The gospel is wisdom and we are learning the wisdom of the gospel that is able to save. The bible would have been four chapters if not for the fall of man; but in it all, the books of the bible were provided for our help, without which today, we will not be saved. Salvation is not man’s agenda, it is divine agenda. It is God’s programme and nobody has the cusBibletody of how man is to be saved or else he would have saved man and there would have been no reason to go through this journey. But we trust the Lord that we will pay attention to all details. The bible tells us to be slow to speak but swift to hear. Whatever, you hear must be processed so that it can come out with divine flavour and be exactly what God is doing; and that is all the labour of preaching. God has put the wisdom of salvation into the labour of preaching. So it is an awesome assignment to preach because it is designed to be the medium through which God saves.

If it is not done the proper way, people would have enjoyed our demonstration; but the end of it all would be lost because God cares so much about what the blood has done. That is why the Church is God’s space and not any man’s. So we have to hear and hear again, so that we can have the faith of God. That faith of God comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. After we have all spoken, who is the last speaker? God is the last and ultimate speaker. hearing earEnlarge your heart and keep God’s ultimate intention which is salvation. So it is not just for Peter and Paul, it is for God who increases. I am never afraid when I am in church. I am safe because the principle I know is that no matter what tilts here and there, we will stand firm because the Church of God is the ground and pillar of truth. We have been looking at the divine nature that God wants us to be partakers of and escape corruption which is in the world. Our redemption is very important and if that space is not put there, Jesus would not show up and God already ordained that Jesus Christ be shown or manifested in the last days. It is part of the agenda. He is not just going to stay in heaven as the Word of God forever; He is going to appear here on the earth. So, it is neither an accidental package nor an accidental programme; but a part of the whole programme. God speaks about the end from the beginning, so He knows the end. He does not just do experiment. Everything is a carefully designed programme.

We saw that God actually raised for us witnesses through the Law and the Prophets. You will need that guide in the spirit. Nobody knows the way; no prophet, no man knows how to locate the pathway to the Father. He said no one comes unto the Father except by Him and it is already established that the destiny of every soul is the Father. dca77-lawprophetsjesusThe way to the father is what man lost and it will take God Himself to take us back to the Father. That is the abode, the house and the true tabernacle. It is the refuge and the salvation. The essence of salvation is returning man back to the Father; we are going to journey beyond the first Adam, which is why the bible calls it the high calling of God (Phil. 3:14). There are various callings God has made at various levels, but this is the high calling of God which is in Christ and it is designed for total or ultimate salvation. God had to design by wisdom how man can return. Jesus came as the Word from heaven. When He landed on the earth, He became like men. Paul said concerning him in Romans 1:1-3: Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ who was called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures concerning his son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh.

So He partook of the flesh in the lineage of David. He was actually not born by the flesh of David; He only took genealogy from David. He has to be part of humanity, but even, naturally speaking, He partook of the organic life of man and anything that has flesh is subjected to corruption. That is why the only place man can live is on the earth. If man is taken to the polar region, man will be fossilized with the cold there or if he is taken to the Sahara desert, he will dry up. Even around here now, we have to condition our environment, but the group called Anthropoids have colonised various habitations on the earth that man cannot live in. Therefore, in terms of organic life, man’s life is the weakest; it is the weakest of all creations’, so for God to partake of that, it is a great mystery. It is mysterious for the strongest to take part in the weakest. He did not even come to us when the flesh was still better; He came when the flesh had lost strength. If He came to Adam when he fell, Adam still had strength, Noah had strength and Abraham had strength. He came when man became the weakest, when we were without strength because strength is demonstrated in the midst of weakness. If truly there is strength, it is demonstrated in the midst of weakness. For God to choose to come to us the way we are, it is clear to us that God knows the way, though man is the weakest, God knows the way.

Jesus was the first demonstration on earth here of the Way. If you are born again, what is the difference between you and Jesus of Nazareth? Actually, there is no difference except that your soul has learnt sin. He did not come with all of the word, that is, the first death, you know these things are already spiritual wisdom or patience; there is nothing God does on earth here that He invents. Everything invisible is only invisible to us, they exist. To us in this realm, they are only invisible but they are clear and manifest; even the things of deity are manifest, the angels cannot see them but to deity, they are clear. We once were looking into the prophets together. The angel said, “don’t you know this man, son of man, don’t you know all this?” He said, what be these things my Lord? (Zech. 4:4).upward way He was not aware of it; the angel said, “are you saying you don’t know this?” Because to the angel, it was manifest, it was clear. That way that is not clear to man is what Jesus Christ came to lay on the earth, the upward life that is invisible. He laid it, so that if we cannot climb up, at least we should be able to walk in it. What the enemy has against us is to make us not to ascend. We are dead in sin, we cannot ascend and we are heavy. He took that way and laid it down, that is why he said, “walk in the Spirit, and walk in love”. Walk is required, because as you are walking, you are stepping higher. That way into ascension is to walk because somebody came and laid that way. I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). So, if God achieved that in His Son, it is clear that He has actually achieved the same in us.

