Announcing the coming of God Our Refuge

The eternal God is thy refuge. (Psalm 46) God our refuge not God is our refuge. The eternal God thy refuge not the eternal God is thy refuge.
(Deuteronomy 33:27.)
There is something about God our refuge and the eternal one, that eternal one nobody shares it with him. Only three entities are in the eternal one.

  • The deity,
  • The divinity,
  • The God head.

And that Godhead contained God’s power. The eternal God is our refuge, God our refuge.

When I say Pastor Alfred is bold, I am attributing boldness to him, he is not boldness. But when I say pastor Alfred is boldness, I am saying boldness is pastor Alfred, Pastor Alfred is boldness.
It is not complementary, it is identity. God our refuge! That is his name, it is his name, it is not his attribute, it is not what he can do, it is who he is. It is a dwelling place. For many people when we go for occasion we sew new dresses, He is God our dress, God our clothing!

If our house be dissolved, we have a building, there is a building, this is a building, we are groaning to be clothed upon with this building that this mortality to be swallowed up of life in victory.
Why will God gather us together for seven days? You think he is here to tell you the things you have heard before, No. He is here to tell you, eyes have not seen, ear has not heard, it has not by mistake crossed the mind set of men, what God has in prepared for those who love him, but don’t stop there, but God has revealed them to us, How? By one of the deity, by the spirit. The spirit searches the deep things of God, they are things that are locked up.

Now we see a tower, he is my high tower, he is my high city, he is my high fortifier. Inside him are treasures.
In whom dwelleth the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, that is what God is set to give to us. Treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are packaged in the one who is called refuge.
(ROMANS 16:25).

According to My gospel, according to the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the scriptures of the prophets. What is it that the prophets wrote in scripture?, What is it that is contained in the scripture? that peter would say we have a prophecy, a more sure word of prophecy? There is a scripture of the prophets and there is a prophecy in the scriptures. in these seven days they will unload, offload, download and upload, load and load us. That is what they call benefit, that is what they call ”Ire” not Ire Owo (money), not Ire Omo (child). This is Ire, It is called ”goodness”.

The Lord is a sun and a shield. Nothing good will the lord withhold from those who walk uprightly. What is it that is good in Gods sight? What is good in the Lords sight must be good in our sight, it is not what he did for you, it is what he did in himself when he raised Jesus from the dead. He said, finally the did is done, a people will be made, because they have to wear him. He is the refuge, He is the anointed one, He is the clothing, and He is the robe of righteousness.

God said to Paul ”Go into the city” and you will know what to do, you don’t know what to do if you have not entered the city.
(PSALM 87:1-3).
Who is that city? A city that is set on the hill cannot be hid, not by new clothing, not by a big cathedral. There is something that cannot make you hidden. Because you have what makes up God our refuge. It is called Life!.

(PSALM 102:7)
Why will God look through eternity?, why will God span through eternity and apportion a time and call it set time? The set time, appointed time.
The bible says, ”when the fullness of time was come, and when the day of Pentecost was fully come. . .”. Something has fully come, it has fully come, it is too late, it has come and it can’t go back, even if it was thinking to go back, it can’t it has come. We are not the one only calling him, three entities called him. The bride called him. Saying come. Those of us thirsty gave him no rest. We kept shouting, come Lord Jesus!

(ISAIAH 62:1)
We have called God to come, he is here. So when we say the lord has set a time, which is appointed time to favour Zion, you think that favour is extra money in your pocket?
It is said that when the eagle want to show its strength to other birds, it flies straight into the sun, and it gets to a level where it cannot fly anymore.

Do you know what they call God? God is the one who is higher than the highest. As far as the north is from the south so has he removed our iniquity from us. As far as the east is from the west. We can measure the North Pole to South Pole, we know it. But we can never know the distance from the east to the west, because as you keep going from the east, you are looking for the wast, but you haven’t gotten to the west, because it is boundless. When he spans eternity and say I want to favour, what is his favour? His favour is his light.

(PSALM 30:5)
Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning. God has come to deliver his light. Life Campaign has rider, ”Making all men see the fellowship of the divine life in the believer”. You don’t know what the divine life can do until you are brought to the divine life. Immortality is not demonstration. Immortality is a state you come into in GOD where you are sealed.

