Prophetic declaration for Nigeria and Word of Wisdom for the Church

The things which I have began to do I will bring to an end. I will make it to be seen, it shall not tarry but hasten to quick fulfilment, the time for these things are come, time spoken have come, I will make everything, everything will be put to motion so that this nation can stand, we have chosen Nigeria and this place to project our name, image and our self, it is a choice from the Beginning. I will redefine Nigeria, you will see Nigeria as it should be, for what you see today is not her. I will show you Nigeria, I will bring forth Nigeria, within her boundary I have apportion her portion in destiny to bring the nature of God to Nations.

I will bring wisdom to my sons of how things will be actualized and of how things will be done, so that you can come to understanding, there is wisdom among you, and many prophesies have gone ahead but I bring you to that which is for the NOW, I will draw a line between dark sentences and true prophecies, I will take away confusion and cause many to assemble, this is the choice of the most high, it is a choice that cannot be aborted, a decision that cannot be aborted, we will bring light to the prophet and the senate and they shall bring you what Nigeria is to be.

We receive the assembly of agents, ambassadors of change, the midwife of new birth, new habitation, new alignment, we find ourselves in this time as we congregate and assemble together. The sons shall come together, the power and authorisation to function is being delivered and being granted, access to the Nigerian Senate is granted, to educate your thoughts and mind, you are being empowered in the name of Jesus Christ.

Word wisdom for the church

There is a burning in your hearts it is an evidence of my call, there is a heat in your heart, I have put heat and burning in your hearts, it is a call you must heed, there is hunger in your hearts, do not ignore! That is an evidence I have sent my call into hearts, you will come to the burning, a place to harken which will bring you to begin to obey the call being made to your heart, your obedience to the call is an opening for you into a higher expression of life, pay attention and you will know that that is my voice, I have loved  you I have called you from the throne. It is time for you to obey! Pay attention! Harken! I will open door to greater manifestation, when you harken. it is the deep calling to deep! Do not ignore but obey, your blessing is in your obedience, it is your circumcision! Your sanctification! A separation of your heart! It is your blessing, obey it! Do not ignore it!

The Lord want us to pay attention. It is a wave of the Spirit and God want us to pay attention to his dealing with us in this moment.

The blind Bathemeus threw away his garment, so did Peter his fishing garment when he heard the Lord’s call. The Lord wants us to have an evidence of his call, when he calls,a clothing must fall away, something of our past, which has hitherto followed us will be taken away. Paul said “that I might not be found, having my own righteousness (Roman 6:2). There is a degree or a kind of righteousness that God requires of us and we must be able to live it. God today is using tongues to speak to us his intention for the now. God wants us to attend to these things.

This a time to pay closer attention, to check out these things, not only what we understand when we hear him but what his own thoughts are. It is time to go a little bit more to ask what are the essence of these things, God helped Moses to pay close attention when he saw the burning bush, the Lord could have spoken before Moses came near, but he chose to speak when Moses came near.

God chose David who has no record of being enlisted in the military, yet he was able to fulfill the will of God for his generation. The teaching going on in the recent times are major driving force that will move us to the obedience of faith so that we can become a major source of his flow of living waters, this work has to be done in us, it can’t be done if we do not pay close attention.

The fire of God will spring up in many places, it will be spread, the Spirit like fire which is the judgement of God on heart will stand in every place.

Judgement is the highest place of operation of the church. She must take a stand in judgment. The power of the church is to be able to look into the heart of the father, when his intention comes for us, and then establish it.


The will of God: The word of the work of the father

John 3:11

The first Adam being earthly and a living soul and the last Adam from heaven and a quickening spirit. The earthly is a living soul, the first Adam is a living soul, not just a flesh, a living soul that is earthly, and he has authority and dominion over the earth and over the heavens of the earth. The Lord dwell in the very heaven, it is the throne of God, when you see God in heaven, he expresses himself as the Father. The nature of the throne must be quickening spirit not living soul, so everything in heaven lesser than the quickening spirit is not actually or truly in heaven or the very heaven (cf.: PSALM 89:2).

God himself lives in a sphere of heaven which is called ages to come or very heavens, ages are transitions and expressions of God. Heaven means dwellings of the spirit, earth is dwelling of organic life, the dwelling of living soul. It is the intention of divinity to make living souls to dwell in the very heavens, but they have to be upgraded, by bringing the very heavens to the earth, this is an expression of the age to come.

In the core of the truth of God, anything outside the very heavens is earthly. When Satan was cast out after iniquity was found in him, he was still in heaven, but he fell into a lower estate, which is another heaven, but because of his nature, he yet power to rule over the nations of the earth. Jesus is the revelation of the very heaven, before he came, no man understood the complexity of the spiritual. (cf.: John 3:13).

