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I bring a word for us, it is not preaching it is not teaching it is the burden of the Lord in my heart.
MATTHEW 11:7-8.
It is so interesting to see that people will leave their comfort zone and travel to the wilderness to see an unkept man (John the Baptist), a man clothed in soft garments, with locust legs sticking out of his mouth, it is not normal if not for the anointing of God that was on him. It is not easy to travel around to attend conferences, but if we attend meetings and we don’t understand the essence of meetings, we are wasting time. We need to evaluate our experiences before and after a conference.
After Jesus fed them and later told them to drink his flesh and blood, he lost most of his followers, and he turned to the twelve to ask if they will leave too.
What God is starting here must not die, the move of God is like a pregnancy, every pregnancy achieved its purpose when the baby comes out. Why are we here? What is it meant to achieve? If after years you leave this place and we come to visit you and we didn’t see the touch of the lord in your life, then your being here is a waste.
There are many people who stood with us then, but are nowhere to be found today. Ministry is we spending ourselves on the people, not the people spending themselves on us.
What have you to come to see, this road is narrow, this road is full of minefield and divergent points, there will be opportunity to say no, like the rich young ruler. The rich young ruler in my understanding is destined to replace Judas, but he could not pay the price he ran back.
Why are we sitting down? If it is revelation you have looking for, you have not gotten there, you can used revelation to dazzled sisters, but when revelation is not mixed with life application then we go into exorcism, and we lose the Holy Spirit, because the HOLY SPIRIT is not to make us fluffy. The Holy Spirit was given to prepare us for the son so that he can come. The Holy Spirit is not here to come and play with us, he is on a mission, when we don’t understand his purpose, we will deviate and grieved him, for we are trying to prolong his mission. We must understand where we are here, so that when we begin to meet the demands of time and we not buckle despite the investments of heaven upon us.
Consider means to borrow our example from Christ, The writer of Hebrew was trying to show us the ultimate essence of Christianity, that is, Christianity at its purest form, at its apostolic form. Christ is our example and he is the one we should be mirrored to. Christ was faithful to the one who appointed him. There is a picture in the mind of God, a plan, there was a time line, there was resources and there was a builder, the Lord himself, who was faithful to the plan and faithful to the architect.
As Moses was faithful over his house, Moses was a picture of what God wants to do. God warned Moses not to deviate, but build around the pattern, because there is tendency to start and deviate, when you deviate from the plan, the building will not look like what God has in mind.
Whose house we are, the house is not a place where we go, it is where we have becomes, a larvae cannot fly until it has become a butterfly. The assignment is to be, when we do, then we have. Our Christianity must first emphasize on becoming, revelation must become, when you leave this meeting ask yourself how can we transmit this to your life. You may not take everything, but what you take ask yourself how you will implement it in your life.
Moses operated as a sign prophet, everything Moses did was a message, the parting of the red sea, the first fruits, the Passover etc. they are all messages.
In ancient Rome, when Rome conquers a city, they will take a city within the city they conquered and make it their colony, they will build a replica of Rome in the city, as a template, they do this so that the cities around the colony will see the city and appreciate it, Caesarea Philippi was a place like that, a near reflection of Rome, and Jesus asked at this place who did men say I am?.
We cannot build that which is truly apostolic outside Christ. But the problem is what Christ? We may use the same terminology about Christ but the image in our minds are different. It is one application to point at an entry and say this is Christ, but where it gets more dangerous is to point at true Jesus in the bible and yet still lead many people astray, by saying imitate me as I imitate Christ. Followers don’t follow the Jesus of the bible, they follow Jesus example their leader show. People follow the Christ examples their leader mirror, not the Christ in the bible in the bible, it is a principle in life. Where it get dangerous is that we point to the Jesus in the bible, and yet we lead many astray.
Jesus was asking who do men say I am? Some say Jesus is John the Baptist, they said that because they are the radical element, that are not happy with the system, they are looking at Jesus based on the memory and their soul’s preferences, inside their own mould. You can melt and iron and pour it in a mould, after it dries it takes the shape of the mould. What people do is that they will take the living Jesus, and put it in the mould of their mind, shaped by their experiences, culture, background and their preferences. After they create the mould they will release it out, and it is precarious because they are leaders, the type of Jesus leaders show case through their leadership may lead many astray. Some said Jesus is Elijah, those that love fire, everything by fire. Some say he is Jeremiah because they think he is melancholic because he is always crying.
