The Way of Wisdom

TWOWThe wisdom of man or the wisdom man uses in his earthly activity is not the same as the wisdom of God. As man, when you want to set out to do anything and you pray to God for wisdom on how to carry out the business of responsibility, you have not still asked for the person of wisdom. There is nothing that the Holy Spirit will do even in carrying out His responsibility outside the administration of Wisdom. Yes, the Spirit is the One who handles the administration of the diversities of operation but He will not do it without the Lordship of God, which is Christ, the wisdom of the Godhead.

The Wisdom of God is for building, for raising people to conform to the image and likeness of God. If Wisdom starts a building, you are sure he will finish it. Everything the Lord thinks about, He does. He does not go by the wisdom of man; He is the God of order, a clean executor, unlike the devil who can blow things anywhere because man is a terrible building that needs Wisdom. He is the one who charts our path so we will walk in the way and in the Truth.


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