No man hath ever ascended up to heaven, there is a barrier that separated man from the heaven, though the destiny of man is to ascend, to be raised in heaven, that is where divinity is reserved. God dwells in the very heavens, that is the only place where he can truly express himself, outside heavens he can’t fully express himself. Illustratively, when a man goes out of his house, there is a way he comports himself because the occasion or his assignment, this determines his looks. How God has been seen in the past is dependent on the assignment he wants to do (Hebrew 1:1), because of this, any man who has not been able to see God the way he really is, cannot see God as he is except he goes to his abode, his abode is heaven ( hence the prayer“Our father who hath in heaven). Heaven is his abode, to see who he is we have to be invited to his abode.

As a result of lack of understanding, men have coined out religion as the mode of reaching out to God but Religion on earth is not the abode of God, man is designed to ascend, the privilege of man and his journey on the earth is to change his estate, estate must change. The gospel is the gospel of change. The gospel of Christ is that of incarnation i.e mortality must be swallowed up by immortality even while on earth and not reincarnation. A man must be able to ascend to heaven and descend while in the flesh. The world in trying to discern the gospel called it reincarnation, we are not teaching reincarnation but incarnation, we are not going to have a chance to come back after death, we are only going to have chance to be raised to be like Jesus. God decided to open the very heavens for man to have part in it, because he wants to raise children for the very heavens and that is the reason for the gospel, this has to be understood clearly so that our activity on the earth will not take us away from the essence of the gospel.

Our life has been programmed is such a manner that it synchronizes with what we will eat and be clothed with. I believe strongly that very soon there is going to be a people at 40 who will retire in their earthly vocation to pursue the agenda of God. Money is important on the earth and God can empower us to have enough wisdom at a tender age to earn it though this is not his primary intention for man because at a tender age Jesus was taken care of his family and he was not trying to survive. A generation still trying to find a way to survive at the age of 40 is under the oppression of the Devil, it is corruption.

The things of God needs time, it needs devotion, many of us at this point are still serving the world, though in our spirit we are serving the Lord. The balance is this, where your spirit serve, should serve the same and your flesh should be where your soul is serving, also should your body. The vocation of man is to ascend to the dwelling place where Jesus purchased for him, that is the core of the gospel. Jesus said “even the son of man, who has gone to the heavenly”… Jesus’ coming to the earth made him the son of man, he wasn’t the son of man at the beginning, he was the word, but through his walk on earth he navigated himself back to God to become the son of God. That is the way not to perish, if we are not pursuing this, then we are dead.

God is showing us all these things, so that we may understand the path, the journey is not to get little things on the earth, die and then go to heaven, the Lord does not want the world to have us, because if we are not careful the world will trap us, and the gospel is a wisdom to escape from the world. Jesus is the son of God, though God has other sons, but these sons are not the sons of the very heaven.

Most hymns were written by the Britons, or the American fathers was a reflection of their clinging to the Ten Commandments only. Little did they know that the one who received the commandments couldn’t fulfil it.

The Americans love charity, but charity can’t save anyone, the gospel is important even in our national rule and our day to day activities, if the gospel is not in it, it will withered away. The law is spiritual but it is not divine. No one can make progress in the Spirit by merely keeping to the tenants of the law or the Ten commandments. As man grows in the light of the gospel, he must also pray that the light should transcend also into his natural life. God anointed Jesus of Nazareth….. Act. 10:38). Jesus was sent as God with us (Emmanuel), initially it was God with him but later became God with us, the gospel is first sweet in our mouth, then bitter in our heart, the bitterness is to convert us.

Jesus when God sent him came to the Jews, he did signs and wonders, he gave many signs, yet they did not see the Messiah in him. In unbelief they requested a sign but they were declined but said there is no more signs than the sign of Jonah in the belly of the fish. The gospel is hidden, it is a mystery, the Jonah in the belly of the fish is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The entity of the very heavens is the word, the word is God, the word is light, when Jesus ascended to heaven, what brought him there is the word. The greatest gift Christ gave to us is the word. He is the bread of life, if any man eat of the bread, he shall ascend above. To perish is to be unable to ascend, to die.
Perish and death is in the domain below the heavens, Christ became the true bread. Christ came because no man has ever ascended, he was sent so that the eyes of the Jews may be shifted from their fathers. The Jews will not trade anything, not even miracles with their keeping of the commandments given to them by their fathers. The Jews are keepers of the law and it is the law that heaven wants to take from them.

Their fathers in the wilderness ate manner, which was given to sustain their hunger despite their disobedience of forty years. Only heaven what provision could have been made if they had obeyed? The little they do in their following the law still retain that provision made their fathers even till now. The Jews are a different crop on earth, they will always walk in company, you will hardly see a Jewish elder walking alone, they wear their own type of clothes and always with a sense of ownership despite many generations from Abraham, in their look is majesty. A Jew has dignified personality. In the past ten years, they have been building their house in a corporate form, with a designs of how their cities will be built. Though they are in the midst of the Palestine, you’ll know the difference between them and Palestinians.

Jesus faced them and told them, despite what their fathers did, they never ascended to heaven, what their fathers ate was manna. The manna is a physical food yet it has a spiritual ministration of the word of the Lord, in which even though they do not live the lifestyle of divinity, they will still live in a measure.
If a man is present in a church where the eternal light is being preached consistently, even with his disobedience and unbelief, he can have a measure of light, but God does not want us to continue living in disobedience, they ate the manna and still perished. God can leave us to survive over time by giving us grace to repent.

