Sanctification of the vision III

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God’s desire is to bring the reality of all that we have been hearing to our personal life. He wants to see to it that they are wrought in us in various ways. They will be wrought in us in forms of experiences. God is the one who has called us, he is faithful but we must be aware of that which he is doing, though it is not of him that wills or runs but of him that showeth mercy. The essence of the vision is for us to become it, to change and not to just say it. This season is a new beginning for us. God is unchanging but each time he appears, he appears in new ways.

Christ died a long time ago, but the day we believe Jesus, we are dead with him and also raised with. If we do not experience what he experienced, it is possible for us to walk away.

The essence of Christianity is sanctification.

It is from one level to another. – Ref: I Thessalonians 5:23 Preserved: also mean sanctified wholly. Jesus is the tool for changing us.

Romans 12:2.

There is a need for us to change, any where we are and it does not appear that we are changing, it means we have transformed to that position.

Colossians 1:12-16

There is something we should become which is our inheritance. There is the measure, fullness and stature of God, all these are what we are expected to partake of.

Verse 16

The created mentioned here are things created. God is much more interested in things that have substance, that has the ability to impact life, to serve and do the bidding of God. Gold was created by God, yet it lacks ability to impact life. We should know that even though there are created entities that have the ability to influence and command worship, they yet they do not have the ability to impact life. It does not matter how wealthy a man becomes, if he is NOT OF GOD, he cannot impact life.

Psalm 103: 19-20

There are created thrones and their job is to extend kingdoms and there is also the throne of God. We are put in an hierarchy that is superior when we heed to the command that says we should seek the kingdom of God. There are angels, whose making is to effect God’s Will. They excel in strength for the purpose of doing his Will. Yet God is bigger than them whether they be visible or invisible. Some things were also created to give God pleasure. They were made so and if they choose to do otherwise, they cease to exist. God is Elohim, the creation God. He created all things and he is higher than them.

The essence of the soul as part of the creation is to show forth, the soul is forgiven so that it will fulfill what it was created to do, so as to be able to bear what it was made to bear. God says all souls are his, because there is something he has made in the soul of man that can make him give his Son for it.

There are spirits that are stones, these natural stones are symbols of cherubs, when God created stones and called it Gold, Silver or Emerald, they are similitude to the different kind of spirits. Gold typifies priesthood, water is a symbol of life, it is spirit and that is why even the natural water quenches thirst. If we do not understand the essence of our being made, we will just live a churchy and religious pious life that lacks true definition. The perfect man is a man who can see as they are, the man who can see as the trinity sees.

Ezekiel 26: 13.

Naturally speaking, blue typifies love, yellow is praise. Lucifer in his making has priesthood and royalty in measures and they were wrought in heaven. Heaven is a place where God wrought all manner of things. Even what is found in biology, God did without studying biology. He weaves and crafts with wisdom.

All these we are talking about is still on sanctification.

The essence of sanctification is to produce breeds of beings.

When we hear the beings in the Isaiah 6:3 shouting of Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!, they are speaking of

His kind of separation(Sanctification), the realm of the most high is another level of sanctification.

Psalms 104 : 1-4.

God’s great work is on what he made, which is why when he brought-in the first begotten, he said all his angels should worship him, because he is not just a creation but God fashioned in man.

All the mountains and all others things are distributions of his creation. What he used to deck the seas are creatures and its habitation. Angels that did not keep their habitation are reserved for judgement. In their creation is their

sanctification. Christianity is sanctification

All the prophets were called after their habitation, Ezekiel was called into the mountain of God, so his vision has to be of God. Isaiah was after the order of the holy place. He is an holy place prophet (Isaiah 6:2) He was


to carry the nature.

Many of the created things of God, don’t serve him by their will, they serve him by their making, it is their fibre that makes up their service.

Heb 10:7

Thy Will is my making.“To become” is the greatest thing you can attain in the spirit.

John also was a type of prophet, that was made in the pattern of the office he was to function in: the office of the prophet of the highest.

The cry in Isaiah 6:3 of Holy! Holy!! is the Lord God Almighty is not just a cry of a religious mind but a cry born out of what the Angel was writing. The angel was writing service.

The habitation of a man declares his estate, every sphere has its estate.
Angels do not serve God by their Will but as a result of their making. When you take holiness out of Christianity, we will loose everything and the blessing of the life we have believed will not come.

Every place has its people, Isaiah before he was purified was part of a people, until his purification, his estate did not change.
Creation itself is sanctified and Christianity is designed to sanctify us.

Hebrews 7:26.

Every other priest has a measure of harm. Grace is designed to make us holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners and made higher than the heavens. Christ himself was made in this pattern.

Meekness is of no value to the fallen nature. The appreciation of nature is changed when a man becomes a believer. If you will be made might, spirit of might will be sent against you, likewise if you will be made power, the spirit of power will be sent against you. What is wrought in any believer is the gain of God.

The real gain is not in us living a good life but in making us, which is why God will not exempt us from some dealings in life.

Jesus Christ learnt obedience by the things he suffered, He went through all kinds of sanctification which are what eventually made him.

Hebrews 5:8

The things we are to suffer are the details of righteousness, they are righteous process designed to make us. He went through these process for our sake, that we also may be able to go through it too.


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