The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: [2] Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw“.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a trance in which the Lord Jesus came to me and He handed to me a writing pad, which had the inscription, “The Word of God, the testimony of Jesus”, written on it.  I believe the Lord is speaking to us certain mysteries that have been hidden in ages past.  The Lord is giving us the boldness that will release the church into the realm of power and bring the church into angelic encounters which will be more than ever before, and the Lord will cause us to ascend in the spirit.

In that revelation,  as I observed, the Lord showed me people dancing and coming nearer. There was so much crowd filled with so much frivolous attitudes.  In some instances, there were fights and arguments. I saw many of us there. The Lord began to speak to me that the scene describes the present state of the church, at large. But He said to me that He is coming to remove disorderliness and operations that are deadly which defile the heart of His people. He is coming to remove frivolities. The Lord’s judgement is coming to remove the spirit of error that has derailed the church,  and I saw the Lord extracting us from the crowd.  He led us on, to a huge edifice and we were granted entrance.  The first thing I noticed was a huge door, which had a gatekeeper who kept records.  He acknowledged every one of us as we entered.  The inscription I saw on the door was “journey into perfection” and the perfection speaks of completion.

I was made to understand that it is a journey.  We must never be distracted but keep pressing on.  There will be all manner of distractions from the enemy, but we must keep pressing on.  Our eyes must be set on the finish line which is perfection; we press on to completion.  The bible says:  “let us go on to perfection” (Heb. 6:1). The word “go on” is rendered from the word which means to endure pain,  it also means to be relentless. The keyword is to engage the strength from the word.  If we key into the word, we will gain strength.

Philippians 3:14 ( KJV)

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus“.

In the above verse, the word press means to move on.  The Lord is giving us a sense of responsibility to our generation. We  must press on. The word ‘press on’ means ‘to put pressure on heaven’. If we put pressure on heaven and allow hunger to increase within us, we will bring down heaven.  The Lord will move mountains for us.  The deep things of God that have not been told will be released upon us.

(Continuation of the trance)

Our names were acknowledged and we were called pilgrims. We are on a journey. We were given bread to eat – none of us could see it but we could feel it. This bread was to have sweet and bitter effects. We began to eat the bread and our taste bud was sweet and each one of us began to forget all our problems, and there was joy from within us – the joy of the Lord.

The Lord is opening a new portal. Many will be drunk in the Spirit, slain and will have out of the body experiences; many will be knocked out and some will have encounters.  People are going to be so drunk in the Spirit that they will no longer have a connection with the physical because the natural will be suspended.

We were given an instruction: “Without experiencing ‘the sweet and the bitter’ we should not move on”.  Those of us who had experienced the bitter were experiencing honey within us and we were moving on only by listening to the voice of the Shepherd. I began to see other faces other than those here – people from different culture and language, and we were moving on (I saw Latinos, people from Arab nations, and many more). The next thing the Lord showed me were those that moved ahead without tasting the bitter – they went up through an escalator while we followed a tunnel.  Those ones who followed the escalator began to see litters of gold bags on the ground and they began to pick these gold bags and some were even stealing.

The Lord said to me: “Those ones who passed through the escalators went through a door that, unknowing to them, was called Exit which will take them back to the mixed multitude. They wanted success at all cost and therefore they disconnected themselves from my glory”. The Lord said they were not suppose to pick the gold bags, and they were even stealing. The Lord says we will ascend,  but he said we cannot ascend without descending first.  He said ascending without the signature of the blood on us would make us run the risk of jeopardizing our destiny and corrupt the seed of God in us.

They passed through the tunnel and the inscription on the tunnel was ‘patriarch’.  The word ‘patriarch’ means rock.  Peter was the one that received the revelation of sonship through the revelation of the Father. What you have is the Testimony of Jesus.  The Lord is bringing us into glory. We will experience glory.  Before we can be fully ready, he must own us.  Unless He inherits us, we will not inherit the glory.

Those of us who passed through the underground tunnel would experience trial and have the fellowship of his sufferings.  We can not be integrated into his glory without trial.  I could see that each step of the staircase in the tunnel had written on them “fruit of the Spirit”.  The beautiful thing was that even when we stumbled, we got back on our feet.  The manner of the journey was that we stayed on the step and allowed the Spirit take His full course. This represented those who will go through the process thoroughly. Those who fell along the way were sent back to start again.

I also got to see that loving the brethren is the Cardinal principle that sustains the journey.  I saw that those who helped the broken to stand were given gold medals and stars.  The star was the prize while the medal was the reward but those who trampled on the brethren were sent to start again.  The ones who received the gold medals and stars were given names; the prize being His nature  The problem was that they began to call their names and those who were in a hurry answered names that were not theirs. Those who waited for their names to be called were given a seal on their foreheads, and the inscription on the seal was ‘the testimony of Jesus’.  And those who received the names were no longer themselves, they had become Christ.  The word of God will raise those who will lay down their lives on the bases of the will of God.  The will of God is the only message of the church that will be glorious.  What God demands is our allegiance.

I finally saw that the people who had a seal on their foreheads were received by Moses, Elijah and Enoch, and they brought them before the Lord who said to them: “come and sit on My throne”. He also said “inherit My throne and govern the nations” and that they are the light that govern the nation.



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