God cares for every part of our life, but the problem is that he does not solve our issues through our own means, his ways are not out ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.

The things which ARE NOT ACTUALLY ARE because what seems to be intangible to us is actually tangible. The visible things of the earth were made from the invisible things but the situation around us do not make us see them as visible.

The realities in God do exists and are not just abstract formulation of some people, though science tries in its attempts to prove the existence of certain realities of creation. God’s intent is to bring us to the sphere of existence where we can see creation the way it really is in the sight of God.

Our agenda is called Kingdom and it is different from the world. The world cannot deal with this reality of the kingdom because it is invisible to them. The invisible things are creations of the kingdom, hence the reason why the world cannot handle them.

Romans 1:25, Ephesians 1:3.

Only the creator is eternally blessed, creatures are not blessed in the order of true blessing. Realities of true blessings are in the heavens which is the reason why man cannot discern the true blessing. Creatures has a way of taking man away from God because its attempt is to lure man away from God. You cannot enter the realm of true blessing if you have not been wean away from creatures.
Creatures are beings of glory, they obey God but they can distract you from God (ref- Matthew 6:33). Man is expected to pursue kingdom and not creatures despite their glory.

Wealth, money, fame are spirits, Christians parade and longs for them not knowing that they are creations of creatures.

We ignoring the things created by creatures is called death, because there is need to be dead to these things so that we will not be lured or seduced away from the way- Revelations 17: 6. This is similar to the enjoyment of John: LOVE NOT THE WORLD. IF YOU ARE DEAD TO THE WORLD, YOU CAN ONLY SURVIVE BY THE POWER OF THE KINGDOM.

The gospel are realities of things of the kingdom that are crystal clear and the enemy will fight you not to comprehend or appreciate the things of the kingdom, because appreciating them will escape you from the seduction of the world.
The testimony is what the world hates and we will only overcome the world even on earth by consistent gazing and application of the testimony. This is not to say you would have to be poor to gain eternal life but there is a need to know what is true and to focus more on the realities of life in God.

Suffering is not to suffer for money but to go through the contradiction of the now that stands against your faith. Suffering makes you to be settled and grounded in the Lord. We must learn to believe God and to consistently hold on to him. Even when we ask and it seems like it’s not forth coming from brethren, our faith must be in God and not in men. When you sight the kingdom, your sight will change (ref- II Corinthians 4:17). We must move to a point where nothing moves us whether visible or invisible away from the love of God. The attempt of the world is to drive us away from our pursuit of the kingdom, to dwindle our passion for the love of God.

Vision is a download of THE TESTIMONY OF GOD and we must be helped to see it. God is the Unchanging God, and our circumstances does not change him. And what transport us from the realm of stubbornness to the realm of peace in God is Vision. God is the God of Peace, the kingdom is in righteousness, PEACE and Joy in the Holy Ghost.
(1 Timothy 6:6-8).

The first attempt of the church of the church is to settle the minimum requirement of food and raiment to afford any to run the race.
Vision is not the idea for business but the unveiling of God’s revelation. The highest vision one can have is to see God.

There are varying degrees of separation. New Birth is a separation -1 Corinthians 1:2, there is a measure of sanctification we have being in Christ, but it is not enough to have life. There is a need for further sanctification.

Sanctification is not instantaneous but progressive. Sanctification is separation, to be set apart for a use or for a course. Everyone in Christ is in a domain, which is a domain set apart for a course. And being in Christ gives you certain privileges: the infilling of the Holy Ghost, righteousness in Christ etc.

Even Jesus said in my father’s house are many mansions (places), and new birth brings you into a place amongst all the places in God, in Christ instantaneously. A Christian believer can still be a sinner not because such condones sin but is rebellious against truth that is revealed to the heart. 1 Corinthians 6:11.

All the saints must move into the realm of sanctification by the vision. We all are called to be co-workers together with God, not just pastors and prophets alone, ALL. It is not possible to work in a place where you do not have right to, which is why we are first be brought in into Christ through New Birth. Ref- 1 Corinthians 1:9- For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building. This is also why Jesus will pray that the father will send in more labourers into the field. The work of God must become the work of the church. There must be sight into what God is saying because where there is no vision, death will be inevitable.

Habakkuk 2:14
If the church will not stand to fulfill her task, evil will prevail and heaven will not fall because it is the church that has refused to take her stand. When the church enters into the realm of glory, she will not see the multiple issues that she is fighting with presently that are all the works of demons but will be consumed with the kingdom’s business. Concentrating on the problems and issues of life will not grow or move the church. Sanctification is the door way through which the church can ascend above the world– Colossians 1:3.


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