Prayers for Life Campign

Thank you for there shall be an outpouring of your power. We thank you our father, we thank you, no longer shall we walk in darkness, for those who walk in the dark shall walk and live in your light.

Lord, we are praying for a situation where people will no longer declare a special prayer summit to seek God, but instead they will be able to know the will of God because they know the thoughts of God, so we pray for everyone that will step into this program that there will be an unveiling; they will be able to hear and they will be able to understand. We also pray for all the ministers, that they also will experience an unveiling and will also be able to come into what heaven is doing per time.

Sometimes due to experience we remain stranded in a position, not moving with the present truth and light God’s showing,taking for instance the case of Peter who has toiled all night and caught nothing, he was already washing His net knowing fully well that fishes don’t come out in the morning. So, when Jesus told him to cast his net into the sea, he questioned Him but at a second thought He obeyed His words and the outcome was astonishing. So, also we pray that the very yoke of our individual experiences that has restricted our access to the things of the father be removed. We pray that our experiences will not limit us and prevent us from accessing the father. We pray that the father will deliver us from our experiences and from the way we have been schooled and taught.

King Hezekiah received a report from God sent through a Prophet informing him of his death but, by being receptive to God, he experienced a change, so also was the prophet who received the false prophesy from an old prophet about breaking his fast having been instructed by God not too but refused to go to God again or look in his spirit for confirmation.

We pray that God will raise His daughters and sons and fill them up so that they will be light bearers infiltrating and lightening up everywhere they are. God will raise up sons and daughters who will stand up as light.

We also pray that You Lord will grant us access into your word, precept upon precept, having a direct access into Your will. We pray that you will perfect your work in righteousness.  Let the feeble among us in faith receive strength. Shine your light into our heart. Illuminate our hearts with your light.

We also pray for journey mercies for all those who will be travelling, we pray for peace all around Ondo; There will be no problem that will restrict the program as scheduled.

Jesus we bless your name, we thank you for strength in our bodies, we thank you for health. We thank you for granting us strength to pray for this program. We thank you for the wisdom that birthed this campaign, we thank you for all the arrangements put in place. We give you all the glory. We thank you for everyone that will come over for this meeting, we thank you father for this is a gathering for the feast of life. We will eat all that you have packaged for us, we thank you for thereexist no famine with you. We thank you for all the ministers, we thank you for utterance.

We have prayed, we have cried for these 21 days, thank you for all that mourn will be comforted in Zion, thank you Lord.We rejoice for you have granted us access. We give you all the glory.

We thank you for we have access to mercy, we thank you forall that we have received on the ground of mercies. Thank you for your tender mercies have been received for this meeting. Thank you father, we give you the glory.Let’s stand up and praise the father for we are prophetic people and people of mercy.

What will happen at the end of this meeting is that love from the grounds of life will spring up. No longer are we to relate on the ground of church membership, but rather on the grounds of the Spirit.

Pastors will testify that after this meeting, there was a spiritual renaissance that was birthed in their churches with more people having greater access into the revelations of the father. There will be more people being birthed and becoming more serious as regards the things of the father. After this meeting, you will be able to look at your brother and you will recognize him as your brother. The wall of sectarianism will be broken and people will be able to fellowship on the grounds of the Spirit.

We prayed that all the ministers will all speakwith one mind because thereexists this fear that ministers from different placesmay tend to speak differently, but we thank God knowing fully well that they will all speak the mind of the Father for though we are many, we are one body.

Father, we thank you for journey mercies, we thank you for these days of prayers; we thank you for the things you have done and the things that have been perfected. We give you the glory.

We need a lot of faith push at this time.Things don’t just happen; when things are happening, there are people who are pushing it. That explains why Jesus will take people like Peter, John and James, because they are faith pushers. So we pray that God will strengthen our faith and cause us to be strong. So we say it is done. We say thank you for it is done.


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