The herdsmen of Abraham strove with the herdsmen of the people of the land Abimelech, and they dug a well, and they got to Rehoboth and they said the Lord has made room for us. They didn’t stop there, they moved from there to Beersheba.
There is a well not Rehoboth, the well is Beersheba, a well of oath. That is what they used to make the Son. We are going to leave Rehoboth, we are going to Beersheba. The place of the Oath, the place of swearing. He has sworn, he has sworn, he can’t swear to give you car, No, he doesn’t need to swear to give us physical things. He said ”concerning the works of my hands command ye me. . . . ” just step into who you are and call it forth. Because your father calleth those things that be not as though they were. How much more things that are already in existence, how will you not call them forth. Husband come, wife come, car come, houses come, But don’t stop there, there are things we cannot be call forth.
The things of the Son are not called forth, they are given. Ask of me concerning my Son, you must ask. . . (MATTHEW 7:7) why will you knock for a wife? It is a waste of spiritual energy, but you need to knock to be conformed to the image of the Son. The one who swallowed death in victory, the one who said, ”Oh death where is your victory, oh grave where is your sting?” The grave and death are overcome, for the one who made you became you to destroy you. And that is what we have come to, GOD OUR REFUGE!

We don’t get to Him without the Oath. Don’t think you will be excited, no he doesn’t show himself to anybody, he doesn’t see your heart, if you have not sworn. Rev. Kayode Oyegoke once said ”God doesn’t trust you”. He loves you but he doesn’t trust you, because you can go back, but when you get to a point, they call it ”a point of no return”. When you cross that point of no return, he will commit everything to your hands.

Jesus does not have two heads, he is your elder brother. We are not trying to say we disrespect Jesus. We call Jesus, Jesus. We don’t say Bro Jesus, Chief Jesus or Dr. Jesus. He made himself of no reputation, because that doesn’t define him, what defines him is inside him. it is not whether you are small. It is not the size, it is what is inside that moves them here and there, whosoever is born of the spirit, his spirit leadeth him wherever, either hither or thither. If you are not ready for hither or tither you can’t come into him. Those treasures would only be limited to people who have given themselves to him.

God has come to us, and that is what I have come to say to you, because we don’t know who he is as our refuge until he is reveal, until he is shown to us. Get ready! Get ready!!

What was Abraham looking for?

Abraham was looking for a city that has foundation, its foundation is in the holy place. We have come to a city, a city can only dwell in a city. A city is coming to indwell you. You are a city and your destination is a city. The city you are looking for is also looking for you. Jesus Christ in you the, hope of Glory and you in Jesus, the hope of God. I am the hope of God. For without the church on the face of the earth God cannot do anything. God can do all things but he may not be able to do some things.

Satan owns this place by legal right, they call him the prince of the power of the air, and underneath him are principalities. All things are committed to him. Even Michael when he saw Lucifer said ”the Lord rebuke thee”. He went into the refuge to address Lucifer. We have to be built as a city that God can inhabit. And then you and God would now swallow up what Jesus swallowed up, you will swallow up hell, the grave, death. We will not run away, we would stay. We would not run away from those princes and power, but we will confront them and bring them down, we will overtake them and defeat them. It will be fulfilled, we would come to the place and to where we will say to them ”is it he who has troubled the nations, look at how weak you are (REVELATION 18:23)”. It is not fulfilled but it will be fulfilled because I have not said it, until I can say it, it would not be fulfilled. I need to come to that place where I can now stand and say, ”how are thou fallen?” I can’t say it now. I can only say it under the cover of Christ, because it must become my testimony, I must come into the secrets. I must come into the secrets place, because all we know of God is not all he His.

The question comes, what of the things he has not revealed? They are inside here (God our Refuge), but mercy has beseeched him to say let the voice of the seven thunders be heard. Let us hear what John heard. We want to see what Paul saw, I want to be taken over by what took John over. Apostles that would not count their lives dear unto God. We are nor running away, The Lord is our shepherd, The Lord is the light of my salvation whom shall we fear. The Lord is the strength of my life. He said he preperath a table for me, where? In the presence of my enemy, so we will sit down, and the enemy will also sit down.
There are preparations! We have to journey to this city.
Don’t quickly say ”I want to go to God”, there is something in God that makes him God that must come down. It is called the Holy city. The New Jerusalem. The holy city is in God, city is coming to meet city, and in these seven days they will build us up, they will raise us up, we must see what Paul saw. That which took Paul over must take us over.


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