The Corporate response to Light in the New Testament.

Rev Busuyi Olabode.

We bless God for the mystery of being our head. You are our head and You lighten our world and we bless You for raising prophets to unveil the light hitherto hidden. Rev Busuyi charged us with the emphasis on the urgency the Church needs for light and the indication of emergence of apostles of light.

 The Old Testament was righteousness concealed while the New Testament is righteousness revealed. Nobody could have received what was spoken except it was revealed to that person by God. When it was not seen, it was not time for activation. Seeing is an indication of the activation of concealed mysteries.  When the Holy Ghost came, He released and gave liberty for so many things. Although the Lord had raised prophets in the Old Testament, he needed to raise a new crop of Prophets in the New Testament, not for prophesying but to reveal the words that has been prophesied in the Old Testament.

Jesus Christ is the first apostle of this light, which is the light of the beginning which could not shine on men.  It was a concealed light. The first time the Light landed on the earth was when it shone in Christ. That is why Christ is the brightness of God’s glory and the express Image of His person. God is Light and in Him, there is no darkness at all, even, darkness gets swallowed up in this Light, and we cannot enter into glory without that light. It is the light the Lord wants us to feast with. It is not the Light revealed to the sons of men. Anywhere the devil sees the Light; He fights it, not demons. Demons cannot fight this light. When different lights come to the church, different spirit will begin to rule in the Church, because the Apostles are not there. Remembering what Apostle Paul said, about ‘know we no man after the flesh’, the enemy likes it when our differences in the natural affect our relationship so our different lights cannot be relied on in the transaction of the light. The church does not recognise what the Lord is about to do, that is why she is struggling to get it done.

If anything is not of Light, it does not respond easily. We need to know that this season we are, needs our corporate response, so that we do not relate with our self in the flesh. The devil can quench what is not of unity easily. And we just trust the Lord that He will raise a People that will be lightened up. In the case of Mordecai, Haman threatened Him so much, and looking keenly at that story in the Bible, Mordecai didn’t need to arrange anything to get Haman out of the way, as the events just unfolded, He was taken out of the picture.

Whoever the gospel is committed to, will need to go through several experiences and understand that we need to fight the good fight of faith. The Lord will have to armour us, even in our quietness, we will have to fight through, because the whole Journey is a fight through. We need to face the commission.


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