Life Campaign Prayers

This is an avenue to come back to the beginning. God is watching over creation and bringing us back to light. Christ shall be formed in man. God wants to smell Christ in man. The stage is set, and there shall be manifestation of God’s power. And thus, there shall be manifestations of angels.


‘My life must come forth from this smoke. It is all designed for my intent; all about my intent. I am mindful on my intent. All my activities are for my intent. My life must go forth. Life Campaign is the essence of Me. It is all about the light which was with me in the beginning. It is the time. This is my heart cry, my intent.’

We bless God for He deserves all glory and honour. God has determined us to know light at this time and we appreciate Him for this election. He has designed to share Himself with us.

The Feast of Light is a feast of the Father. It is a feast of love and of His person. We pray that we all will see this enormity and go home with this fire burning in our bosom. The Lord God Himself is dishing Himself out and this is a great privilege. It is so clear and known that the devil angry. He is distracting us and causing us to not be focused. But we look on to Him and we press on. To the Author and Finisher of our Faith, we press on. We chose not to look back. We are pressing on by His strength.

We see You alone, the captain of this host. He is the Lord God Almighty. We reverence you and we have eyes only for you. Our sights will not be clouded. We, in this battle have eyes only for You. It is a battle between Light and darkness. The lord is our captain, our confidence and strength.The Lion of Judah is rising. This is our destiny, the design from the beginning that we be like Him. The Lord is raising His own sons and daughters. Death will be dissipated. Light is the only solution to this world’s darkness.

It has never been recorded that there was a revival of Light in Ondo land. In his own dimension, He is making us witness this season Light, when the lord decided to step down.


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