We have only one calling: to the Christ!

Apostle Akin Akinnola

Considering the theme, it takes me back to the beginning. When Adam ate of that tree, he had no lust. He chose to eat of that tree himself. He was not drawn out of lust. He died just because he was led by his flesh. He died instantly, not 930 years later. When he confessed to fear after God asked where he was, the fear was as a result of his death.  His eyes too were opened and this is DEATH. But when Jesus died, he took away that death and all that came with it. Jesus died and the new man rose which is Jesus the Christ. The Jesus of Nazareth is the manifestation of the Son in heaven as well as The Christ. There are many manifestations of this Son of Man. Melchizedeck, the Rock that followed them in the wilderness were all manifestations of Him. But we are called to the Risen Jesus, the Christ who is the true light. God bless you.


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