Sanctification of the vision I

The greatest excitement of deity is their unity, their oneness. God is one God, united God, one God, the trinity have never been separated, they are ever one, the joy of the father is to be with the son, the joy of the son is to be with the spirit and to be with the father.

For Jesus to be separated from the father is the worse experience he has ever had, no wonder he cried ”my God, my God why hast thou forsaken me”,(-Ref: Matthew 27:46) their union is their wealth, that is what they are bringing us into. Their greatest excitement is to bring us to it. The more we draw closer, the more joy we have, because ”at his presence is fullness of Joy” (-Ref: PSALM 16:11), the joy cannot be described, there is no greater thing they can do for us than to give us joy.

The question we should ask ourselves is that are we really appreciating what they are giving and bringing us to. Corporate worship bring us closer, not just individuals but all of us. But God want us to go beyond that gathering, but be with him individually at all time, not because of the preaching of the preacher, but to be in the experience of that moment every time of the day.

Can we desire that? To be with him all the way. We need desire to appreciate what the lord wants to bring to us. Appreciating it mean so much more than the whole world. Where God is, is the best place, as Jesus said I go to the father, to prepare a place for you….(-Ref: JOHN 14:2). God is saying to us, come to where I am, we need to break from what the world system has arranged for us. Our heart attitude must be thankful to God, a grateful heart.

(-Ref: Acts 22:7-9) They all saw the light, but only Saul heard the voice. Thunder and Lightning occur at the same time, but because lightning travels at the speed of light and Thunder travel at the speed of sound, the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound, and that is why lightning is seen before thunder is heard. The light is to convey light, it is a transporting material that will bring us to life. The real reality is the life, light came from the light, if you have the light, you should have the life.

There is nothing that made Paul different from any other person on the earth, before God there is nothing that make the Jew different from the Gentiles, we are all the same. On the earth we may have advantages and disadvantages, but with God every man is equal. Either a man is physical challenged, he is still a man, a man is a spirit, who has a soul, and lives inside the body.

There are terrible infirmities that may not be apparent to men, so you don’t have to be physical challenged before you are less privileged. When Adam fell, the whole race of men fell, naturally fingers are not equal, but with God it is all the same. God is the only light we should have, if we don’t have it we are not there.

For someone being richer than us doesn’t make them better than us. The apostles of light in the early church were next to Christ. Before God all men are equal, Peter in Acts 10:34, said he perceived ”God is no respecter of persons”, it is will take time for a Jewish man to say that. Before God they are not special, God found their father (Abraham) in the idolatry of the Chaldeans, and God called him out to raise him, he was not better than the other men. God called Abraham and told him to come out of his father’s house. Abraham heard and responded to God, it was not Abraham that did it, it was God, Abraham heard God not that he was pressed in the spirit, it was God who called him. And because God chose Abraham for himself his children were different.

The Promises of God to Abraham looks personal, but it is not (-Ref: GENESIS 12). The reason for blessing Abraham is for the whole earth, when God came to Abraham, he had the whole earth in mind. If Abraham began to boast about how God called him and gave him promise, he has frustrated the essence of his calling, for God didn’t called him to demonstrate only in him, but to demonstrate on the whole earth. It was not for Abraham but for the whole earth.

Abraham departed according to the word spoken to him. Abraham wouldn’t have made a difference if not that God came to him. It was God who made him to make a difference he was not better. The word of God has to be preacher, else you will misinterpret God’s intention, which he demonstrate among us.

Jacob and Esau came from the same womb, but the promise of God was on Jacob, Esau has to align, because Esau was not ready to align, he was cursed, the curse is not Esau sake, but for the world sake. Each time you look at yourself, you lose sight of God, for the work God is doing in you is not for you but for humanity sake.

(-Ref: John 3:16 ) ”For God so love the world”, Killing Jesus is not for Jesus, but for the love of God for man. Most at times when God began a thing, we lost it, because we make it as if it is for ourselves. The things God is doing began from God, even when we were not existing, even after we cease to exist, God will still continue his work. God is just passing through our generation. From the beginning, God is still speaking about the end, we are just a line to connect the beginning to the end.

God has no respect for human, all men are equal. All men are equal, it is the voice of God that makes a difference. When God called Saul, Saul, they all saw the light, but only Saul heard the voice, God brought Saul out to send him back.

