THE MYSTERY OF THE TWO OLIVE TREES: The Law and the Prophets- Rev Busuyi Olabode

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Matthew 5:17-18

  “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

What does ‘till’ means? It means things will go on and on. So, there is a reason for the law and the prophets. It is designed to fold the present age. That is their ministry: to fold. That is why there was the sending of two witnesses in the book of Revelation (Rev 11). When their operation started on the earth, the system changed. In the end of time, the ministry of the two witnesses appeared again to deal with two cities, Sodom and Egypt. These two nations are terrible. There are the children of Babylon in them with their terrible strength. In order to deal with them, the full expression of these two witnesses is needed. These two have to come back and preach. So, Jesus said, ‘till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.’  THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS ARE THEREFORE SPIRITUAL. THEY ARE THE OLIVES IN THE SPIRIT. Paul said the law is spiritual but I am carnal; though it is not divine but it is spiritual. God has to help us with a lot of wisdom to be able to preach the gospel and remove the ordinances of the law from the Spirit because the devil is evil. He wanted Paul to cut the olives but God helped him because for a long time the church in Judea has been in the trap of Judaism. So, God wanted to move them out of Judaism but they needed the Spirit; they needed the olives ordinances. The church today is struggling, even those who preach the new testimony are discarding the ordinances. The olives must not be discarded because we need the oil of the olives to keep us in the journey. You can have the new creation realities and confess ‘we are gods, we are His righteousness’ but you need help to walk into those sayings even if they are already evident in the Spirit.   People think that Jesus came fulfilling the law and the prophets  and He has finished it all but that is not all for that verse says, ‘For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.’  So heaven and earth is the boundary of the law and the prophets. So Israel was raised to do the law; he that does these things shall be blessed by them. That was what Israel is supposed to do it by observation.

In the book of the prophets and the law, it says keep the Sabbath. The lord said the Sabbath must be kept holy in the law of Moses.  So, the seventh day of the week is separated unto the lord as the Sabbath day. On that day, no work is to be done because it is a day of rest which all of Israel must observe. The Israelites were severely warned when Israel was tampering with that day. (Isaiah 58).

People came into the faith and became Christians. They meet on Sundays but they still kept the Sabbath on Saturday because there was a strict law and instruction from the law about the Sabbath yet instruction on Sabbath were given to the children of Israel while the Spirit of Sabbath was given to all of humanity. Before there was the dispensation that if you break the Sabbath, you will be stoned but all of a sudden, a switch happened and you broke into a new day where you are no more under the law of the Sabbath day but under the Spirit of the Sabbath, that was preached as a day of rest.  Joshua was asked to take the people to rest in the promised land but David said there remains a rest then it means that the rest that Joshua brought them into was not the rest of God. it was not the Sabbath God was aiming at in Genesis, when it says on the seven day, God rested from his work. Israel have seven days they repeat over and over again which actually portrays that they have not entered into rest; that is the meaning of every week, the meaning of repeating seven seven days is to actually show that we have not yet entered into rest. Had it been we have rested, we would have rested once and enter into a new day. The eight day is actually a new day so God left Israel to keep on marking seven seven days. So, when they mark seven years, they regard it as marking the sabbatical year so they keep on doing that till they have 7 years times 7 which correspond to 50 years which is counted to be year of jubilee. All this was a sign to show to the Jews that they have not yet entered into rest. But one day man will enter into this rest. Amen… The olives were therefore placed there as a guide to bring them into the real rest that God spoke about so they can break from the bondage of the law but you cannot break from the hold and the help of the Spirit of the law.  The reason this whole place has been kept for us is not for us to observe ordinances but there is an oil that flow in there. After Jesus resurrected, some guys were still complaining about their state and hopelessness for they saw His death and hope for His resurrection but they have not yet entered into His resurrection. On their way to Emmaus, two of them were discussing together saying, ‘the one we hoped to have been the savior has been nailed and our rulers have killed him. Even worse some of our company said they can’t find His body and the end of the matter is worse than the beginning, at least if we can find His body we can say that this is His tomb. God removed the earthly remain of Jesus from the earth with no trace. There are many things they say that archeologists have discovered on the earth but this Jesus, no archeologist has found anything that look like that. It is still the mystery of human creation itself, the Father exhumed everything, I mean everything because He did not want to give man religion or else they will go back there. Some people think they can go to Israel now. Israel themselves are rascals now; they have more thieves than anybody in the whole world. When people go to Jerusalem, they are duped because they see us as fools for there is nothing there anymore, the Father removed everything and put it in the Spirit or else you will be tired and go back to your house. There are many like that, that are fire brand Christians on campus but they have no oil. Let us not labor in vain even if we are to labour, let us labour on true labour of the Spirit, He says His commandments are not grievous. Even if it’s the burden of the Spirit, it is not grievous. You will stay and you will last. I say you will last. Your face will shine because the wisdom of a man makes his face to shine. Amen.


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