The Ecclesia

Pastor Ernest Paul

Many times we need to breakthrough in the Spirit. The gospel is about breakthrough from the powers that govern men. The light of God is heavy and it judges.

Make it your responsibility to ensure that you remain in the faith. Error is truth overstretched. The antidote for error is having balance and judging matters accurately from all sides. No movement or assembly has all of God’s truth. The body is whole and we must discern the body. Not every place where people gather together as a church is recognized in heaven.

Candlesticks which represent the Spirit of the Lord over a church can be taken away without the building and people being scattered. The church of God must have an apostolic flavor inside of it. If you are a pastor, you must have an apostolic DNA in you. If it is not in you, then you need it. Look into the spirit and connect to the right people. Apostolic grace is a fathering grace. The calling of an apostle is to be a witness of resurrection. The anchor of our faith is the resurrection. God needed to raise Jesus so that He might bring many sons to glory. Jesus is the way out of ourselves.

The Ecclesia (church of God) is where truth should be celebrated feasting in Lights should take place so that we can take up territories in the spirit. The devil leads men captive by darkness. They are blind because Satan has taken their sight. There is the proclamation of liberty by the word of God to release us from the prison of blindness we are in.

Heb. 12:1-18

We have arrived at a dimension of life that is called Zion. As there are dimensions in our natural life so also are there dimensions in the throne of God. People are blind because someone is making them blind. We are witnesses on the earth about what is happening on the earth when we pray. There is something about prayer more than interceding that makes people’s hearts pant or groan for the word. Many times our thought about what the church is, is wrong because it is not just a place where our needs are met. Sometimes the reason why the princes are there is because they have to be there and they have the territory and the legal right.  We need to take territories but we need to use the right ways because there are different ways to attack different territories. The prayer of intercession is such that you are serving as an intermediary between you and God concerning a people, nation etc. There are times when God puts us around a territory and by our sins we tend to lose it as Adam had his world or territory in the beginning where he was supposed to guide. The church of God is a judicial dimension of God for making judgments.


“I am the light. Anyone that will follow me will not walk in darkness.  Arise, the world is in the hand of the church. The solution is not in the hands of the government but the church. The word is in your mouth, declare it. I am waiting for the church to declare my word. Why are they acting like they don’t know? The church is matching on. Let the church arise. I have gone out like the man of war, pick up your swords and declare the word of God. Everything you are hearing, go out to the world and declare it. The hearts of many are opened and waiting for those that will bring them in” says the spirit of the Lord.

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