The Wisdom of combating darkness

Pastor Seyi Osanyibi

1 John 1:1-5

That which was from the first, which has come to our ears, and which we have seen with our eyes, looking on it and touching it with our hands, about the Word of life And the life was made clear to us, and we have seen it and are witnessing to it and giving you word of that eternal life which was with the Father and was seen by us; We give you word of all we have seen and everything which has come to our ears, so that you may be united with us; and we are united with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ: And we are writing these things to you so that our joy may be made complete. This is the word which came to us from him and which we give to you, that God is light and in him there is nothing dark.


Be careful of the tenses of the Bible because the Bible does not follow human grammar.

Everything that exists in creation has its source in God. The Bible says; “in Him was life”. The life in Him has reproduced many lives. The word ‘Life’ in the New Testament is gotten from two words; ‘bios’ and ‘Zoe’. ‘Bios’ is biological. Each animal is the way it is because of the kind of life it has. You are what you are because you have a kind of life. King Nebuchadnezzar lived like a beast because he was given the heart and life of a beast. His understanding was enlightened when the human life was restored to him. God is the way He is because of His kind of life which is called Zoe. His life is eternal life. Eternal life is not just a life that is forever because Satan can also live forever, but he does not have eternal life. Eternal life is a life that cannot sin and can never be tempted to sin. God cannot sin, that’s why he alone is saved. Even the life that was given to Adam was not eternal life because he could be tempted to sin. What we have been called to come and inherit is neither church nor heaven, but eternal life.

God is light and he does not cast a shadow because He is the source of light. The light of God is meant to make you sight Him. God is invisible even to those in the realm of the invisible. The angels only see His shining light. The image of God was destroyed when Adam fell, His likeness was not. The light of God is the development of man and is being introduced to restore His image in us. Development in the language of God is when you are being transformed from glory to glory until you acquire the image of your father in heaven. Only a person that has the image of God can behold him face to face. The angels don’t have his image, that’s why they have to veil their faces while beholding Him. We are gradually being transformed to his image through the gospel so that we can behold him with open faces.

 2 Tim. 1:7


For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of self-control.

 A fool is a fool because he can’t comprehend the things around him. God is God because of the way He thinks. What makes a student brilliant is his mind. A wrong decision can kill a man.You can’t walk with God without a sound mind because God has the soundest of minds.

Isa. 55:7-11

Let the sinner give up his way, and the evil-doer his purpose: and let him come back to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him; and to our God, for there is full forgiveness with him. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, or your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, and does not go back again, but gives water to the earth, and makes it fertile, giving seed to the planter, and bread for food; So will my word be which goes out of my mouth: it will not come back to me with nothing done, but it will give effect to my purpose, and do that for which I have sent it.

It is by your thoughts you chart a way for yourself. Cherubim are the custodians of the knowledge of God which is His light. It is not only Satan that blinds, Cherub also blinds. They blind fools from walking in the way of God. So, a fool will not walk in the way of God. Even if he finds his way on the path, the path will vomit him. The way back to God is only open to those who are chosen. You have to forsake your ways and find your way back to God and learn how to start thinking like God. Peter could walk on water because he was not thinking like others. The moment he started thinking was when he began sinking. God is rewiring our thinking through his words. Lust and fornication come from the imagination of a man. Your imagination will deal with you if you don’t deal with it. If you deal with your imagination God can work through it. Deal with your thoughts. You must learn the way God thinks and takes decisions. God downloaded His thinking pattern into the first Adam but the last Adam had to learn it. You and I also have to go through this process of learning and acquiring God’s thought pattern.

Truth is that which expresses a reality. Solomon exhausted all his glory (not God’s glory) and came to a conclusion of the reality that that all is vanity so that everyone after him would learn from him. He could have learnt it earlier and saved himself all the mess. God does not answer us often times because we ask Him the wrong questions. God does not answer stupid questions. The solution to many prayers and questions is repentance, not endless prayer requests.

The spiritual personality you fellowship with influences you and who you become. The apostles have different characters and they are all bearers of light. So, you have to balance your fellowship with each of their epistles including the patriarchs of old and the gospel of Jesus. John the beloved knew the Jesus of Nazareth and hence, had to start learning about Jesus the Christ when he met Him.

Another technology for destroying darkness is foolishness through patience and endurance by the spirit. You are the wisdom of God and the only way you can display such is to walk in the spirit. The nature of God is the technology to deal with darkness. His nature is light and the only way you can acquire light is to walk in the spirit. You can’t defeat darkness by human philosophy and wisdom. As you keep following the spirit, you don’t only defeat darkness but also grow in Him. We will not only sing and praise God in the world to come, there will be government and people will rule. The world to come is committed to the hands of men and not angels.

The things we are hearing are eternal and they are needed to be done for the end to come. The eternal purpose of God has begun. God is not trying to solve the problem gradually anymore. He is ready to solve it once and for all, that’s why we have to migrate into the excellent glory of God. We have to migrate from the light of the Old Testament to the pure light of the New Testament. Death is an issue and it must be destroyed. We will keep this experience until the Daystar arises. Amen.


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