The church is the expression of God’s rule on the earth, His purchased possession, expressing His divine Will and counsel. The church is His exclusive property, which is the only trust that God has to express His counsel on the earth, so we always want Him to have His full expression in that manner because for that purpose He raised the church; and we are His people. We have a trust that we are not ourselves anymore for He has bought us with a price. We are the reality of what the prophets spoke about. We are the visible expression of the labor of the prophets and God has done so much to help us; He has provided so much that we might have an easy voyage on the earth. For Jesus, he wrote nothing about himself. I have not seen any religion in which the pioneer or the author would not want to validate a thing on the earth here to leave for his people as the authority of guidance or a constitution  of the agenda in which he came to drive. It is true that it is a wise thing for any man to end like that, not to have a record not even a picture of Himself for a memorial.  If they ask you to do a memorial of your great grandfather and you are told that it is a must you observe it, you would want to ask where his picture is to start with or at least the location of his tomb. We do not have all that because it is the program of God, it does not need any human effort to drive it; the only property he left on the earth here is just twelve people and he did not leave any document with them. Praise the Lord!

The ways of God are different from the ways of man. All of that are expressions of divine strength and divine wisdom to help our hearts upon whom these things or what Paul call the end of the world has come, those whom God has designed to bring the world to an end, these things are for our comfort. Of these we read in the books of the prophets from Genesis. Chapter one and two of Genesis is all about creation or restoration; a recreated order after a former created world so it is called recreation. It is man’s creation. Genesis one and two ended Adam. If you see any other Adam between that time, they are not reckoned as Adam anymore because they are fallen Adam, until you come to see the last Adam. The scripture reckoned with first Adam and last Adam. So, if you combined or opened these scriptures from the books of Adam you will only see Genesis one and two and from there you go to Revelation and I was saying that redemption itself was not part of the program of Adam and Adam would not have known Jesus Christ if not for the fall. Jesus Christ came in the last days because of the fallen Adam.  So, we would have said that the whole of the Bible would just have been ”BEHOLD I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW” and the whole Bible would be around five chapters. This means that the whole of the books of the bible were written for our help, it was not written for Adam, it was written for our help and God has done wondrously well with us. God did not give Adam any parchment to write or to read. Adam was raised to read the Spirit he did not have any physical father to tell him the way of the Lord; all he knew was the voice of the Lord, which is the Spirit. How do we read the Spirit or learn the Spirit? If they give you that parchment today nobody will be saved, if they give you the testimony of Adam nobody will be saved. Wide is the other way and nobody will return to the Father. The path to the Father is so straight and narrow. Narrow is the way and strait is the gate that lead to Life even with the help that God has provided, few are they that find it. Adam knew the way of life so his children would have run the way of life easily if he has raised them after his order as the son of God. To be continued…


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