Sanctification of The Vision IV



Whenever you come before my presence, freely thirst. It is thy thirst that we quench. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. There is plenty of refreshing in his presence, come in hunger and thirst when you come before his presence. Only when you come with hunger and thirst will you be blessed, only in his presence is true blessing. When we gather men together with us, we unlock the blessing of his face. Come with hunger, come with thirst, there is blessing and great refreshing at his presence.
This is an invitation of God to us. Why would he invite us, why will he beckon to us? The feast is ready, the table is set and the Lord does not want us to come casual. We are expected to come with the right attitude to his presence.


If you are feeling unloved, God loves you. Make yourselves loveable
They are saying to us: ”We want to seal in this season and we do not want hearts to withdraw”. It is a season upon the house and we want to bring the people into their blessing, into their Lot. The Lord is speaking to the Pastor that he should seal the people, look away from how they see themselves and how they look upon themselves, for it is the season of sealing.


Turn unto us and stay with us for it is a season of refreshing. Receive from us, set your heart right for the season of great refreshing is come to you. Look up to us for we want to refresh you and strengthen you. Look on us, discern us for we are close, set you heart right us and in order. Why do you keep yourself away from us in fear? Has any man ever come to us and we did not answer? How do you think in yourself that you can take care of yourselves? Has any man ever come to us and have we not received? Has anyone by worry added or improved his situation? Why do you lay yourselves with worry? Cast your cares and worries upon us and find a place of safety in us. Cast your burdens away and put your confidence on us.


The voice of the Spirit is to strengthen our hearts to stay on what God has spoken ahead of us that he wants to do. For a lot of us we may not be concerned but when the Lord begins to speak in this manner, it is to turn us because we have tendencies of deviating. God wants us to come into the reality of the principle of the Spirit that talks about us seeking the Kingdom. We cannot navigate the pathway of God without contrariness, we cannot go through alone except by being guided through.

We are actually making progress despite the fact that we may face a lot of issues on the path of life. Faith comes by hearing the word of God and what the Devil fights is for men not to hear God.

There is no super human and sometimes we think no one is going through what we go through. The truth is Jesus went through all we may or will go through if not exactly but in principle, and if he overcame, we will overcome. God’s interest is to make us in the decades (Now and After) that we are and will go through, which are the seasons of the unveiling of his interest and thoughts. These are divine ordination and thought. The prophecy that the ”knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the water covers the sea” has been said a long time ago. And it is being revealed now.

God is true and God cannot lie, if he has spoken, his words are true, and it is has been confirmed through prophesies, God does not lie.

Heaven is painting clearly to us Divine thought. The Vision of God at the point we are in is very crucial for us to run the race, it is very essential.

The Gospel, and everything you find in it is a vision called The Vision Of God. God spoke by the mouth of many people, but what he is trying to paint with their mouth is just one thing. If we read the scripture without understanding that there is a map that God is making available to us, we will not still do the will of God, and we will not get the blessing of God, not just any blessing. There are many things we get that may not the blessing, they may just be good report, like what the elders obtained. God has chosen a time of the earth that the blessing will come, not just receiving the blessing, but obtain the blessing. It has been vital in the heart of God since ages past. This is the reason God has been unveiling things to the church (EPHESIANS 3:5).

We have to pay close attention to the things that we are hearing. Pray in the spirit often, even if you do not understand what you are saying, be interested in it. For through tongues God reveal his desires for the church. We do not run as one that beats the air. It is clear, what God has in his mind is The Vision. What God made known to the holy apostles by the spirit is The Vision.

When you see the writing of the apostle, you will notice that their writing were crafting of wisdom.

TITUS 2:2-14.
What the gospel is supposed to build us unto is a Peculiar people, full of wisdom, and these things are important to our salvation, if they are not clear to us, we won’t be saved.

I PETER 2: 1-4.
There is a word that is designed to us to make us to be able to go beyond, to be able to lay aside, laying aside is a part of this programme of life. This must be happening every day, it is called sanctification. It comes with an experience and a kind of word.