Jesus asked them, who do you say I am? They could not answer until Peter said you are the Christ, the son of the living God. Jesus wanted to teach them a lesson, he affirmed what Peter said. Peter didn’t get it from his soul he got it from his spirit, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Jesus then prophesied that “upon this stone I will build my church…..”.
Prophets use plane of words, Jesus used word plane to illustrate, the actual word Jesus used was Ecclesial.
The three things I see in the theme of this program are:
1. The plan of God,
2. The Current Warfare
3. And the Call, the cry of the spirit to come to the battle.
We have seen church as a structure, as a building, as a brand, but the church is meant to be the people, the enemy understand this and he replaced what Jesus wants to do with what he wants us to know. Ecclesial means a people that are called out from the community of the masses to deliberate on what happen in the community, the things that govern the community they are. Within the mass humanity, the fathers mind is to call out a people shape them, and release them back to the world.
God is our refuge, it is not a place we run to, we are the refuge, we are a refuge for the community, for in the last days, the mountain of the lord will be exalted above all…..we are the refuge. The glory of the later house shall be greater than the former. It is not the house, but the glory, inside the later house is what God is talking about.
Despite our weakness, despite our subtleness he will equip us. God is set to showcase himself in the later house, this conference is like equipping for us to identify our place. The lord is doing an apostolic work in this house, may God have mercy on us to understand so that we can understand our destiny in this house. In an apostolic environment you understand your destiny, and that is why we need the prophets to help. The prophet are like dogs they understand perception, they will look into the work and help the apostle identify our position. A prophet knows those who are meant to be part of the house, you don’t commission the carpenter first, but those that build the house.
As we move deeper and deeper into what the lord is doing in this house it is going to get more and more serious, stepping out of purpose and order is going to get judged, what we do in the outer courts and get away with will get judge in the inner courts, and what we do in the inner courts and get away with will get judge in the holiest of all, because the Lord is saying you should know better. Why would the lord not spare Moses? it is because the lord know that Moses should know better. When we begin to touch the apostolic spirit, we are touching the core essence of Christianity. The Lord may permit some things in the previous season, but not now. We need to understand what is going on, iniquity must not be found among us. Sexual sin must stop, it gets judged, the leader may not see it, but God can kill, he has done it before, he can do it again.
How did Ecclesial came about?
King James translated the bible to English, but in the book of James, James means Jacob, the natural brother of Jesus was Jacob, how do we come about James, one way they wanted to immortalise King James was to take Jacob out and replace it with James. That was how they immortalise James.
Secondly,when they got to Matthew 16:18, they were afraid of the political effect using Ecclesial may have. Culture is fighting culture, till date in Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive. King James also thought that using Ecclesial can arouse political fight in the future they also saw that a new culture will emerge around the light that will clash with monarchy system. Jesus borrowed Ecclesial from the Greek culture. The best way to understand Ecclesial is to look at the people called Senators today. Ecclesial are those that make decision, people who are chosen to represent us and make decision. In Nigeria they are called the Senators, in modern Greece are Ecclesial, that was the word that God used for who we are to become, but religious spirit that we are fighting changed it to where we go, a building (physical church), whereas it is about who we are meant to become.
Ecclesial is governmental sense, Islam is not only religious, it is political. Christianity is not Sunday Sunday affair, it is Monday to Sunday. It is the decision you take when you are at the helm of affairs. If this meeting does not translate you to take a strong decision to follow God, it is a waste of time. Some things will be said at this meeting that will carry ramifications that will change us. Whether we like it not, the children of the bond woman will control the wealth of the world. In the 80’s and 90’s there was prophesies about end time wealth transfer, it has started, the unfortunate thing is that the end time wealth transfer is to further the gospel, but the believers are still thinking with the old bucket.
ISAIAH 60:1-3, 7
When we want to justify the measures of craziness of the world, we use this scripture, but this season the glory of the lord shall arise upon us. The house the lord is building is the house of light. We are not running into light, but they are the one running to us, because the God is shining through us, ISAIAH switched from spiritual prophesy to economy prophesy in verse 11. What the place is saying is that when the glory shall appear, the wealth of the children of God will not be controlled by the economy of the world.
The way the system of the world has program us, some things has happen globally that made this prophesy a reality, but the unfortunate things is that the people out there are current than us, so what was meant advance the kingdom is furthering darkness, because we the believers don’t have sight.
God didn’t promised Lot anything but he stood with Abraham, he peeped into what the Lord was doing through Abraham. The law of wealth does not understand whether you are a believer or not, an unbeliever can tapped into it.

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