On the voyage of Israel, they have conquered many nation, Joshua alone conquered 31 kings. The -ites are just the major ones. God drive the -ites out not because of Israel, but because of the work he is doing. (-Ref: DEUTERONOMY 7:1-8) God is a covenant keeping God, he sworn to Abraham, destroying the other nation, is mercy to mankind. It is not God’s program that People should not die, God remove some people and kill them. For the sake of humanity some people should not live. For some people, their death is for eternal mission. It is mercy that he kills them. Some people are naturally a good people, and they are God’s enemy. God is not only good, God is righteous.

(-Ref: Ecclesiastic 7:16.) Over righteousness kills.

(-Ref: ACT 22:6-15.)
The power of the light is the voice.

Why God came to Paul?

It is because of the same thing he had in mind when he called Abraham, it was not for Paul, but for the whole of mankind. It is vital that Paul be a witness. What God did for Saul was not for Saul but for the whole earth. What God did for Saul was to raise him a witness. For witnesses are important if God’s oath is to continue on the earth.

God blessed Lot, not or Lots sake, but because he was with Abraham. Lots herdsmen was fighting with that of Abraham, it looks that they are the same, but there is something about Abraham that makes him different, even if you sleep beside him you can’t see it. Abraham was 86 years before he gave birth to Ishmael, fourteen years, later, God was silent, Abraham might have done everything to hear God, but God did appear, that is religion. God waited until the work is done in Abraham that can make him walk before him. Abraham had to practice faith for 13 years, and for these years God didn’t shift the promise from Abraham to Lot.

God is constant, he has sworn to Abraham, he won’t change it, even if the whole church rejects Christ, God will generate Children for himself. God does not fail, it may take time. It is not our erring, it is that we are a spirit, who has a soul and lives inside the body, as long as we are this, we can fulfil Gods mandate.

God does not work by our civilisation. God is not only eternal in nature, he is eternal in life span. God waited to appear to Abraham even when he erred, he came back to reaffirmed what he has said.
What we heard in LC 2017 is mercy to humanity, we cannot arranged it. It is of God’s mercy to lead us, not for our prayer. ”For it is God that works in us, both to will and do of his good pleasure…” (-Ref: Philippians 2:13) it is not for ourselves. When God raise us from our family and brought us out, it is not for ourselves, it is God’s mercy. We don’t know what we carry, who has met us, who we have met.

To make us a holy people, a peculiar nation, is not to make us happy, but to express his love for the world, for all of mankind. ”To love the lord thy God…” (-Ref: Matthew 22:37) is to serve, the covenant is not an instrument to brag, but for service.

God raise Saul as a witness, a martyr, he is to witness what he saw with his life, to defend what he saw with his life. It is not every one that is kill for the gospel that is a martyr, you can die for the gospel and not be a martyr, what makes a martyr is the testimony in their blood, i.e. if they lived for the testimony.

Jesus has been dying, even before he died on the cross, to step from divinity to humanity is a death. Paul said, ”we are killed all day long…”(-Ref: Romans 8:36). That killing is that they are not living for the furtherance of their own will. If Abraham live for his name, he will be away from the promise, even if he is great. For greatness on the earth is not greatness in the sight of God. John the Baptist was not a great man in Israel, but in the sight of God he is the greatest man that ever lived. He took God’s will in the spirit and fulfil it that is what God sees as greatness.

All witnesses are able to lay down their life for what they saw, the fear of God is the will of God. In God’s eternal agenda, what God proposed before we are born, to live in that is greatness. Poverty is family problem not man’s problem. If you are always solving your family poverty problem, it is only on the earth and not beyond it.

(-Ref: JOHN 17:17) ”Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” we are in our level, we can’t change our level until something comes to us: the truth, the word of God.

( Exodus 24:1-) There are words that Moses has been speaking to them, but all the words that Moses has been speaking to them, cannot bring them near, it can only maintain them where they are. That is the church, the children of Israel were called Church in the wilderness. Moses gathered twelve stones, he knew that God has twelve portions. God spoke to Moses, not just words, he gave himself to Moses, God has twelve portions. There is something in Abraham that has twelve. Jacob told Levi that he will be scattered, it looks as if he was cursing him, but in the real sense, God was making himself the portion of the Levi, for his tribe shall abide in the house of God forever as a priest.

