Sanctification of the vision series VI: The will of blood, the will of flesh & the will of man.


Interpretation of tongues

Yes on him was our grieve laid, the cross was a thing he must carry, he was ordained for the redemption of mankind, separate unto grieve and unto sorrow, that in his pain he must bring us peace, he is now our peace, the one the one who hangs on the cross, the one who is our eternal peace, the one who has made access for every man that come his way, the one that open the way unto eternal life, it is sure that man will inherit God and God will inherit man, it is a relationship that has been revealed at the end of days, he is the blessing of the Spirit, the light that is to be revealed in the midst of darkness, thick darkness. Great light has come to them that dwell in hell.

He is the Eternal Father, the one who died once, that all may come in, were the fruit of the sorrow he borne, it is not the Roman, nor the grave, it is the redemption of our soul, the inheritance and evidence that he the one that die and rose again. Who can doubt this? Come and see immortality, this is an evidence that cannot be stopped, that cannot be doubted, great is the mystery, God is made manifest on the earth, it is the evidence that Jesus was one on earth, that he knew pain, that we are born of God in our immortality.


What we have here cannot come on any other day, God is always interested in the Sabbath, meetings on Sundays is always about the Lord, from the patterns and trend with us and the scripture, God is peculiar about Sundays. We come to church on Sunday conscious of the lord, but that is not enough, this consciousness must be with us throughout the days of the week.

In church, the life of Jesus makes the difference. it is not very easy to understand the faith of Christianity, it is not as easy as reading the bible, it is God’s own vision for humanity, it is not what came by cunny craftiness of men, nor by man’s attempt to solve problem. The Christian faith did not come as an after-thought, it is what God has in mind for a specie of creation called man. It is important for us as man to try to find out what the vision is. We should look inward and find out the way to solve the problem of man which will be God’s answer for humanity.

Since the beginning of this year, I can see God trying to write very clear to us his vision and intention for humanity. His intention for the termination of death on the earth, i.e. The victory of man. It can be achieved, for man is require in the victory of light over darkness, no matter what God has come do, if man cannot respond to this victory, God’s hands are tied.

God has to come through Christ in the likeness of simple man to earth, because he does not want to invalidate his word that the earth is made for man. The word of God will not go unfulfilled, yet it depends on the generation that responds to him. This is why the word of God may not come in our days if we do not respond appropriately.

When you look at the state of the church today, her state seems so far from the possibility and her reality in God. God spoke to me 17 years ago that he will raise a strong New Testament church, despite that at that time it was the kingdom move, but today, I know it is possible.

God in the recent time has been focusing on his vision. God is doing just one thing, in the past few weeks we have come to the area of “The will of God” (read ). (JOHN 1:9-14). Man is born into the world, not just to family. What makes the present habitation/ world are: the will of blood, the will of flesh and the will of man,   these trios is the driving force of the world. When you are born to the world, you are drop into the thicket, like the Ram Abraham used for sacrifice, in the same way anyone born into the earth is born into a web called the “The world”. Everyone born on the earth is born of the world, even if you come from a Bishop’s family. The thicket is the will of flesh, the will of blood and the will of man. You cannot do anything on the earth without obeying the law of the earth, we are involved by all means into the world system.

God’s interest is that any man born will break through the thicket into the will of God. In Jesus there are only two domains: the above and the beneath. There is the world called darkness, it is the habitation of men who are not of God. The gospel of Jesus is the deliverance of men who are of these three will into the will of God. The program of God is overcoming, when you get the program right, you will realize that the world will not have power over you despite your presence in the world.

Jesus in JOHN 17 prayed, that “I do not wish that you take them out of the world……” the agenda is not to make us run from the world, but to give us power to stay. Before the world will pass away, something must make it pass away, this will be done by raising witnesses who will live the divine life and by such judge the world simultaneously by the waving of this same life. God is interested in folding the world up like a garment and it will pass away. The agenda of the church is to raise these witnesses, even when the world is in total darkness. These witnesses will not be shaken by anything, not even death.

When you read the epistles, it look as if it can’t take care of the issues at hand. One would expect that Jesus should be the one to write the best book, the best rule of life. Every religion has entities that are part of their devotion that makes them stable on the earth, but the bible doesn’t have that, no rules on the best thing to do. As a result, Christianity appears to be the most foolish religion, because after salvation and the receiving of the Holy Ghost, he didn’t say anything apart from the command to obey God, and that is why people have looked to other ways to get these rules, and today they pray different kind of prayers which is an arrangement to give their heart trust.

