The Wisdom of the Gospel

gospel-of-christHope that is far makes the heart weary. The pursuit of many believers is a hope of a better life in heaven, a hope painted of a life of God to be experienced and expressed after death in heaven when they see God. This is an evil plot by the enemy against the flock of God.  The reason for grace is to reveal and manifest the manifold wisdom of God. It is to make all men see the fellowship which is the proposed intention of God. There is a wisdom that must be revealed in the church that will bring the church into Fellowship which will hence bring salvation to the soul of man.The gospel of Christ is the wisdom and the power of God which is able to bring man to the reality of the hope that is in God. The hope of the expression of the life of God,the glory of God in man, even in the flesh while he is still living. The gospel of God is the revelation of NOW. It is the weapon of grace to express the manifold wisdom of God to save and alter the nature of man. The Gospel of Christ is the revelation of truth, it gives the assurance of the life of Christ capable of being expressed while man is still present on earth and does not push this reality into the future.THE GOSPEL is the TOTAL PACKAGE OF GOD’S WISDOM,under the administration of GRACE TO BRING MAN INTO THE REALITY THAT IS IN GOD, AND TO RAISE GOD’S BUILDING IN MAN.


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