That is why everything we discuss in the bible is a walk, though they have their moral sense too, it is not actually human morals, the deity also has its own morals. God cannot lie, that is his own moral. If you see anything like lie or a shade, He is not the one. That is divine attribute. The words: “Who is merciful, gracious, plenteous in mercy and He will acquit” are the divine character. So, Jesus’ reason for taking part in the flesh is because He will need to become the seed of Abraham and save them who are of the same texture. That is why the law did not upgrade anybody in Israel, all the claim they had is just a privilege that they are children of Abraham who are first of all going to be the ones to partake in the promise and God did that because the first ones who heard the gospel were the Jews. What is their profit that they first would reject the gospel? Jewish manGod also knew that they would reject the gospel in His wisdom so that nobody will have an advantage. So, while He promised, He also knew to make it equal, so their rejection of the gospel is the salvation of the gentiles. This all wise God is the One who will save you and me to the uttermost. The joy of this hour is that salvation is going on, on the earth. We may not see it with our eyes, but because the gospel is preached, salvation is going on. The Lord has been speaking to us in various ways through the prophets and I perceive that we are going to go more into the books of the prophets in the days we are in. You know it is easier to send people on errand, when you put their own destiny inside the errand. If I cooked food and included your own lunch and said “take it to Akure’, you cannot unlock it until you get to Akure. You will carry the food with all seriousness because you are protecting your own life; that is what God achieved through the Jews. God sent them. He gave them a package actually for the whole world, but He put their first meal inside it, though they will need some other meals to eat. It is breakfast that is in there, a large breakfast, they will still need lunch, they will need dinner, but He put their breakfast into it and put the lunch and the portion of the whole world inside it; so He kept it for their own breakfast, but thank God, that breakfast is always light, they help us to deliver it for those who have the lunch and the supper.

These are carefully webbed materials. There are those who want to preach salvation without understanding the prophets, they cannot save and you cannot. Christ is invisible; Christ is our glory. You cannot see Him; you only believe Him. You will not be able to communicate with Him, He looks abstract. So, much you will do is believe. preacherIt was when men began to preach Christ, like Paul, from the Law and the Prophets that eyes began to open. The Law and Prophets are not for observation, they are to give entry point into the spirit, so that you can see the guide. For Peter to stand on the day of Pentecost and then to say that they were not drunk as the people supposed, he was not saying that by just mere access into the spirit to know it was the day of Pentecost. The thing wires through the prophets. That is the stool he was standing on. For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is [but] the third hour of the day. But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh… (Acts 2:15-17). If you do not have that stool they will sway you in the spirit. Some builders who do not want to have that stool on earth here will be scraped off in the spirit. The realm you are putting your head into is the vast realm of the unknown. There are many spirits that look like Christ, but when you get close to them, they are not Christ. When you set the guide of the Law and the Prophets, you scrape them off and open them up because there is only one Christ promised for salvation and the Lord is helping us at this time to grant us stability because He wants us to rise tall. There is fear in the spirit, not the fear of men; there is holy fear of walk in the spirit. You can begin in the spirit and deviate in the spirit. You will think you are still there, yet you are no more there. You have been swayed. That is why there is nothing you can interpret here by yourself; you are not allowed to interpret life. You do not use human mind to interpret the scriptures. You do not use keys of men; you use the wisdom of God.

Even on issues of dressing, God has his own wisdom demonstrated in it. The Apostles wrote about them carefully, Silhouettes-of-woman-man-children-family-under-umbrella-coverand because they know that they have to be careful about dressing, they put things there that are important for the heart: modesty. They know that, if they do not put that guard in your heart, though you have the Holy Ghost, you will still want to explore. Souls want to explore, though you have the Holy Ghost. There is no woman on earth here who cannot be promiscuous except she is under cover. Our growing up entails being under the cover of a father; the eyes of your father watch over you and keep you. If you are not under your father or under a husband, then maybe you are under the church. The woman is deep so things can seduce her to open up. She needs a husband, she needs a head and as long as she is under a head, she is under the law of her husband. But when her husband is taken away from her, she is free. And that is the mystery of the soul. The soul can explore terrible things. For it not to be lost therefore, the soul must not lose touch with its head.



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