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  1. Who is Melchizedec?

Melchizedec was an Old Testament manifestation of the Christ. He was like unto the Son of God for he had no descent, no past or beginning of days. Abraham met him when he was to come into a new space and another level of Faith. He was a presence of God in that generation.

  1. Are we actual Sons of God or adopted Sons of God?

Adoption in God’s sense is different from what we have in our realm. In the earth, an adopted child does not have the family’s gene but through legal processes became a part of the family. When God adopts children, He begat them and gave them His own genetic makeup. We are children of God because we believe. Faith adopts us and we have the nature of God in us that can make us grow up now to manifest that nature. Romans 8:16. Believing in Jesus brings adoption to us which is power to make us Sons.

  1. Explanation on 1 Timothy 2:9, 1 Peter 3:3-4.

This issue is a minor one like an elective that is not a core of our Faith. It is not part of the revelation of Christ but Apostle Paul’s response to a localized problem. It is not about whatever we do to our hair. We should do whatever is convenient for us without offending people around us. Spending time on it will take us farther from the Testimony. These things do not add anything to our spiritual essence.

  1. Do different bible translations dilute the actual meaning of scripture?

Scripture interprets scripture when it comes to interpretation; none is of private interpretation. It is not expected to confuse anyone. Talking about translations, there is no original version, King James also, which is the oldest may make no sense to some people, especially in this present age. Every version was written by the help of the Holy Spirit for different age to be convenient for that age, it doesn’t mean it is the best. Some may prefer a version to another, nevertheless, we allow the Spirit’s breath give interpretation.

  1. questionWas Michael the same angel that delivered the testimony to John in the book of Revelation?

No, he was not.

  1. What is the difference between born of God, born of the Spirit and being of the Word?

The Word of God is the instrument to make you of God. It is needed to bring us into different dimensions of the Lord.

  1. How different are these from one another-the law, statutes, precepts and commandments of the Lord?

All these are the same basically, they could have little difference in operation but they are all the same. The only thing different is the law of the Lord and the law of Moses.

  1. Which tribe of Israel do we belong to or do we belong only to the Son?

We do not belong to any tribe of Israel because we are not from them in the natural, we belong to Christ alone like God said on the mount of transfiguration, ‘this is my beloved Son, hear ye Him, not Moses and Elijah.

  1. Will a man whose spirit has been saved but whose soul has not been fully saved go to heaven or hell?

 The issue of heaven and hell is one topic that is old and cannot be underestimated. The epistles do not use the topic of heaven and hell as a core. Heavenly places and the like are put there for an experience not a place of reward. God did not design heaven and hell as a place of reward either for justification or damnation. Heaven for us is a present place where God dwells; we are not part of haven but part of God who is in heaven. Anywhere God is, is where we belong. We are citizens of heaven because that is where God is.  Our walk with the Lord now is to take our place with the lord. We need this understanding so that the fear of hell or the ecstasy of heaven will not cloud us. That is why many bring out a lot of doctrine in their claim of being taken to heaven.Qanda

It is not soul salvation that makes one a citizen of heaven but our spirit redemption. Though there could be major disobedience that could make one lose its part. This kind of disobedience could cause damnation for a soul. Our pursuit is to be worthy of God and appear before His presence with joy. If there could be anything that could make one have sorrow and regrets at the end, one should attend to them now, because there is a place of outward shining of the Lord where some may be cast to instead of His presence which will definitely lead to regrets and gnashing of teeth, it is not necessarily hell.


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