The Tabernacle Of God

Rev. Busuyi Olabode

The faith of the Son of God is the one He brought into being when He resurrected from the dead. Revelation of righteousness is an operation of the Faith. When Righteousness is revealed, Faith is given. We need to hear righteousness for Faith to come.

Romans 10:17; Romans 1:17.

This can only be achieved through preaching. And no one can preach until he is sent because that Faith is beyond seeing it is from above. The Faith of God does not have measure. This Faith regenerated us, it is so powerful that it resurrects and keeps alive. It is not a great faith, for great faith raises dead but can’t keep one from dying again, heals the sick and do all other forms of miracle. It is this Faith that gives life and makes alive. It is a faith that does not consist in what man has; it is a faith that regenerates. It has its own world and builds it. This world is a group of people.

The Father raised the Son and put His world inside of Him. A world that is far higher than that of Adam in the beginning. He is therefore the creator of His world. The first was for Adam but the new is by and for the Son. Being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation. His faith was designed to bring the world to come. All He did before he left was to raise men to build the age to come. Therefore, the Christian person is not built for this present world for this present world is gone already. Our highest concern should be that we are in our world. What preaching does is to bring that world. The first job for us is our world not Nigeria. By speaking the word of God, we have solution for this present world.

We do not look at the now so that we will not lose our sight. The greatest thing our souls want is security but the greatest security for the soul is for it to have access into the Spirit. If Faith is not given to us, we will become earthly. Our body being the temple of the Lord is a great edifice. It is a spiritual temple. It is designed for God to come in, like a tabernacle. So, it has to be fitfully constructed. It is a tabernacle of the inside; man will no longer come from the outside but the inside. That tabernacle is a being like David said ‘I am wonderfully and powerfully made’.

The body is a person. Thank you Jesus because the building is in progress. The body is the building being built. Creation will stand in awe at this building of God and ask what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon man. We are a spiritual building.

Zechariah 4:1-10

Then Lord will raise he that believes in Him; the essence of believing is to be raised. This is what the devil is fighting. It is the only way he uses to deal with Jesus Christ but the word of Grace is capable of raising the building. His condemnation is therefore the word of Grace being spoken to the believer. This is why grace and peace has to be multiplied. The security of peace is needed to keep the building when grace is given and the devil wants to do everything to disturb that peace but the God of peace will bruise Satan shortly under our feet. He is the designer and architect of the building and at this time men will grow; the building will arise.

The Lord is coming to His house. He will take disease and sickness away from our bodies and put in there soundness, power, health and vitality. The Lord will make us whole. This season let us do much of discerning the Lord for He is walking in our midst.


In this day a man shall be as pure gold. I will yet return to purify you and fulfil that which I have spoken. This day man shall be taught and carry God. In this day, that thought of God to make man in His image will come to pass. Man shall begin to receive my word and become beautiful. Creation has not seen yet that which I have done in man. Creation will see man in the beauty of the Lord. Man will be made strong by my word. I will fire him by my word. I will send my word unto man and purify him. My word will try man and made him go through fire. I will yet release faith until creation will see man and see faith in him. In this day, man will be made purer, purer than the gold of Ophir. 

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