The Confidence in God Our Refuge

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God our refuge, we’ve had different topics, but this is about God himself, not about us, it is about God revealing himself to us, telling us about himself, we can’t know the whole of God, he keeps revealing himself, the more we get to him, the more we see, he keep revealing himself to different people, not contrasting but an aspect of himself.
GENESIS 15:1-2
What a wonderful God we serve, he always comes ahead of the situation, God was telling Abraham that he is shield and his exceeding great reward, just as he is revealing himself as our refuge.
Abraham asked God what is his reward, just like I’ve asked God severally what I stand to gain from following him, so many times he has comforted me. But before Abraham asked this question God already has a plan for him.
God is our reward, he is great and he is worth going after. He is coming ahead to answer our question. About three to four years ago, pastor declare that a month is our month of peace, but that same month, my blood brother had a challenge in his health, it was so tough that I asked God why is this happening in this month? even such things didn’t happen in the month we didn’t declare as the month of peace. So I began to search the scriptures and God led me to Genesis. Today my brother is hale and hearty.
God didn’t promise us that there won’t be trouble, but God is our refuge, he always went ahead of our trouble, he is in charge, he is revealing himself unto us. Even if some unpleasant things are happening, he is still our refuge.
PSALM 46:10
When God said “be still….. I am God”. God is showing himself. He has taken over, God takes over stress, embarrassment. God is revealing himself as our God, God in another place revealed himself to Abraham as God almighty.
He revealed himself unto Moses, God reveals himself from generation to generation. If at this time God is revealing himself to us as our refuge, then he is our refuge. At that time Israel need God as the Lord and not the time for reward, and he came to them as Lord, because it is the time to bring them out with his mighty hands. God is not a purposeless God, he comes to meet our need, he know the need at this time, and he has come to meet it, there is none of our need that is insignificant.
Although God wants us to be like him and grow in our spiritual life, but he ready to provide even what we will eat, he is interested in us. We need to see him as refuge, when we see him as a refuge, we will calm down, Paul was in a voyage, and the voyage was shaking, the people around him were afraid but he consoled them for God has already appeared to him that no life will be lost. After this program you will witness to your friends that God is our refuge.
JOSHUA 5:13-15.
Angels don’t accept the worship of men, it was not an angel that appeared unto Joshua, it was God himself, different generation, but the same God. God appeared to Moses and to Joshua, the God who appeared to your pastor will also appear to you. He will reveal himself to you. Generation after generation he reveal himself to us.
As he came to Moses as “The Lord”, he came to Joshua as “The commander of the Lord’s Host”. David knew that they were not ordinary people, they are the army of the living God. Joshua removed his shoes, signifying absolute surrender. God has come, surrender to him, he has come to take charge. Whoever wants to attack you will have to come through God first. Picture yourself inside God. Give thanks to our refuge, he is our refuge.

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