Psalm 84 :11

For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

The essence of giving Grace is for glory; it is what the Lord gives. Both grace and glory are a sun and shield. The measure of the food you eat is the measure of the glory you will reflect. It is a covering and robe too. The garment of Aaron was for beauty and glory; it is what God will keep giving while we keep asking because only these two items “grace and glory” can satisfy a soul.

1 Timothy 6:8

And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

Food and raiment represent grace and glory; while Grace is food, Glory is raiment. Like the scripture says, ‘godliness with contentment is great gain’ – Gain is not the same as godliness, but godliness is a gain, a great gain. The component of godliness is grace and glory; therefore great is the mystery of godliness. Grace is that food that is meant for Sons of Glory to feed on, so, we will have to eat the ‘food’ of God in this our mortal body because God has planned that His glory will manifest; this Glory knows no condition.

The essence of glory is not to pass through the world but to be like God on the earth. Godliness is a wholesome word – God’s own doctrine. When God prepares a table for we, what do we think will be on that table? – Grace food because it is meant for action and becoming. He said, ‘I am the true bread that came from Heaven’. The bread the fathers ate in the wilderness is not the true bread. We need to eat the true bread which will require the need to open our mind. These things we are hearing should not be things we hear once in a while for we will pass into glory by the preaching of this gospel and consistently listening to the ministries of Christ-the five –fold ministry which are actually portals to glory. We pray that the Lord will raise true teachers for not everyone can hold unto the testimony of Jesus Christ.


Glory is a program, not something we can say at once for now but we are going to get to that state and that state is called redemption.

 Glory is a person, and that is what the Lord is doing for us. He is revealing the person of Christ to us.

Glory is power, and that power is Grace; there is a Grace in Christ Jesus, it is full. Grace comes like wine and oil that strengthens us. The power for glory is the Grace of the Lord.

Glory is a process, and the way to Glory is suffering.

We need to enter into His glory. If Jesus went through his own suffering unto glory, we will definitely go through ours. He learnt obedience by the things He suffered which implies that we cannot escape.

Glory has a purpose which is to reign as Kings and priests, a people who has godliness and righteousness. For us therefore, to be partakers of His Holiness which we are made for, He will beat us with His rod and staff. If we are not ready for that, then we can forget about coming in to the realm of Glory. For that is the Lord’s place of rest. It is time for us to arise as the Light of God has risen upon us, for indeed we are children of resurrection.


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