Pastor Ernest Paul

The prophetic is the way of the wind; prophets do not speak straight they make all things look mystical. The truth is that prophets are not logical neither are they philosophers, what they saw is what they spoke. The Apostles were the ones given the grace to decode the prophetic utterances. The prophetic Spirit started speaking from the book of Genesis about the coming of Jesus. All through the scripture, the prophecies are concerning Christ.

The thief on the cross saw something in Jesus and he believed, even though Jesus was dying. The Spirit of grace can be given and yet could be rejected, received in vain just like the Pharisee. We think we have an idea of what it means for sons to manifest; as we are now, we have that thing already in us that would make us make mistakes, our prayer should therefore be that the Lord will grant us mercy to be delivered and that we should walk well not to fall into the pitfalls of the fathers; they are not our standard nor their days the best no matter the experiences they might have gone through. Woe to the church if her best days are behind her. There is grace given for manifestation in our time.

Christ is He who is to be preached not any other, not even the apostles. They like Paul were needed to help the early church. It is the manifestation that is called measure.

2Timothy 1:9
Who has saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,

The first appearance of the grace of God is a calling and everything came out of His goodness. The potter has the power to make the clay to make a vessel unto honour or to dishonour. God saw Christ Jesus as a clay and He saw us also even when we were in our mother’s womb. What He sees is what He favours; He has the power to choose or discriminate. God chooses and in doing that He established a right within Himself. He has the power to choose without submitting His Will to anybody.

The cross is to take away everything that is not rooted in God, anything that is not rooted in Christ. No place for anything to be outside Christ, if there is anything moving it should all be about Christ.

The cross was not made to build you but to kill you and take away your will. Everyone of the original creation was to reflect God. Do not allow any mentality to quench the grace of God in you. God wants to be the pivot; the epicentre of everything. The wilderness is the manifestation of grace working in you. One of the greatest challenges of ministers now is managing different graced people.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ comes as we hear the word. That is why you have the right to walk in the reality. The glory is called Christ, grace is a spirit impacting ability and that ability is Christ. We must be able to appreciate the grace of God irrespective of our biases and prejudices.

If we do not know how to discern Christ in the body, we will frustrate grace. Christ has a particular and cooperate expression of grace. If we cannot discern Him in His body, we will be frustrating the grace of God. Anytime we begin to see ourselves as the cutting edge, a religious spirit is around. God is faithful in communicating His grace to His children and we should not frustrate His grace.

He is coming to a place where He is bringing everything into Christ and bringing Christ out of everything.


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