Prayer: In the days we are in, when the vision is open to us, we will see the beauties of what the Lord has been doing since the days of the father. We will see the message of the fathers in Spirit, for the PROPHETS are sent with a message for God’s people.

God has an intention on the earth for which he sent his word. The intention of God for the earth should be according to the vision. The idea of raising son is not conceived by any man, it was God who conceived it. The word he brings to us sanctifies us. It is the whole word of God that is designed to raise us. Like the system of education in the world, where a man is raised from Kindergarten to become a Professor. The gospel is God’s agenda for raising his own ambassadors. Ambassadors for Christ is not just tag, it is the word of God through which he reconciles us to God. We are being made a tool of reconciliation, and the whole project is a vision, it is a first thing that anybody who comes in to Christ must receive, it is not just a crash programme, it is a training. A terrible training to equipping. The knowledge of the holy is a design of God that will train us.

In the part of God’s programme, laying aside must be what should be happening all day. You cannot lay aside malice once, for there is a malice that you have that you don’t know about. Malice is a nature that will be handled by revelation.

”Laying aside all malice, all guile, hypocrisies, envy and all evil speaking…” that you may grow, there is a word that will make us outgrow these things, it is in the Gospel. There is a gracious side of the Lord in the vision. We will not be saved, if we don’t understand the project of the Spirit, and if we are not be saved, we will not be able to save other.

The best we have as man is terrible, the best we carry about in life is terrible, that is why James said ”laying aside all superfluities of nothingness…”(Ref- James 1:21).

After we have laid aside, then we will move to the word of grace, that is able to move and build us up. (ACT 20:32). What sanctifies us in the vision has constitution, it has courses.
Building up is a vital part of the vision. (I PETER 2:4-50).There are things that are able to prove what is good and acceptable. The good work will make you come to the labour of what is good. There are dimension, which must be fulfilled IN the vision.

The gospel is the wisdom of sanctification, seeing Christ is not seeing him walking, it is seeing how God was formed Christ. What is in Christ is what is unveiled to us as salvation. Beings are made of what, not just who, we know their who, by their what. What is inside of any being, what any being thinks of is who he is. For as a man think in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). The what of a man is what makes up the man. There is a level we get to, that all what we do is that which is acceptable to God. The gospel is the wisdom that is ordained for our salvation.

(I PETER 2:9).

The place of being chosen leads to us being made a peculiar people, then the good pleasure of God comes to us, and it brought us through Christ, it is not our holiness, it is our calling that made us holy. Holiness is a separation. Being chosen is not the same as being peculiar. We are holy because God chose us, but we need a word that will purify us from all weakness and flesh. To make us zealous and ready. The faith have allocation to make you a governor, but is does not mean that we have been position in the faith life to be a governor.

There are works that faith process you for, there are allocation that they have been watching over you by your progress in faith, to shoe forth the effect of faith. The essense of faith is to build us up. It is not that we are going to be perfect before we start showing the nature of God, the two go up together. You were doing your things before God called You.

Eternal purpose does not depend on your natural gift, he can use it or may chose not to use it. For it is a life for his own word, before you got born again he has chosen it. When you are going on your earthly voyage something else began, the good work. What he began in us is a good work, a good work of faith, he has the power to perfect it and move it to maturity. You will be going on your earthy voyage, but he wants you to know that as you are going in life, something else is going on. It is not about what you are going to eat for before your mouth was created he has been existing, yet he created your mouth.

It is not failing in school, is it not being slack in your business, it is by understanding, what the son came to give is understanding. The devil does not like anyone who worship God, why he desire the mountain of the Lord, is that he saw worship, that is why he tempted Jesus to worship him.
Why he build the whole world around worship is because he wants worship, but only God should be worshipped. You may go to another church, you only run to the place to become pious, and that does not mean the devil will fear you. The only thing he fears is the gospel.

The word of God, which is a place, is God’s template for doing all of his work. By him things were created, but thing created are not in him. Through him they were created, but not in him, what is in him is what he came by the gospel to bring to visibility, (JOHN 1:3, 14). What came back to heaven after Jesus rose was no longer the word, but a man. The third person in the trinity is know a man. (I TOMTHY 2:5).

