The Tabernacle Of God 2

It is our Father’s desire to make us after the order of His own life that we may be raised truly and emerge as His building on earth. This is a continuation of the words of the Lord on The Tabernacle of God. We pray for increase of faith in us for the Life of God to emerge in our body. Amen.

Faith comes by hearing. The gospel is designed to make men believe. What we have therefore believed has to be true to our minds. God is true. We do not have to exaggerate Him before we know He is true. The word of God is true so we are to look straight to it with unveiled faces. The manifestation of the word is making bare the truth.

2 Corinthians 4:5

For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.

There is nothing beautiful compared to Jesus. The best quality we can have in our life is to be like Him. The bible was not written for burial service. Life was what was in view when the bible was written.

2 Corinthians 5:1-5

For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life. Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, who also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit.


This scripture is often read in a burial service. If physical death is an entry point to our house in heaven, then how many Christians really want to die in order to enter there? Getting old and thinking of death is due to the consciousness of death in us. That can never be God’s plan for man. Natural phenomenon teaches that we lose interest in ourselves. The gospel will be wasting time teaching you what nature can teach. Jesus said, ‘destroy this temple and I will raise it up in three days’. He did not say He will take it to heaven but He will raise it up. Humans are spirits; we are designed, constructed, so we are a tabernacle. The body is a showcase of the human tabernacle. The outer court in the Old Testament is not a tabernacle, only the inner court and the holiest of all were. The inner court deals with externalities. The holiest of all is the sanctuary. Therefore, your physical body is not the tabernacle but your soul and spirit. These two are what is referred to as our body being the temple of God. The body is a building, not this physical body.

Romans 12:1-2

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Worship is done by the soul not the body.

Psalms 103:1-2

Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:


 The body is a container of sin. Jesus died to destroy the body of sin. The body of sin is not this earthly suit, we call body, so that we will have right to live in the earth. The temple of man is the spirit, soul and body.

Romans 6:6

Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

 Before we met Christ, what was built in us was a body; a sanctuary-our being. When we died, we died in the spirit. When Christ died also, He died in the Spirit so that our spiritual body, the body of sin can be crucified and die. The essence of being nailed and dying is so that all our allegiance with sin will be cut off for the soul to be liberated. As they were nailing Jesus therefore, our spirit is being nailed too as the husband so that the wife, the soul can be liberated. What happened to man by death is a legal procedure.

When one is wonderfully and powerfully made, it is not just the physical beauty. It is the soul and spirit of man being built by God. We may be beautiful on the outside, the physical beauty but on our inside, we are maimed or disable.

2 Peter 3:10

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

To be burnt is to dissolve. One is going to melt and another will be formed. Be not conformed to the world therefore, but let another formation take place in you. There is another building in you that the body is housing. If the body can be destroyed then, the building inside can also be. God is a fire to dissolve the soul. If the soul can’t be dissolved by God’s fire then, He will cast it into hell. God, neither the devil does not look at the body. We need to know this. The reason for God saving us is to bring the new temple down on earth.

Every abode has its own structure. Heaven has its own, hell does too. The fibre in a man is what determines where he belongs. So, if a man ends in hell, it is not because God threw him there, it is because his makeup is inferior to the structure of heaven. When surgery is done, the sowing looks exactly like the human flesh because it was made in the frame of the human flesh. When the heart was made, a fibre was used to make it. The soul cannot be seen physically but the manner of it manifestation makes it structure or make up known. The word of the Lord is that which is capable to know the soul.

Hebrews 4:12; 2 Corinthians 4:14-16

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.


Knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus, and shall present us with you.

For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.


The things which are not seen and cannot be seen by human technology are eternal. When you believed, your old man was crucified. So, you do not really have an old man anymore. The former building in our soul was dissolved by transformation and a new building begins. From this moment, we no longer consider the things that are seen, the old soul. The new spirit is therefore showcased. If we are not a building of God, we are not part of God’s eternal programme. The Faith is therefore to make you see this new building. The focus is to look away from the physical improvement. If your improvement is therefore measured by what happens to you in the physical, good or bad, then you will be frustrated.  The program is day by day. For a long time, the body may not reflect it. God wants us to meet in and live in the Spirit in the hope that the new building will arise. That soul cannot be crashed by you. The other building emerging will crash it.

The joy of Jesus and His work right now is that He is building. Our house in heaven is coming down. We are bringing down our house from heaven. This is the Faith of Jesus. This should change our focus and pursuit. So, we are to pray that the eyes of our understanding be enlightened to see our inner house and respond by it. The treasure of a man is his making. A man is a man because of his making, even if he is the most wretched man on earth; he is higher than an animal. It is his making. It is not by what we have but what we are.  The greatest thing on earth is the frame of anything. God said, ‘let us make man in our own image’.

When God gave Jesus, it is to get back precious things. No matter the technology of man, it cannot replace the human parts that the Lord made. When heaven looks at you, He doesn’t look the way man looks. No man’s preaching can save you except the message of salvation. Creation is very expensive.

Revelation 4:3-4

And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.

And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

If the Lord says to you that He will give you gold, do not start jumping up because that gold is not what you call gold, it could be the Lord visiting you with divine agenda and opening up your eyes to the Spirit realm. The Spirit has its own gold and treasures. There must be a shift in us to begin to bear those treasures.

1 Corinthians 3:9-17

For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;

Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.


 We are God’s building. A measure of the Life in our spirit that our soul has contacted will rub off on our body as we continue. The Life is in us by the Faith of Jesus not anything we do. Words are materials to build us. There are words of gold, silver, hay, stubble and there are materials also that will be used to try these materials. The nature in us must therefore be expressed. We must co operate with God and ask Him to make us after the order of this new life that we may be raised truly and emerge as His building on earth. We must be able to operate in the realm of the Spirit. We pray that the Life of God will emerge in this body. Amen.


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