During the Prayer Meeting for Believers’ Convention 2014, there were lots of manifestations in the Spirit because there is so much that God wants to do. There were several encounters and there was also much buffeting because the Scripture has said: “…with much tribulation shall ye enter”. Believers’ Convention is not just a meeting; it is a milestone of our spiritual journey and in each convention, we see God move in different ways. I am taking a clue from Abraham as he journeyed: he had encounters from point to point. One of the things he did at each point was that he built altars and named them. He did that to indicate where he met God. To us, that is what Believers’ convention is for; a place where God is declaring what He has for us. I believe that these seven days, we are going to have a great time in the presence of the LORD.heartlight

The Lord began to speak to my heart during the Prayer Meetings: “All I want is your heart. Give me your heart and leave the rest to Me.” It is surprising because at a point, you’d think that you’ve given all to God but there are some remote parts of you that you don’t even know that have not yet yielded to God. I don’t want to be a hindrance to what God is doing in my life because this is a journey to the end. I am prepared to do whatever and drop  whatever it is  I have to because the blood is being sprinkled. The blood will cleanse and there’s no time to negotiate with things that one has been carrying.


In Matthew 24:19, the Lord says: “…woe to them that are with child’. That does not   mean that it is wrong to have children; what is being referred to here  as children are certain things that are tender that we still hold on to and care abou. They are the children that will not allow us to go further. I do not want to remain with these things I care about: whatever has to go has to go.


Revelation 1:7

“Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.”


Revelation 22:7

“Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.”


This spirit of prophecy refers to the things that God is going to be declaring. The Lord is coming! He is coming to us in these times more than ever before. This is not rapture; He has to come many times before rapture. He has revelationbeen coming to us but we do not know that he has been coming. He has to keep coming to us. His comings are encounters. He’s going to be coming in different dimensions.  All of these comings will bring us to a point and the manner He is going to come this year is going to be great.The Lord is the book and he will empower us to keep the sayings and the things in the book.


The Spirit and the bride say come. Our cry should be “Come!”. We have to agree together for His coming. The river of life is going to be flowing freely and you should not choke beside the river. Drink as much as you want. You need to drink ALL. That is where satisfaction is.


One of the temptations you face in a place like this is a thought like: “I have heard all the ministers here. I’ve listened to their messages.” You need to take your mind off the ministers! It’s the Lord speaking not these ministers. In these seven days, let us drink as much as we can. We need that river that flows from the presence of God. I plead with you that your heart should be hungry. It is not about anybody, forget about the ministers, the Lord is going to be speaking and as He begins to speak, understand that the river is flowing and flow with it as it comes.


Last year as Believers’ Convention was approaching, I had a vision and saw us all in a globe. We saw another globe coming down towards us and it was so glorious. Everyone of us wanted to get into that other globe and some people were making attempts to puncture this globe with tools they had. After the Convention, it was evident that something happened. What followed next after then was a love-world because there was so much love in the atmosphere. We conquered some things. Everyone struggled to come out of his cocoon to walk in love.


This year as we were preparing, I had another vision and in this one, it was like an opening and I saw something very fearful. There was a battle: I saw horsemen fighting, a serious contention was going on in the realm of the Spirit but it was funny that nobody could see it. Everyone was busy and did not take notice of what was happening in the realm of the Spirit. Then out of the horizon, an image began to emerge. It was so visible and it covered the whole sky. It was the image of Jesus and this time, everybody saw the image but people were running helter skelter in fear because they were not anticipating His coming. I remembered the Scripture about His coming “…and behold all eyes shall see Him”. Immediately we saw the image, we started preaching the Gospel and in the midst of the chaotic situation, there was such a great response. The preaching took over the place and many people gave their lives to Christ. In this experience, as we were preaching, all of a sudden, I saw everyone of us being lifted and the experience ceased.

Something has already begun to happen in the realm of the Spirit. There is contention in the realm of the spirit: fights, wars and diseases. Do not be distracted with whatever is happening. Behold He cometh! People will be distracted – even the children of God, but we cannot afford to be in the flesh! Flesh is accursed. Flesh will rob you. Flesh will keep you down. There’s nothing good about the flesh. We have to be caught up in the activities of the Spirit. We pray that nothing will stop us from the things of the Spirit. He’s coming to us throughout these seven days. It’s a great deliverance from darkness. It’s a great deliverance from flesh. It’s a great deliverance from God and nothing will stop us from entering. BEHOLD, HE COMETH!King comes

There is need for us to prepare for these revelations. There should not be any distraction against our allegiance to the Lord. One thing we should do at this time is focus on the Lord. This is the time for the people of the Lord to prepare for the coming of the Lord. It will be difficult to stay on earth two years after now, if we do not press further into the Spirit. This is the time to subject our time to the Spirit. This is the time that the leading of the Spirit has to be accurate. This time is not a season for mistakes because we are moving to a time of perfection, and we need to evaluate ourselves and become so spiritual. There are many who raise up structures and focus so much attention on doing that. This is a very sensitive season and all attention should be set on building people. Christ is the one who alone is to be preached. This work is a work to an end. There is one project and that project is Jesus Christ.



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