The Feast of Lights

Utterances will be given to every minister. Your Son will speak. The Light will speak. The brightness of God’s glory will speak. We will hear the voice of Your Son through every man. That Your light will shine upon our hearts. That the light of the face of Jesus will shine on us. Your word that upholds all things will be made manifest. The word of righteousness shall be made manifest in the midst of us. Light will infiltrate to all dark places in our souls from the face of Jesus. Darkness will be judged in our souls. The gospel will not be hid from us in the meeting. It is a season to feast on light. We judge all the gods of this world that have blinded the eyes of men and their works will be exposed. The church will take a step forward towards the head.

We request for your light oh Father that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. Wickedness in the church will not be hid any longer, it shall be exposed; hearts will turn to the Lord and men will see again.

The measure of the revelation the Lord has purposed to make fall on the meeting will not be reduced.

This light will break every chain that has held man bound from the face of Jesus.  All glory to the Lord of host who is the Lord of His army. The Lord is coming to remove the covering cast upon His army. He is bringing the word that will separate His people.  We will follow the Lord of host; we will not be left out of the word that builds this army. We will all be enlisted into the army. For us to be enlisted, we have to be purged of every unholy hunger.

The warrior is coming. He is coming to war with His light and purge everyone. None will be left behind. Everyone will love the word of God as He comes. The Lord is coming in the clouds of Glory bringing with Him bread. We pray to hunger for only His bread and lose appetite for unholy breads. We will be emptied of every unholy things; purged of every unholy hunger, we will only thirst for the bread of God. We pray that our appetite will only be for the hidden manna which is the bread of life. The Lord is raining it upon His army.

We want to be partakers of that bread. The place of partaking is the place of the army. The blessings of this meeting are for the body. We pray that we will discern the body. If we do not discern the body, we will be sick, we will be encroached by darkness and some may die.  We pray that the Lord will come and teach us about the body. He will make us know things we are to partake in the body. We pray that the Lord will open our ears to hear the word that will edify the body. Life Campaign will help our hearing to hear the words of life for the body, so that the body will grow unto the head. We will hear the words that will bring us to the measure of the fullness of Christ.

We pray that the Lord will prepare each and every one of us in our hearts. We will have encounters with the Lord before the meeting. We pray that the Lord will meet us and prepare us. We want to see the Lord; we want to encounter the word of life. Lord that you will help us to know you and see you; that we will come into realities, the place of knowing and we will continue to know. Help us to know you oh Lord.

We pray that the Lord will give us grace to believe the word that will come. Doing the work of God is to believe.



One thought on “The Feast of Lights”

  1. Amen. May we be completely taken over by the desire and a fierce longing for the Light that lightens all men, and our crave will be to remain before his face,enraptured in the splendour from His very face. Amen. Tnks Livelyscribes for d upload. You are blessed!

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