Call to Sonship!

sonship (1) Grace for glory is what we need in our generation to come into Sonship. I saw God’s angels like electrical engineers removing and setting things aright in their place and also a place that was so beautiful with a very gigantic structure. This tells my heart that the glory of the Lord will rise upon us and the Lord is going to move in a radical manner hitting His people and causing all manner of manifestation of the spirit. The Orthodox people will come and partake of the glory of the Lord as He, the king of glory will manifest and reveal Himself, filling every nation on the earth.

Worship demands surrender; it means to behold His face. One of the demands of the Spirit at this time is that He is demanding all, He is no longer going to accept partial commitment or lip service. This implies that we will have to embrace the culture of the Kingdom. The Lord says He has made availablesonship in abundant, a supply of grace and His grace will provide grease making us feel no friction. The grace of God will be available so much that we will lay down our life for the Kingdom and empires entrenched in the Church of Christ will collapse.

Mathew 16:13

When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?

Caesarea Philippi is a Roman establishment for the senate assembly. Jesus began to talk about conflicts between kingdoms. The church system is not a religious one; the church must become the content of our perception. Church was introduced by the order of Greek and was never in the bible. The word ‘Ecclesia’ means the legislators that promote the law i.e, the coming together of the maker of the law. We are in the days of restoration of truth, because the true church is advancing. We therefore must come into the Spirit, desire and long for Him.

The unveiling of the Father is what God has interest in and what His agenda is. His revelation to us does not come by our meditation or reading but by positioning ourselves rightly and well aligned. We are living in the days where revelation will come to the gentle at heart. The realm of the Holy Ghost is not stereotyped and the kind of heart that is compatible with the Him is the humble heart. The humble is who He exalts; exaltation there means you will become the portrait of His glory.

Our reward is the Kingdom and we will reign with Him. His blessing is to bring God’s brightness upon humanity and that brightness is Christ; He is the rock, i.e the image of the Father. We are to be trained to come into that realm; what that training therefore does to us is to bring stature because without it, we cannot handle government. Training is the highest level of blessing that can come upon God’s people. It is through training that you can attain the divine likeness. We must learn to endure the pains of the gospel which comes through obedience to the training and processes we are being taken through. These processes consecrate and make us carriers of His glory. Halleluyah!


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