Prayer for Life Campaign 2014

We pray that the Lord will open the floodgates of heaven and rain His light, overwhelming everywhere. There will be a floodlight on the earth. Darkness will be eroded from our souls and we shall truly be separated from the world. By the reason of the light from the face of Jesus that the Lord is going to cause to shine in this meeting, the power that makes man want to choose darkness over light will be overcome. The saints of God will arise. Men will be able to lift up their heads unto the Lord because the covering cast on them will be taken away by the reason of this meeting.

No darkness will stand. The face of the Lord will burn darkness. Men will come into the will of the Lord. It will become easy for men to do God’s will. Darkness will be judged and dealt with upon his mountain. We will be changed because we will eat to our fill in this feast and we shall be satisfied with His likeness.

We will not be ashamed to look unto the Lord. Our faces will be lightened. Everything that has been preventing man from being lightened will be dealt with.

In all the corners of the earth, the light of the Lord will increase. Much more than the increase and abounding of knowledge in the world, the light of the Lord will increase, abound and take over the earth as the waters take over the sea.

There will be a crescendo into the very light of God in each day of the meeting. At the end of it all, there will be no darkness at all in us.

This is the message that must be declared: God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. We pray as You are Lord so shall will be on the face of the earth.

Men will partake of this great light however they receive the messages of this meeting and they will be changed. We shall be altered. We shall be changed by light. We pray that the glory of the Lord shine upon us.

1John 1:6-7, ‘If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin’


 Fellowship and followership cannot be possible without light. We pray that we will be flooded with light.  We will be made whole. There will be blazing in our within.

The power of the oracles of light will hit every element in us and turn them to the Lord making them respond only to the Lord. This light will hit men and cast/veils will be taken away. Every cordial knot of darkness will be loosed. We will be made free to do His will.

Every hatred in people against the light will be turned around. Men will develop a strong desire for the light. All those who hate light will be hit by light. Light will show Himself unto them like He did to Saul on the way to Damascus. The Lord will lay hold, grip them and yoke them by the power of light. They will serve as instruments in the hands of light.

The light will be shed abroad. Light will take us to the mountain of light. The Lord will send His light and truth. They will lead and carry us into His holy hills past the gates and courts into His very face where His Shekinah glory tabernacles.

We pray that this meeting will translate us into a higher dimension of light. We will come into His very presence.

Every other message that is not light will be dishonoured. Only the message of light and righteousness will be heard, embraced and honoured. The Lord will make bright clouds. He will rain light and light shall be rained and reign.

There will be a flood of light. It is the day of mercy and hour of light. Oh Lord we call to you to rain your light. By the reason of the floods of light, darkness will not be able to advance any longer. Its work will be undone.

Oh Lord, arise in Your might. Let light begin to spring up. You will bring the things of the unseen to come.  We do not command for the things of the hands oh Lord but we beg you for the things of your face. We say,

 Come Lord in your light

Come Lord in your righteousness

Come Lord in your salvation

Let the bands of darkness be cut in asunder and make us instruments of light to bring out those who sit in the dungeon of darkness. They will be set free. As we walk on the face of the earth, go about our normal businesses, we will be pillars of light. By the reason of our presence in places, homes, offices and lives, light will break forth; the blind, imprisoned in much knowledge will receive their sight and brought out of their bonds.

Make everyone coming for the meeting well of illumination.

We pray for the ministers of the word, songs and ministers in many other capacities that light will be ministered.

We will be too enlightened, sensitive and cautious to allow offence. We will locate the power of offences and cut short its life. We will be too much flooded in light to notice offences.

The Lord will grace us and make us His own host. We will not see our differences but see ourselves as the army of the Lord, allied forces going with one purpose, agenda, and faith as one belonging to one Lord.

We receive wisdom for help to function and conduct ourselves in every capacity we will in this meeting. We will function joyfully. With joy we will draw water from the well of salvation. We call forth resources we need believing every need will be met.

We thank You Lord for You are great.


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