The way of the Lord is not difficult it is only difficult because of our nature. Today that way looks difficult, but it is not. God’s way is not difficult and it is not grievous, it is a normal way for a spiriTtual man. Jesus did not need to witness, defend or show himself. The Father is the one who shows him and raised witnesses to show him. All the labour of heaven for many years is to raise witnesses. From the book of Genesis chapter three after the fall to the law which is after Moses, the law was given by Moses but Moses did not walk by it. He raised Aaron to deliver the law to them. He received the law for the children of Israel, which is why the law cannot make anything perfect; it can never! So, Moses did not walk in the law but walked in the voice of the Lord, the voice which he called on the Israelites to come and hear but they refused. That was why the way of Moses conflicted a lot in some places and made the children of Israel react, questioning him. But the Lord said concerning him that He speaks to him face to face, so if anyone is confused on anything, they should go to him for an answer, not judge him.

God has set witnesses in scriptures but he chose the law and the prophets to be two major witnesses. The essence of the law and the prophets is to help Israel and humanity to locate the way. He gave the law to Israel as ordinances for several reasons but he gave it for a major reason which is observation apart from the several reasons. What Israel saw in the book of the law is observation: ”God says thou shall, thou shall not,” if the law says thou shall not and you do it, it also contains stoning to death: that was the management. All through, the law treated them as children and God knew that they can never go beyond being children. He would always say, ‘speak to the children of Israel, ‘say to the children of Israel, ‘command the children of Israel, ‘raise my statutes for children of Israel. Abraham did not walk in the law but he received the promise; those who walk in the law could not receive the promise so what is the essence of the covenant if it cannot bring the promise? I am just trying to let you know that the bulk of this book is the book of the law and the prophets and there was a great discipline from Israel to put the law and the prophets into writing.

If there is anything that Israel has done well in their generation, it is the scripting of the law and the prophets. Israel has failed on many sides but that singular thing God did to help them in those days, when there was no computer, was that they wrote on scroll. Imagine someone writing the book of Isaiah, it does not have any chapter from the beginning of the call of Isaiah to the end, that was how they write through and if anything happen to any part, maybe where they kept it or something ate it or something happens to a little part, they rewrite the whole scroll again. This was how much discipline they had with it and they thought they were writing the law for their children but by the spirit, they were preserving a script for the whole of humanity. The realm of the Spirit of the glory of God that he has promised us is invisible, it is spiritual and nobody can access it by willingness, nobody in fact can even see it. That is why as we are preaching the gospel now, your mind could be saying what are they saying now. You won’t see it until you are helped to see; it looks so intangible and unreal and will make you wonder in your mind what are these things they are saying, like the case of the disciples that could not understand what Jesus was saying when He said, ‘Now you will see me, later you won’t see me in a little while.’ If you are not careful, you will walk away because it is not appealing to the mind. Jesus said to them, ‘now you see me, a little while you will not see me and the disciples wonder why He can’t say it straight. Everything is tangible to Jesus himself in the realm of the Spirit but in this sphere it is intangible. So, the only way for them to help us is to make us wait so that we can receive all the promise. That was the only thing the children of Israel could not do. Moses went up to the mountain to go and receive the law or the testimony for 40 days and 40 nights but after they waited they thought something has happened to him and they deliberated among themselves to find a god for themselves. What God has called them to see is invisible and it seems intangible. The pursuit of Life may not look like the Lord wants us to prosper or the Lord wants to make us great on the earth here and when the Lord says greatness you might be looking at the example of greatness around you. So when you come to him to talk about greatness, He will first of all dissolve that image you see as greatness, after He has dissolved the image, He will take you to the real one; even the real one He will not show it to you immediately because if he shows it you, you will not see it yet there is reality in it. It is tangible! And that is why God has to bring a lot of help to us. Even in the earth today, we have not come to understand and appreciate the essence of that help, like the children of Israel who took the law as instructions of righteousness or instructions of observations but the actual essence of the law was to witness and strengthen our hearts; to strengthen human heart to follow God. When you hear a story from an eyewitness, to you it is more dependable. Even before the court of law, if you can get eyewitnesses, they have enough materials to substantiate the judgment. The judge does not need to go to where the thing happened; all he will do is deliver the verdict by the things that are available for this court as evidences. Before then, he was just a suspect but by the reasons of the evidences available to the court we.  The things of our faith have a dimension of legality that God had to provide to help us to have a safe spiritual voyage into the invisible. To be continued…


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