If we read Psalm 71 and miracles begin to happen, you will see how populous this auditorium will be because the world always seeks for any agenda that will sustain them on the earth, so every Pastor is faced with the temptation of assurance to keep the people in faith, by telling them their solution is ascertain.

The epistles seems not to be aware of our issues, even the Old Testament seems to care more about our issues, but the truth is that the gospel is true and encompassing. If the gospel is true, there must be something God has in mind for bringing in the New Testament, if the Old is not faulty, then there is no reason for the New. The mind of God is for us to come and see what is this Testament, Man cannot make it known, only Jesus that has the right to show it to us.

You can puncture Christianity, you cannot puncture Christian faith. 

The Bible means the book, Bible is not the word of God, but the particular book that contains all of God’s intention, without the bible the faith of God remain. God does not need the bible to send his son to .the earth. The physical bible is not the word of God, it is scriptures, the word of God is a person (c.f.: JOHN 1:1).

In the Koran, Islam and Koran exist as a phrase several times, but in the bible the word Christian it by does not exist there, the best you will see in the bible is Christians, and those who called us that were not believers, the word Christian in Antioch was a ridicule, if you want to suffer, suffer as a Christian. The build of our faith, does not look reasonable to a man that stays on the earth. To the world, you are not in good religion is you are in Christianity. Being the only Christian in your family should not terrify you, but it should rather make you stronger in the vocation, because you are in an ancient pathway that can make man higher than the earth, it is not a practice of the world, but a practice to change man. Christianity is an unredeemable change that happen to man, this changes his eternal destiny.

(JOHN 14:1). If you preach to some General Overseers that the hope of their Christianity is to go to the father, they will stop being Christian, because to them it is a miracle that you walk away from the course of this world. The essence of the gospel is to receive the works of Jesus and become the work of God, for the essence of the work of Jesus is to see the father. The father’s word is not the work of this world, somebody else has the agenda to build the world and by that turn men away from God. The world has researchers to solve the world’s problem, we don’t need God to solve these problems, the answer is in us.

The world is passing away and the things in it, though God blesses us despite being in the world, it is not in his agenda. We may build the best school, but we should know that Satan can take everything we have got in the physical away, because the element we used in framing them are the things of the world.

The powers of the system of the world is a web, once it holds you, if you are not careful you’ll die in it. The thing the world does is to keep us busy with activities that promote the sustenance of the system of the world. The activities are not just to keep us our earthly profession, but to keep us busy building the things that sustains the earth, while we forget building our actual house. The power of Eternal Life can give the energy to run our natural enterprises and/ or companies without it destroying you.

Our believing the gospel of Eternal Life is not to waste our life, but to make us another person. Jesus didn’t teach the disciples about professions on the earth, but what he teaches are commandments, his interest is God’s intention. The Holy Ghost can give you thought about your earthly profession, but that is not his agenda on the earth, his agenda is to bring the word of the father.

Interpretation of tongues 2

More outflowing and the evidence of his presence, he sees what he is doing that you can’t see, he is at hand to confirm these things. The lord is ministering wisdom and patience of the gospel, ability to wait, to stay and to receive all he is talking about. Every man can understand these gospel, it is of Faith. If your heart believes, you can understand because it is not for wise man, they are for babes, they are for children, not for wise men.

When God work inside you, your whole personality will be uttered, and whatsoever you do, there will be an outflow of that work that will come with it. When your spirit is bought, it transfers wisdom and light to your life. The natural educational system teaches the mind, but Jesus teaches from within, though the results may not be seen easily at first, but when the wisdom begin to flow into man it bring with it brightness even in the mind. You can be a photographer and still have his wisdom. The gospel does not teach excellence what is embeded in it is excellence. There is something in every believer that puts quality in what they do. He needs not struggle to maintain quality, it will come naturally because of the power at work on the inside.

The father dwells in Jesus, and the work of Jesus is to provide the father dwellings he can be in, if he will dwell there, then it means the materials of the building must be his very own materials. There are two works, Jesus called them: “the works I do…and Greater works…” What does this work are words. The works Christ was doing then was inside of his disciples and not the miracles, he did them by the word he was speaking to them. The greater works are to be carried out after he has gone to present himself to his Father and by such operates from a higher pedestal because at that point all judgment would have been committed to him, and whatsoever will be raised in anyone by the reason of his words via preaching/ teaching will be eternal. Even the visible things in Eden were framed by words. What design the light at creation in Genesis was a particular kind of word. But NOW, God has given a new commandment for a new light, for a new abode.

2 Corinthians 4:6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

This light is for a new world. What brought the terrestrial life was the word “let there be light” GEN. 1:1. The light is not the sun and moon, there are things that will define the entities that will live in that world.

