The Wisdom of Godliness


1 Timothy 3: 16:                

And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Man is to live as humanity in Divinity and Divinity in Humanity. Christ is both man and Spirit.

The mystery of Godliness is that man should manifest and express divinity; we should not allow our frailty in humanity to rid us of our place in Divinity. If sin can move from the body into the soul, divinity can also move from the body into the soul.

When God brings a thing to us, he brings it via the Holy Ghost, when He brings deep things to us, it does not mean things that they are very high and exciting but they are His secret. Ephesians 1:9, 3:9. God’s things are not mysterious but are kept in a realm that an ordinary man cannot access. There are lights in God, the light in the outer side of God, cannot be compared to the light in him. James 1:5.

”Wisdom is a light and it is God that gives it in different proportion.”

The gospel light is the deep light of God that comes with power for other dimension. Though the light that came through Christianity came from the West and is now darkened but it is still light that the gospel recognizes.

The light of the gospel does not negate sometimes the lights that be in the world; examples are: Education, Scientific theories and laws etc.

The same way there are depths of God’s wisdom, there are also the peripheral of God’s wisdom, called the wisdom of brightness- such wisdom that can be reason with, the normal intelligence can solve the problem of such wisdom; for example, the Wisdom of Solomon is one of such but yet it is beautiful. No one has anything except it is given. God gives and the Devil also gives. Anything that makes you excel in which learning cannot give is that which comes from above.

What can handle the issue of a country despite the skill and talent of a man is only that which comes from above- a grace that is unusual which makes such man more than the invention of man, this comes about as a result of the depth in God’s wisdom, it is a code that is given to a man and it is not given because you are just liked or loved by heaven.

An example is David, the key of David has the ability to open and no one can shut, it can shut and no one can open, it has the code into God’s depth.

Romans 11:23.

The knowledge of God is an excellent knowledge; the wisdom is a depth of riches which cannot be gotten by any invention of the natural.

The invention of man should not be against us but because man does not regard God in his thought, anything that he invents has a measure of death. Wisdom without the life of God is death and vanity. The wisdom of the West is death; because it does not give room for God neither does it retain God in its mind.

The mind of man is not made for not regarding God, if despite its earthly and world pursuit and it gains everything it ever desires to achieve and has nothing of God in it, neither does it know or recognize God, it will know no rest. The nation that turns against God shall have many sorrows.

The gospel of Jesus is the only way for man to have to have true rest. Do not be intelligent enough to shut your mind against the Gospel. You can be in church and yet your mind is not open to the gospel, this is suffering to your soul. If a soul rejects the gospel, it will be tortured in its intelligence. He will live on earth and yet will not truly live; the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Life will have no meaning to the soul, because it is in Christ that all things consist. Jesus is the lord’s anointing, the lord’s real essence of life. He has changed our lives and our universe and he will yet change them much more.

I John 3:1- 2wisess.jpg

The world does not know Christ and because of this, the world cannot receive him. Many cannot receive the gospel because of the expectation spoken by the world. The world has tried to preach Christ, but yet denies him because they do not really in the actual sense know him. The spirit is the one who can unveil to us the mysteries of God which is Christ. Jesus is the first embodiment of Christ. Christ is not religion, Christ is a wisdom; He is power. The Church is the wisdom of God on earth that can reveal the mystery of Christ; it is a vital part of the mysterious entity called Christ. Only the Father can reveal Christ with the help of revelation, and except we are helped with revelation we will not be able to have access into the depth of Christ. Our allegiance as much as it is to the earth, is much more to Christ, it does not really look like we are like him, but when he appears, we will be like him. The first appearance is to the soul, a knowing that is much more than the knowing of religion and intelligence. Christ is the I AM, HE IS. He is preached so that he can appear, he should be preached in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

The way we are now is how He has made us, our natural life is corresponding to our flesh which enables us to relate with the earth. We are the best of creation, and that is because he has made us so. Adam was made a living soul in order to drive the flesh, to drive human civilization.

NOW are we sons, our system and mentality must access that reality. Zoe is made for the Spirit and Water is made for the Soul. What can quench the hunger of the soul cannot quench the hunger of the Spirit, but that of the hunger of the Spirit can quench the hunger of the flesh. There is a meat for the Spirit and there is a meat for the soul. John 4: 31-32. There are provisions for the flesh and there are provisions for the spirit, the Spirit’s provision for the flesh does not need the input of flesh’s strength.

1 John 1:1; John 1:14-15; Hebrews 12: 2wise

Jesus is the first humanity that carries Divinity; only in him can we find Christ. He must first be looked at. Matthew 16:16. Peter saw him and broke beyond the veil to see that he is not just Jesus but Christ. Christ is not to be told to man but to be revealed. Humanity look on him to see a life that is beyond the life of an anointed man or prophet, but the divine life. Though men have lived on earth with so much prophetic tempo but they cannot be compared to the Jesus the Christ. Though Elijah be the symbol of the prophet and Moses the symbol of the Law and stand as such in heaven, they are yet no match to Jesus the Christ. Jesus is a prophet that carries Christ inside, the life of Jesus is a custodian of a world different from ours.

Proverbs 29:18

A man who lives by the law, lives by the dictate of a life that is different from the normal way of life, Moses is a man who lived by the Law given to him, this law covers everything about human life; it is potent because he got the law from the Spirit. The climate of anyone who lives by the law of the spirit is going to be different from the natural. The Laws brings an economy that is different from the natural. Such man, who is living by this law, can use the world without being used by the world. NOW is when we are to live and not later into the future, NOW are we sons.

Sonship is the fruit of righteousness, Christ is a son, when he comes to a man such will yield fruit too, such should yield fruit. Jesus the Christ is the seat of divine wisdom, to him there is no wall of partition between the heaven and earth. He is the seat of divine intelligence. 1 Corinthians 1:24. Nothing that was made was made without him. Any where Christ is in the flesh, runs by divine intelligence. No one can mingle with the word of Christ over the years, and will not be brightened even in the natural. What we have in the inner man is life, what we have on the without is anointing.

In Christ is life and that life is the light: civilization, structure, strata of another living, wisdom of life. One can only master the flesh except by the Spirit. the earth is not to dominate man but man to dominate the earth; this can only be done by the everlasting commandment of life. GOD’S GODLINESS IS PROFITABLE; IT BRINGS GRACE EVEN IN THE NATURAL AS IT IS IN THE SPIRITUAL. THE MASTERY OF A HIGHER LIFE MAKES ONE TO GAIN MASTERY OF THE LOWER.


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