I want to welcome everyone to this solemn assembly and also confirm what Pastor Tayo Ladejo (the earlier speaker) said. The Lord said to me, “you must understand that this is a journey that I am taking you through.” There are so many things that can distract and make your focus shift from the journey. This will make a believer settle prematurely. Anything can be a succor and take one’s attention, just like Moses struck the rock. That experience or wonder of water coming out from the rock was enough to take Israel’s attention, but they did not stay there – they moved on. As they moved on, the rock followed (1 Cor. 10:4). This means that the rock did not settle; the reason they should not settle. The Lord told me that “what I actually do in Believers’ convention is to initiate and also declare a thing”. It is not about any man or ministry; it is about what the Lord is doing. When the Lord finds a company that is ready to journey with Him, heaven centers on them. What the Lord wants to do is to make the people advance. We must stay with the mindset that it is a journey which also presupposes that there is a destination.

In the wilderness, they were all baptized into Moses’ baptism, they all ate manna and drank from the water and saw many wonders, but the Lord was not pleased with many of them (1 Cor. 10:1-6). The reason the Lord was not pleased with them was because their heart could not turn. Everything the Lord was doing was to turn their hearts. As they journeyed from one point to another, they were meant to change in their heart and keep on turning in their heart such that before they get to the promise land, they would have been a different person. This was what God did to their father Abraham; you can’t compare the man that came from the Ur of Chaldees to the man at Moriah. That man (Abraham), through the journey that God took him, had changed so much that God called him His friend. For instance, God was coming to do something in Sodom and Gomorrah, but had to stop over at Abraham’s place to inform him. He does not do that to everybody. As Abraham journeyed, he changed – something was changing on his inside and there was a transformation. For us, it is a journey of inward change. As the Israelites journeyed from Egypt to the promise land, they were meant to change and become the land of promise. God said they always err in their hearts (Heb. 3:10); the erring was in the heart – a heart that is not turning. One of the manifestations that showed they were not turning was when some of them told Moses to take them back to where they came from; this was where the erring started. Even if they eventually decided to go back to Egypt, they would need the pillar of cloud and fire to lead them, but the pillars were not going backward and hence, they cannot go back. They were not in control of the pillars, and they could not pray the pillars to go back; they’ve just got to follow. The provision of the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire was only for their journey.

My desire in this convention is for a change of heart. I have a desire in my heart for the Lord to raise Him a laborer;

Matt. 9:38

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”

My prayer is that, in this convention, we will change. The voice of the Lord is the revelation of Jesus, and this is what you need for your heart to turn; you can’t turn on your own. The voice of the Lord is what will cause the giving of the testimony; it is the key to overcoming. Where the testimony needs to come upon is our heart, and the bible calls it the giving of the fleshy tables of the heart (2 Corinth. 3:3). I pray that God will break every oaks of Bashan and shake our wilderness and cause His voice to be upon our waters (Psalm 29) – our waters are the places in us that we are not aligning with the flow of God. Everything that will not hear the voice of the Lord shouldbe brought down.

In (Revelation 1:1-2), there was an emphasis on what John was in the Isle of Patmos for. What John went there to receive was the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus which was meant and needed for the church. The Lord had arranged for John to come into that spiritual experience. John called himself a companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ. You will not go to Patmos in the natural but will partake of it spiritually. There was that which John saw; which the Lord arranged to bring a message to the church. I trust God that we will see something and that we will not see the man preaching but that we will see the Word of God; we will see the Son of God.

John heard a voice (Rev. 1:10) and he saw He that has the seven stars in His hand. He saw Him whose feet are like fine brass; the One who walked in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks. It is the Lord walking in the church, and we must realize that one day, we will stand before the Lord. As a minister, I dread the day I will stand before Him. We can quickly quote scriptures and say that we are to come boldly before Him, but we don’t know Him – we need to know His dread and fear Him; this is what should be constantly in our hearts. For the space of more than a month or two, I could see with the eyes of my spirit that Someone was following me; this experience was so much that I would be so conscious of it even while sleeping. One day, I woke up and said to my wife, “I fear the Lord more than I fear hell”. I’m not trying to say anything about myself, what I just want us to know is that this is a solemn assembly and our cry should be that we want to turn – we want to change.

“Lord Jesus, we don’t know the way, please help us. You have been in this way before, You are the way; we do not know it. We are not confident in ourselves, our confidence is in you. Please help us, we ask for help. In this journey, help us. None of us is sufficient, help us to see what you’re doing. Help us from our own deception and our own self, help is to align and yield to what You are doing. O Lord, please help us. You began this good work in us, you will perfect it. You are the one we look up to, You are the one we are trusting and relying on, You will take us to the Father; You will take us to the end. You are the One Lord Jesus, You are the one we look up to”.

Finally, the reason why we have to cry for help is the Dragon (Rev. 12:1). It is just at the point of entrance that you’ll find this monster. No matter how talented, gifted, eloquent, skilful, pious, holy – whatever you have, that will make you pass that monster. It is only by the word of God, the testimony of Jesus because they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony (Rev. 12:11). Only the Lord can help us. At one of the Writing the Vision meetings (a program held by the ministry), Pastor OlabodeBusuyi said that the Lord is waiting at the verge to see if we would cross. One of the things we must understand is that we are not the first set of people to have journeyed this path, some got stuck on the way, while some could not continue.

I hear the Lord say through the sister who gave the diverse kind of tongues that “I am your helper, I am the help that is prepared for you in this season, even of My Father. I am your helper, and I will help you. I am here to help you, for I will take you by My hand and I will lead you to pass. Yea, I will hold you by hand and will lead you to pass; even the road that many did get stuck in, I will help you pass, for it is My desire, and even the desire of My Father that a generation that is numbered, counted and enlisted in the overcomers’ list must be completed”.


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