(JOHN 3:35). The fatherhood of God to Christ is not just a relationship, it is a genetic identity, their identity is needed for a sample of what God is doing. God doesn’t father you by you saying he is your father, he only fathers you by the gene of Jesus Christ, we can only be fathered if we believe in the way God wants to father us. We have an identity with God, it is real and is spiritual. The Father loves the son and has given all things into his hands.

God doesn’t deal with anything outside his nature or things carved out of his nature if that thing does not obey him.

JOHN 5:19. Jesus was almost stoned because he said he has an identity with God, the gene of God. The father doeth, the do does not do the work of creation as in Genesis, God does, he created everything and rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2). 

God created but the father doeth a work, what work doeth the the father the son now is doing.

JOHN 14:10. He work the works……. The father doeth the work, the words he speaks are meant to be worked. The work of the father is on the inside of a man, that is how change is achieved.
God gave the words, Jesus preached the words but the words were used by the Spirit to work, the words works wonders, the wonders of the work is the work going on the inside that brings enlightenment to the eyes of man’s understanding.

A man can go on in the church, without an understanding of what is being said, but if he believes, he will be opened up to be worked upon by the father.
God wants us to understand the way of the gospel, it is not everything that we hear that we all understand. Some things are mentally and with the Spirit’s help understood by us but continuity in faith is expedient. We must always say we believe, by this we can keep pressing on.

It is possible a man hears the word and it doesn’t profit him because it did not mixed with faith in his heart (HEB 4:1).

Interpretation of Tongues

Look unto my son, gaze on him, for I wrought a work in him, I did something in him, I made him aware of that which I did in him, in this season I have commissioned that the same work be done in you, I fathered him that he may father you, I have commissioned him to raise you unto me, I gave him a commission that the work I do in him be done in you if you wait, will you wait to allow your heart to stay on him? He is able to save as many that trust in him, I trust him, I trust my son, he will bring you to me, he will raise you, he will empower you, he is a patient builder, do not be in a hurry, he will build that which he will build precept upon precepts, line upon line, he will lay a stone in you and make you a fortified city, that I may dwell in you.

The words that Christ speaks is his work, Jesus while on earth made a quote from Psalms and also from the prophets because the prophets are witnesses. JOHN 5:17-47. The scriptures are important, God speaks through the scripture, but he has his own voice, the sheep knows his voice (John 10:27). The sheep does not only know the scriptures, they also know his voice. His word will give you his shape, his voice is actually everything. Everything Jesus did he did like an architect with divine touch who employed different person, when he sees the work rising he is happy.
God is a house, a dwelling place, a tabernacle, a building. Destroy this temple and I will raise it in three days Jesus said,but it meant his person. The worker supplies but God is the only architect who knows what the building should be like. Jesus on earth conformed to what the building should be like. The word the Father speaks is spirit and life, you may know the word and not the spirit. Many of us has the word but not the spirit hence not the life.

The word is quickening that is why he could raise the dead. The materials used to build Christ is quickening, it is the Spirit that quickens, the primary job of the Holy Ghost is to quicken. Adam came with glory, he is a glorious being, in his fallen state he is still glorious. By fallen, He only left another estate to another. This is a fall that cannot be repented of, it is sin unto death, a man only commits such sin when he sees the son of God and despises him.
When God made Jesus, there were lights emanating from him, not a single light but lights, when he spoke to Saul, his word was penetrating to the bone as light and as a voice.

You can read the bible and not be saved, but when you hear the words of Jesus, it is like a sound of many waters. After Christ has spoken to us today through this post, he needs to come to us as waters to come back to confirm that he is the one speaking through this post. That is why the Holy Ghost was given, it is the spirit of their mind. The Holy Ghost is the spirit of the Trinity, and what he rejoices in is the speaking their mind. The Holy Ghost speaks the son, when he speaks the son, he can work the son. This is why we are Spirit entities. In unveiling their understanding it must be their voice, the trinity gave the scripture with a boundary we must not go out of, but when the trinity speaks, they do not speak from the bible, they have their own word, it looks like the bible but it is not the same, for the letter killeth, but the spirit maketh alive.

2 Corinthians 3:6

Who also hath made us able ministers of the New Testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. (KJV)

Our hearing is for us to be raised, we are the building of God, God is taking care of the countries but the father is taken care of you.

(JOHN 14:13). The father wants to raise us to be doer of the work, Paul did not only preach, a work was also done in him. The Father wants to the work to be done and that is the essence of the letters to the churches, there must be an effect of the gospel in the persons who hear it. When we ask in the name of Jesus, we are a doing our job, we doing the same as he did, raising men. Anything concerning the work that we ask, he will do it. The father is committed to the son, the son is committed to us (I in you and you in me).

John 14:10-16

10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me ? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

11 Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me : or else believe me for the very works’ sake.

12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (KJV)