The Governance Of Light

Pastor Ernest Paul

The effect of this meeting in the Spirit has caused war because we wonder that no matter what is being said the People are not listening. We need to define what being a Christian is; the dark clouds need to be taken away, so that man can see and hear God correctly. In the case of Adam, he received two words:  from God and the enemy. Adam could no longer see into the realm of God, because he no longer had the relationship they had. The world intends to shut us away from God. That way the enemy came into Adam and disharmonised what was between God and man. Our natural eyes are not configured to see, we need to receive revelation for Light. The sight is needed for man to be part of God’s system.

We are in an era where we cannot afford to be blind, and the lowest operation of darkness is ignorance. An era where we cannot afford not to know; for it can cost us our life.

Even in the natural, we have moved into the information age. We usually take a position in the Spirit, that it is only on Sundays that we must be in the Spirit, and every other days, we think we just live without being Spiritual beings, but that is not our life. We are Spirit beings, and that must be what informs what we do, say or transact with in any part of our lives, anytime of the day. The Lord is always talking to us. We need to hear what the Lord is doing in this age. The prophets in the bible were called the eyes of God and they were seers. We need to prophesy because that is the age that we are in, and it enables us to see. The light is being launched despite the weight of the darkness.

We need to be able to stay in saying that we are the Light, and the world is not giving us Light. The Lord’s work for Zion at this time is that He is favouring and re-positioning Zion. We need to look in the Spirit and find out what God is doing, and look at how that is happening in the Natural. If at a point we are supposed to have grown up to some measures and we do not, God will not hand over the things meant for that state of maturity to us. There is an appointed time that the Lord is coming to the earth again, only God knows that, but we must be able to see the evolution that is happening on the face of the earth.  There is going to be an increase of sight for us. For Light cannot be seen if the eyes is not good.

John 3 vs. 19

And this is the test by which men are judged: the light has come into the world and men have more love for the dark than for the light, because their acts are evil.

The people cannot see the light but we are in the season where we must see the Light, and we must be able to move men out of the realm of darkness. The world is about to be restructured again, different from the restructuring that happened years ago. This restructuring is going to be caused by Light from the face of God. We need the character of the apostolic, to discern the patterns in the Spirit, not just a title somewhere. We do not need the shape of a pastor that we have in the age today, we need the man from the inside.  The first time the bible spoke about light, God was just about to move then, He needed to make things manifest. A new creation when it emerged was brought forth by light, so was the second creation. If we are going to ever build anything that is divine and Godly, Light must come.  We need to rule and govern, so that God can rule again, through the Light that we have gathered.

Religion has become government, it governs; it begins to tell you how to do things, how to marry, and the likes. We need to be conscious that something is governing our lives. In the Light, we relate with, the purpose is for government. And what it does is that it rules us. The calling of the church, if we understand it properly, is to disseminate light to the people, the body of Christ.

The darkness in the land is grievous and it is combating with light. We are in an era where darkness is deep, for darkness will cover the earth, gross darkness the people. But in the midst of this darkness is the Light shining… for Jesus is the Light that shines truly upon us.

Lord, the Light of your love is shinning…

In the midst of the darkness, shinning…

Jesus, Light of the world, shine upon us,

Set us free by the truth you now bring us,

Shine on me (2ce)

Shine Jesus, Shine…

Fill this place with the Fathers’ glory…

Blaze Spirit Blaze,

Set our Hearts on fire…

Flow river flow,

 Flood the Nations with grace and Mercy

Send forth your word, Lord, and let there be Light.

The devil has fought seriously but he has lost the battle because the battle is of the Lord. God is gathering and bringing us together in love and in fellowship, so we will relate by the covenant of the light, and not as unto ministry. The whole thing is for our sake, so that we can escape. We will need a resistance to resist the gospel of another world. We are lifting up the banner of victory and the Lord will forever silent the ideas of the darkness so much that it will not rise again.


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