Let there be light is not just a commandment, it is a program, a teaching, a word. If there is a change, something brought about that change. The change we see are from things that we cannot seen. In the times where there are physical change, there is a change going on beneath, that it is not seen does not mean that change is not on going. God commands and light shines, the commandment is for a life, it is a teaching, a knowledge. God gave Israel a commandment and that commandment is to define a new life for them. According to II CORINTHIANS 4:6; The light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ is the new light, the new commandment.

The works that Christ do are not miracles, his word are his work (Luke  13:32 – And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.). Jesus is not a religious man. After his work is finished, Christianity will still be on the earth. The first work of Jesus of Nazareth, (ACT 10:38), is the work of God with us, Emmanuel, there is a work of God in Christ, this is the work of reconciliation. God in Christ reconciling men to him. There was a day (season/ phase) when Jesus was casting out the devil because God was with him, but he had to move to the new work, which is the work of God in Him, a new level of operation which demands a new commandment or program. This work of cure is from within, bringing healing from the inside (the soul). Jesus bore our sins on his own body, he did not need the wooden cross to heal the body, he has been healing the body even before he went to the cross.

(II PETER 2:24). There is a word for living, the word of the living, the just shall live by faith, the word of faith to aid us to live unto to God, to respond to God, to align to God in our soul. The second work of Jesus is “Cures”. Christ is our healer, not because he heals headache, but the sickness of the soul. Idols hangs on souls, diseases are present in the soul, when souls are healed idols fall away. What makes anyone feel inferior is the sickness of the soul. Sin is sustain by lust, once lust is broken, sin is defeated.

Interpretation of tongues 3

I heal, I will heal the sick, I will take away the sickness and seal you from the sickness, I am healing your senses, and sealing you from sickness, you are crossing from death to life, where sickness will not touch you. I am sealing against the sicknesses, you will no longer be seeing as sick, you will brought into the realm of life, you will dwell in health, this is the health of God, that you dwell among the healthy ones. The is health, that the death will no longer have power on you, that you have been kept away from corruption that is the health of God, you will no longer be called the sick, sickness will no longer be part of you, you will be made whole, the spirit is come to you to seal away from death, a sealing is going on to keep you from sicknesses.

The Lord is our healer, he is sending us word to heal us. He is taking us into the place where he is removing sin, righteousness is being inputted into our soul, he is removing sin from us and he is healing us. The work he does shall you do also, Jesus expect us to cast out devils, casting our devils is not just through deliverance, his also cast out devil. Nobody has the right of way into the souls of men, except the Father gives access. When the Holy Spirit comes, he brings light instantaneously, because he is the one who can make the soul. The father worked in the son first, and the son is the custodian of the Father and all that he commands.   

The work that God started in Jesus finished on the cross. At resurrection, he moved into another realm of service. At this stage, the Father had rested and Jesus is the one doing the work of the Father. The work of the Father in him made Jesus the Son, without that work God would still have accepted Jesus but Jesus subjected himself to allowing the Father to work in him on earth, and this pleased the Father well. It is the work that the father did in Christ that made him pleased in him. The work he did for thirty years was to move him to a new phase, while another three year work done in him took him to the  Father.

There are stages of Jesus going back to the father, the first thirty years was a going back, so also the last three years. Christ is the fullness of God bodily, he carries all of God, the full content of God, the fullness of joy.

Psalms 16:11 “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore”. There are things of his pleasures and things of his right hand, sonship are the things of his right hand. The syllabus of light is pleasures and presence. The fullness of life: Eternal Life is the promise, the true destiny, the true God. This is the school of achieving the promise of life in the voyage of Eternal Life. The father is the promise, the father is the destination, Jesus cannot say I am truth and life at Jordan, he would be wrong because at that stage he was still a son of pleasure, he was yet to move to the son of his presence, i.e. the fullness of God. We should arrive at fullness joy. There are things that Jesus says that are the things of the son and at other times the things of the father which is an expression of the fullness of joy.

Interpretation of tongues 4

There is plea in heaven for us to endure these teachings, there is mercy reaching our lives for us to endure. This is our identity, the ones who are known of us are those who endure our words. I know thee not, but these ones I know. It is a must for us, it is God’s commandment for us, they are raising commandment for us.

You must not joke with the ministry of the word, it is a ministry of the spirit, where the spirit comes and interpret by himself, heaven wants to have a record in our days, that even if anyone err from it, men will yet have a place to come back to. Heaven has to speak and interpret by himself, so that we can have a record that he has spoken.


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