Knowing the God Our Refuge

God our refuge banner

God! Our refuge. Refuge is a shelter, it is a place of security, a place of comfort, a hiding place, and God is our hiding place.

PSALM 46:1-11.

God our refuge is who God is, you can’t define God, without meeting God, you have to meet God to be able to define who he is or else you would define what you don’t know”, God is unknown in quote and unquote. Unknown in the sense that he is much higher than what we think he is, God provides, yes he does, God can give you things, he is a great God, he is a warrior, but he is much more than what we think he is.

PSALM 48:1-3.

God is a city, God our refuge, an abiding place, Jesus said we are the light of the world, the city that is set on the hill that cannot be hiding, we have been hid for some times, but he is bringing us to the place where we will be revealed, God has been hid for sometimes, men has been looking for who God is, but it is time for God to reveal himself to us, to show to us who he is, because he will start dwelling with us, because will encounter him, we will be able to show forth, we will reveal God, we will become the city of the most high God, it is time for God to reveal us, for years back, God has been working, he has been coming to us in little here and little there, so that we can come up and be able to hear him. God our refuge is not just on the part of God alone, it is always on our part.

In the Old Testament there is a city of refuge, God told Moses to set apart three cities in Deuteronomy, for whosoever killed his brother unknown to run to,  so the men will not catch up to him and kill him. We have all committed the same sin and our sentence is death every one of us, but God said no, though we are supposed to die, but he is saying we don’t need to die, but to run to the city of refuge so that we can be saved and live. He is saying to us, don’t leave this city, that is where you are kept, that is where your safety lies.

God in his infinite mercy, God our refuge, when you meet God you meet a refuge, it said “Our refuge” not “My refuge”. It is an abiding place for all of us together, God does not have grandchildren, he only has children, so all are entitled to God. Nobody talks on your behalf to your earthly father, except you are a bastard, a tenant, if he is your father, you will not be afraid to go to him, no matter how much he roars.

God wants us to get to a place we can consciously go to him without fear and trembling, because he has not come to consume you, he has come to cleanse us. God want us to be secured in the world that is upside down, to find our peace in him, to be rest assured inside us.

God who is our refuge, he is so mighty, the whole heaven cannot contain him, he is looking for a dwelling place, he is staying in heaven temporarily, we ought to be his dwelling place, and hence he is preparing us to be his dwelling place he wants to dwell with his people, much more than we are interested in having God he wants to have us, he wants us to partake of the life he has come to give, when we partake with him, we are able to know him as our refuge, we are able to tabernacle with him, we are able to relate to God “our refuge”.

God is unchangeable, he is immovable, he is unbeatable, he is unbending, he is mighty, a man of war. The lord of Host, the warrior. The Jesus that was calm and gentle is no longer the Jesus today, the Jesus today is a warrior, when you met him, you met the person that is in-charge, a mighty man of war, he is capable, he can carry us, we just need to relax in his hands, a baby is not afraid to fall, he doesn’t know anything about falling, because it is not part of his thinking, relax in Gods hand, you cannot fall, it is not possible.

Since God said let there be light, the light is still going, more planets are being discovered everyday, it has not stopped, God is still working. He has not stopped working, he does not slumber, so we are saved in his hands, and he wants us to come to the comfort of that safety, so that we can relax.

PSALM 59:9, 16-17.

It is time to meet with heaven, for heaven has decided to meet with us. The lord is strength we will wait upon him, he is the one we need now, we need the present help, he is the present help in times of trouble, the storm is blowing, and the only solution to this storm is God our refuge, we will encounter him in Jesus name, God will meet us, he will help us, and when we are going we will become loaded, we will go back with focus, and not because we are ordinary, but because we have met God our refuge, we will have answers to all things.

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