Moses has not been given the law, but he had a book, the destiny of Israel as a nation is judge in the book, the book is their life, if the nation of Israel has not journeyed in the writings of the book, they cannot enter into what Moses entered. The lord was speaking to Israel from the book, Moses had the book, Moses also knew that God has a book, and that is why he could tell God ”blot out my name from thy book…”(-Ref: Exodus 32:32) Moses was split into the elders, that made them different from the other Israelites, but they cannot come near to God as Moses, because they do not have the book.

God’s intention when he gave the law was to raise a people, Moses was not more important than the other Israelites, but Moses was important, for he was that apostle of the law. Moses was important to God until God raise the people. The agenda of God is to raise a people, Moses labour was not for himself but for a nation. The reason for raising Moses was for God to raise a people. The book is a spiritual book, they cannot access it by reading, so they need a law, so that when they obey the law, it will be a power that will drive them to the whole of God’s will.

(ROMANS 8:1.) The law of the spirit is not the bible, it is a law that is ignited in us when we get born again. What was in us was the law of sin and death, but a new law came to us to generate life. Saul was not sanctify because of him, but heaven has to sanctify him to raise his people, who will be sanctified. What God wants to raise is not just a witness, but cloud of witnesses. The intention of God for any believer who meets Paul is to make them witnesses.

”Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” the word is logos, the word is a complete word that represent the true intention of God, some words do not project the whole intention of God and that is why you cannot project yourself. All the words of the life, the life has all the word which are content of the word (logos). Thy word is true, not just any word, but thy word.

(ACT 5:20.) Sometimes we receive some of the word of this life, sometimes we have the word but not all of the word, Moses had the word, but not all the word, so if he dies, the word will not continue. When he took the word, the glory of the word came upon Moses. God told Moses to make an ark, everything in the ark must have the grade of God’s presence. Moses broke the first stone, and God told him to bring another stone carved by Moses himself because it is not the stone that makes God’s presence, it is the writings of God on the stone.

In the new tabernacle, no man will be special, all men will be raised as a stone, perfected in the law of God. God told Moses to go and teach the law, teaching the law is separating them, it is raising them. In II CORINTHIANS 7:1, unclean is not fornication, it is not lying, it is what the gentiles lived by (II TIMOTHY 2). Words are tools of their life (Divinity life). We are a ministry, a tool, and an engine, words are the things that makes us, words of truth. We should discern the word of truth and ignore anything that is not there.

What God loves the most is that we migrate from where we are to his presence, for us to be a workman, and not a worker of iniquity, but working God’s agenda on the earth, even after we die, that the work we do may abide. The things we build will not abide for ever, they only look amazing to us, in years to come, even if Jesus has not come. The things of God are not in things we can see, they are in life we can impart. Temporal things will pass away only the things that are in heaven will abide. Our house may change, our family may change, but the word of God must not change. You can take away this body, but you cannot take away the truth in my spirit.

Give your life in pursuit for Jesus, for that is what make us different from a mere man. What heaven knows is the amount of truth that is in us. John saw both the great and small standing before God. Our hearing and hearing has a destination, truth is the destination. What God has revealed in his son he must reveal in us. We must shun the things that cannot add life to us. The things we hear must not pass by, it must not be a reference we have, but a reference in us. What God has done in his son he can do in us for God does not respect our physical personalities, he respects our hearts willingness to hear truth.

God wants us to come inside, not to idolise men of God, the reason God gave the ministers his words is that we may come inside. We are to come to God, why God came to us is to come. Our generation needs a life of God, we are a channel, we are a channel embodied to be the witness of these truth. It doesn’t matter what has comes against you in years, you are overcoming them, God does not need our natural strength, his power in us is able to generate what he wants to do, all we need to do is to align.

God is looking for those whom he will stand with, with his angels, as Michael stood with God. God is looking for people that angels will work with. It is time for the will of God to be done in earth, it is a very dark day, but in the midst of the dark day a light of God will shine. There are many prophetic writings about our generation. We can’t remain where were are before, it is time for ascension, time for separation for men, separation from family. The earth needs help, we can’t help the earth until we align.

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