The Essence of the Spirit of Light

Rev Busuyi Olabode

The light of Christ shines so much and it is the spirit of light that is able to raise the church unto perfection. A seed can germinate without light but it can’t grow without it. So, the Light of Christ is needful for the church to grow. We need light bearers to sustain the generational flow of God in the church. Committing the church into the hands of ordinary men cannot maintain the church. We want to see the restoration of the apostles of Christ to the church, not the apostles of prosperity. The church that is strong is one that has received much light and this strength is an attribute of sons. Jesus wants to raise many sons, not many children.

1 Peter 1:13-16

So make your minds ready, and keep on the watch, hoping with all your power for the grace which is to come to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; Like children ruled by God, do not go back to the old desires of the time when you were without knowledge: But be holy in every detail of your lives, as he, whose servants you are, is holy; Because it has been said in the Writings, You are to be holy, for I am holy.

Grace only comes when Jesus Christ is preached. Jesus Christ has been separated. He is holy. He was a light after whom other lights came. The apostles of old and the Patriarchs were lights. What makes them light is their holiness. Holiness means separation. Holiness is a nature. Everyman has what consecrates him or makes him separate and that is his holiness. That does not however remove moderation, but your first inner nature conducts your behavior and this is a form of holiness or separation. The nature we have does not permit us to be uniform. In fact, when we see uniformity, we know there is something wrong somewhere. I have said when I see the sisters tying their headgear in a particular pattern; I know we are in trouble!

 The strength of the Old Testament is in observation of traditions but they are vain traditions because they do not have what it takes to transform a man from the inside. God wants to transform us from within; from the measure of holiness we have in ourselves.

2 Cor. 3:4-6

And this is the certain faith which we have in God through Christ: Not as if we were able by ourselves to do anything for which we might take the credit; but our power comes from God; Who has made us able to be servants of a new agreement; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: for the letter gives death, but the Spirit gives life.

The first evidence of being born again is the gift of the spirit. The promise of God to Abraham is the Holy Spirit. When a man believes, he believes to receive this same spirit. The spirit is not just a good addition, but sorely needed to help and move us in the journey of life by light. You need the spirit to move on in your journey. That is the only power that cannot make you subjected to the world. The Holy Ghost is not just designed for tongues, but to help us to connect to the next flow in the faith. What death and darkness have done in the past is to make men drunk.  Drunk with the pleasures of the world but God wants us to be drunk with the spirit. He knows that the only way to get us is to be drunk in the spirit. And so, it must be part of the beginning of your walk in the faith.

2 Cor. 3:7-9

 For if the operation of the law, giving death, recorded in letters on stone, came with glory, so that the eyes of the children of Israel had to be turned away from the face of Moses because of its glory, a glory which was only for a time: Will not the operation of the Spirit have a much greater glory?

For if the operation of the law, producing punishment, had its glory, how much greater will be the operation of the Spirit causing righteousness?

The spirit is the messenger of this life. The letter is a ministration of death but it has a glory. True glory must be fully understood because if you don’t understand the true meaning of glory, you will follow another glory which is not of God. Adam was higher than the law before he fell. In the realm of glory, Abel is higher than the law. The blood of Abel covered men over many years. The things that in them men put their trust in lieu of righteousness are very weak; things like our traditions and doctrines. It is in the realm of true glory that these things are exposed as weak. God wanted to destroy sin which has been man’s trouble but men laughed at him. To a Jewish man, it is foolishness, but to us, it has been revealed as the wisdom of God.

Eph. 3:5

Which in other generations was not given to the sons of men, but the revelation of it has now been made to his holy Apostles and prophets in the Spirit;

All the apostles preached Christ out of the law and the prophets but you can’t see Him in the law except by the spirit. The law was Christ’s testimony, but now His testimony is the spirit. The first way to kill the church is to quench the spirit because the church can only be sustained by the spirit. Those that can maintain the course of the spirit are those who should be given trust over the church. Nobody can tamper with the veil of darkness except by the Spirit. The commandment of the light of God cannot shine except the Holy Spirit takes his liberty over the church.

There is liberty only where the spirit is Lord. The only one who puts things in order is the spirit, so the church should not be afraid to allow him. If you want to remain calm and disallow the spirit so as to satisfy the fallen nature of people, then you have nowhere to go because our lives need certain measures of entropy of the spirit. A certain measure of spiritual activity is needed to help us react and cause a pleasing arrangement in the spirit. These entropy activities are caused by the spirit. Without the Holy Ghost, the church will lack strength.

God had to separate Paul unto the spirit. In considering things around you, you lose the freedom to flow with the spirit so you have to be separated as Paul was. You need to be in meetings where you can keep the flow of the spirit or else you would quench him. Quenching Him is He leaving you.

 We will be helped to locate and be part of spiritual separations and Holy Ghost’s activities as He shines forth in us.


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