Proverbs 8:1- 4:Does not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? 2 She stands in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths.3 She cries at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors.4 To you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man.”

Wisdom is so particular about men, unto men is his call made; his voice is with the sons of men. Man has a major task in what God wants to do, in times and times to come. The Lord changes not but his nature is in variation. You can see his variable expression in all of that which he has created. He made ages and allows them to pass away but he himself does not change. God has words and he is the designer of words, the worlds were frame by the words of his mouth. Every created thing has their own economy, all his works are excellent and all greatness should be ascribed to the Lord. Man is a major issue to God that he could not bypass, and there is something about man that God needs for other ages, that as good as the age of Angels are, they cannot participate in the agenda of God, at the period of the introduction of the age of man, Wisdom was introduced. Wisdom is a custodian of God’s divine thought, everything that God does is in the custody of Wisdom.

Hebrews 1: 1, Proverbs 8:4-6; there is something about wisdom; God speaks through him and does all he wants to do through him. Creatures can do things for God, Angels can show the Lord, sons of men can speak about the lord, but to none has it been given to speak of the lord. The prophetic anointing placed on the prophet gave them the power to speak beyond their time, and that spirit is the spirit of wisdom. Of the seven spirits that was laid upon the son, the first was the spirit of wisdom. Wisdom has the capacity to be in custody of God’s law and to make them come to fulfillment. He has the ability to look into the intention of God even in times when there was no astronomy, and no existence of Science. Science testified to the wisdom of creation, though at initial introduction of science, it said the earth was plain, but as it developed, Science testified that the earth is indeed a plane, encompassed with water. Wisdom speaks of the right things, things that pertains to God’s righteousness. Wisdom was the Spirit that was in the Prophet. The Prophets the lord loves, because they are engineers of the change of times, it is given to them to speak the mind of God, to roll out the intention of God. The reason for the speaking by men is because man has a part in the intention of God. Most times the things that are spoken may not tally with what is going on in the physical environment and the atmosphere of man, yet the Prophet must speak what Wisdom instructs and speaks. Wisdom is the tool God uses in carrying out his intention. God is righteousness and his nature is to speak what is right. The constitution of I AM is right. He will not because of the wrong of the earth do what is not right. This is as a result of his inner configuration of righteousness. Abraham knew this about the person of God and he used that knowledge to relate with him, and God responded to all that he requested because God cannot step outside that which is right. God has his own righteousness, but he has put in creations, even man, their own righteousness which he supervises and blesses. It is not the right of God to give us bread, but the right of our earthly fathers, which is why he gave the Holy Ghost. He cares about our belly but his first care is to his Truth.

The law is a righteousness crafted by Wisdom as the righteousness of the Jews; it is their separateness, what consecrate them. It is not God’s own righteousness, though it came from God. God is the God of righteousness, he gave the law to make them holy, to break any of the law, is a transgression against their righteousness. By the law given to them, they became greater than the nations of the earth. Moses accosted with Wisdom on the mount, he came down to the Israelites with a world and it was given to them as their law and it became their identity. That righteousness has become their civilization; they cannot be civilized by any other civilization.

Amos 3:7   Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.

Man is an instrument of change. Right is what the prophet spoke, they spoke of God and about eternal life. Romans 16: 24-26, there is a scripture of the prophet that is according to the righteousness of Israel and another according to the commandments of eternal life. The seeds of the ages to come are kept in the books of the prophets, they have been sent, and that is the answer to the questions of the nations of the earth. Amos 3:7. The book of Revelation is a book written to servant, it is a documents of the last phase of bringing an end to the present, an eternal judgment on the present and an opening of the world of a new age. Jesus Christ single handedly brought an end to an age and ushered in another age, an age of righteousness, the age of the new which is in hope. It has to be unveiled to be seen, a people must see it as Abraham saw it and rejoiced. Revelation 1:1, it is not a book written to the gifts of grace, the fivefold ministries but it is written to servants- His servant.

The glory of the world or the earthly glory that we see is not the glory of God’s righteousness. The pursuit of men after vain things is not due to their own willingness to do so, but it is a work of the enemy of the seed of God – Satan, that has weaken them and has broken their righteousness. When a person sees the glory of God, the righteousness of God, his pursuit will be God, there will be CHANGE! We are being raised beyond that which we can think, hence the need to pay close attention to what we are being raised with and to what he is doing. The work that is being done now is THE WORK OF WISDOM IN REDEMPTION FOR THE LAST DAY’S HOUR.

Prophetic declaration: The season is climaxing, and we are being brought to a place where we can hear and perceive the voice of wisdom, where we can hearken to the voice of wisdom. We will be able to receive all that he has for us. What God wants to use his people for, is beyond what they can see, hence, the need for sight to be treated.

The church at the cutting edge of what God is doing; is the church that can engage with God to cause a transition from the present to the new.

Tongues and Interpretation: “Whatever wisdom is going to build or has built is within the praise of wisdom, within the praise of life expression, because the essence of the present must be revealed. Wisdom must utter and herald aloud his words. You are being made to endure beyond the present. Enduring men and women are the praise of wisdom. The praise of wisdom is to make enduring men and women who can withstand the present. A great work is being done in you that we might do the pleasure of the father. Man is being built to be the pleasure of the father. Wisdom has proposed in his heart to do that which is in his heart, and he will do this not only here but also in places where the children of the father are. They will be the help of the nations, your present challenges is to make an answer from you to answer their confusion, you are not to faint now, cause in his words that is being spoken to us- are the words of grace, to raise a nation that will stand in the earth against the present world, who will bring judgment on the earth, this a commission that will bring the shape of things to come, a present is going, a new is coming in.”

Hallelujah !!!!



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