The Urgency of the Harvest

Rev Busuyi Olabode

We bless God for how he has helped us and moved us from levels of experiences to another. He has switched us yesterday to another phase and we trust the tempo will rise. This meeting is a prophetic mandate for this time and we find ourselves by mercy to be positioned rightly for this.

In the year 2012, there was a declaration in this house of the close of an age, the age of man. And in that season, an age closed and a new one began to unfold. We know that the new one is not really new but because of its essence in God we say it is new. Just as when Christ was raised back to life, it was a new technology to man but it had hitherto existed with God. The new commandment too was not actually new, but the same old one. So, the way God is coming to us anew is not new to God but to us, it is.

The Lord said to me ‘this is an age for the things of God to grow’ and I said yesterday that what plant needs to grow is light. So, the things of God required to grow requires divine light. I know this will switch us into the completeness of all things and darkness will be finally judged. When the glory of God fills the earth, it is a time of in gathering, harvest and fruitfulness. We have to put in the sickle because the harvest is close! So the proclamation of light is for Him to find visibility. This light must shine where he will grant visibility. We pray we will heed the call and not be slothful in time of harvest.

What made the Pentecostal move relevant is that there was a visibility of it to men. And in these days, God is causing abundant light to shine on the grass of God and make us visible. If you were losing hope before, you need to come to a place of strength and receive His light. It is time for declaration upon the housetops. And by this announcement people will be strengthened and receive light.

I’m trying to help us see that the seasons are very significant to perform some hidden counsels. When it is harvest time, there is no wastage of time. If the crop is to be harvested in two days, and you stall, the fruits might not be there when you get there. If you don’t respond when you should to harvest, you might waste the season. We need to respond in this hour. There is something good about those who first respond; they are the hope of the rest harvest. That’s why apostles are relevant and are seen as the foundation. Heaven had to pruned them and make them fit for the building that will be built upon their foundations. Please let us keep this feast and heed the call and respond quickly to it. Let us hold tenaciously to the things which we have.  As the Lord is speaking, we need to heed instructions and know that this is the age of God. Everything that is of God will prosper in this time. You know when things are with God, it is pure and new, but when it comes to man, it loses its intensity and purity. But if it is of God, it is totally kept and since this is of God it will prosper.

God is sending his own light to bring in His own age. It might take a moment for men to see this, but this world is finished and God’s image is rising. We trust God to be able to do it well, once and for all. Once it is done in the spirit, it is done with great accuracy.

The same light will have different locations as we keep the feast all over the places and grow into one giant light. We pray that the cities will be filled with the light of God’s glory. And light will reign, even much more than darkness.


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