The Voice of Wisdom.

Wisdom wayProverbs 8:1-11;  1:20-23;  9:1-6; James 3:5.

We have to know the voice of the wisdom from above. Sheep will always follow their shepherd because they know His voice. The voice of wisdom is always there and is always speaking. Sometimes, we do not hear the voice of wisdom because of our past experiences. We need to seek Him to hear His voice for today. Wisdom speaks into our inward parts, and that is where we ought to hear Him; that is where wisdom is laid. We must not let the things around us keep us from hearing His voice. Confusion is one of the things that keep us from hearing the voice of wisdom and it comes from the idols within us. These idols are our goals and ambitions; it is not wrong to have them, but they must not become idols in our hearts.

Jesus Christ has been made unto us Wisdom and He is letting out a cry; a cry is a demanding voice, a voice that is driving. The voice of wisdom is gentle and strong and is the One who has the right to be boastful. He is the only One that can speak authoritatively. He is the authority and the final authority. Wisdom cannot come to us until we realize that we are simple; simplicity here means being foolish. Wisdom is power; when we key into the wisdom that is from above, we will access the divine power. There are so many voices all around us but for those who seek Wisdom, they will always hear His voice.


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