land and no one will be afraid. The strength of fear will be destroyed. In the name of Jesus, we lay down our life for the mandate of God’s life. For the destiny of people , we pray that men will be able to lay down their life for the kingdom’s cause.

We are  in for a season of business. The times when we are thrilled by revelations is passing away. Now, the revelations will be tested. Esther said ‘if I die I die’. Many of the men of old did not have faith to preserve their life but faith for humanity. Men will no longer be afraid for the kingdom. In assemblies, we say life must shine. The grace of God must be given and beamed to our own house.

By this, the gospel light spread in Asia. When Paul received, the mandate, he was given to it. God has given building blocks and commandments to these men to see that no man submerges this. We ask that Gods children across this whole land. We pray that Your voice Lord, will be heard. Everywhere men do, there will be your power, strength and life. Your commandment, the only one of life will be proclaimed and men will stand in allegiance with the throne to stand with the commandment of God’s throne on the earth.

In Paul’s writings, he was fighting spirits that cannot be seen. And they couldn’t see them. The apostles fought death. And death is the most slippery thing.  They dealt in spheres that were hard to understand to the plain human mind. They could see the effects of these spirits and they knew their habitation. And they are out to combat this. Esther said to the king ‘this is the enemy against us’.  She located the enemy and pointed him out. We pray that by light, the enemy be exposed. And the days of ignorance be over. Let there be unveiling of men into the light of life.

What we call normal human endeavours are what we will eat, drink and so on. Do you know Jesus called it death? And Jesus called it that in a light. This implies that the heart of man has been darkened by the activities of death. We want to walk in the light of day. This light will upgrade and improve us. You, oh Lord dwell in light and we will in this see you. We pray that the strength of death be paralised.



which he will display at the proper time–he who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords,

There is a time when immortality is exposed. There is a measure of light set for this time and we ask that this light be given for deliverance. We ask that that measure be shown to us. This light is a covenant light and it is a life for living. It is a community light. The way things are here in Nigeria are not the way it is in the US, something changes about you when you change skies. There is a measure of light that rules in each of these spheres. The same for this. Life and righteousness will conquer death. A community life of this light will be proclaimed. Let death be imprisoned on the earth as the life in us, individually is come into being a community life. This life will infiltrate every place; prison house, congregation, family and the gate of hell shall not prevail. Let a new day dawn upon us. This life will become a legal tender of transaction. As it becomes a community life, you cannot ignore it. The reality of this will dawn. We stand and pray that this eternal life, the light of your reign her will be spoken on this earth here.

‘Let Your blessings fall on the city Lord’


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