God raised Jesus so that men came be generated after his own. The document of regeneration is the vision, it is the gospel, anything outside that is another gospel.

”If any man does not confess….”, to confess means to teach, Jesus Christ was designed in the flesh to regenerate God on the earth. It is the center focus of the gospel, the vision of God is to make this come to pass. On our own we cant save any man, man is terrible, only Jesus can save man.

Any word outside the vision of God, given to the apostle cannot save. Paul said ”if another man preach another gospel….”, he has trying to preserve the gospel that has been given as a vision of God. (GALATIANS 1:8-9). God can curse a man because of the church.

(I JOHN 5:4.) There is something our faith does, it overcomes the world, even when you overcome the world, it is not enough, Faith has his own victory, love has its own victory. REVELATION 5:11.

The gospel is for transformation to glory, it is from glory to glory, it is from holiness to holiness, even if you are heaven bound, you still need sanctification.

There are dimensions of experience, there is vision of the word of hope, of faith, the last of the vision is the vision of the revelation of the love of God. The fruit of the spirit is not the revelation of the love (REVELATION 12:11).

There is a patience, not your patience, but the patience of the spirit, the divine nature is not that the Holy Spirit reside in you, but you residing in the Holy Ghost, the father is dwelling in the Holy Ghost the son is dwelling in their Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is their habitation.

If you serve God with only passion the enemy will conquer you, you need the vision of God.
Prayer: In the days we are God is taken away your own prove, and he is giving you his own prove. (JOHN 10:10),

We cannot finish the gospel, it is called the gospel of God, it is discussing God, making God known in phases of life, we can understand the hope of the gospel, Christ is the hope of the gospel, you can’t understand God, he is complex, but we can understand Christ. God is in Christ, God is in Christ in stages of himself.
The gospel contain Jesus, sometimes it is so dark, that you cannot see anything, so you quickly call on Jesus, anyone can come to Christ and quickly find him, even without the spirit, you can open the bible and read and you will find him. It doesn’t matter who you are if you read the news of Jesus, it gives you joy.

Sometimes you want to sing Elohim, but you can see Elohim, so you sing Jesus. It does not matter where you are calling the name of Jesus, when you call, heaven will look down, that Jewish man Jesus, knew God. Jesus name has been branded, God has honour the name, it is the door, but the door is not the house, God is the house, no man come into the father but through him (Jesus).
God gave to us everything needed to congregate, but being blind of the vision has not made some preacher to see the vision that Jesus is not just a name, it is a knowledge. God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ. (ACT 2:36).

The vision being opened to us is important. The entity raised from the dead is Jesus Christ, while he was the flesh, he took up Jewish body to be a man, after resurrection he became Christ (II PETER 5:16). ”If any man is in Christ he is a new creation……” that creation never existed until after resurrection. The first species of a man in God appeared when Christ came, for God is a spirit, he has never existed in flesh.
Jesus ate with his disciples yet he is still God.
All the things we are learning are secret kept, it is part of the vision.

It is word of God called logos, the total word of God, it is like a programme, though he is a person.

In Genetics, what makes a man up is the DNA, what makes us is our DNA, the DNA is what makes a difference among us, any organism that do not have the same DNA sequence cannot interbreed. The word is the divine style, the divine programme, the DNA of God is the word.(JOHN 1:1), We are not just as we stand, the real us is our DNA.
The divine sperm that contain God is The Word. Though God created things, nothing ever came from his nature, Jesus is the one who came from the bosom of the father.
The Word, though it is the vision of creation, it is also the vision of the genealogy. We have seen the vision of creation spoken so much, ”Let there be…” and things emerged.

Jesus (The Word) is the DNA of the true life, if we stay in the man’s life, we will wither and perish, our comfort, our life, will begin to lose their strength, things that were strength in the days of youth will start failing.
Paul said he was not disobedient to the heavenly vision, the heavenly vision if the word of truth (ACT 26:19, 25).
Put emphasis in your heart, put pursuit, thirst for it, chose to look into it, do your daily job, do your best there, but inside your heart, pants for the things of God.



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